Sunday, June 21, 2020

Woke Up & Hit The Ground Running

Scored another sweet house sitting gig in a beautiful remote farmland location. My responsibilities were rather simple and right up my alley.

The main feature on the agenda would be watering/feeding the garden in the mornings, changing out the hummingbird mixture when needed, and collect all the mail and parcel deliveries. Oh Baby

Totally crashed out on the evening of night number 4 and experienced a wickedly twisted bizarre dream. So weird when your sleeping in an unfamiliar bed and your sort of asleep but hearing things but snoring but what was that?? My body came to life with drool all over my pillow and down the left side of my chin. My mind was dazed and confused but not like the famously stolen Led Zeppelin tune.

Eyes wide open and heart racing, I made my way over to the toilet for a whizz. Interpretation of dreams can imaginably turn out odd, I tend to overthink them, and do I really need to methodically examine this self-fulfilling prophecy around 3am for the purposes of explanation?? How/why did my mind manifest that moment and was my perception unfulfilled when I rested my head on my pillow?? Oh Well, so I am awake. Might as well hit the road and thats what I did. Started driving south until the morning glow off San Juan Range redirected my intentions. I was originally thinking the Black Canyon outside Montrose but the early light of the day drew me further south. Hello Mt Snefflels

Arrived safely at the trailhead just after sunrise and nobody was in sight. Pure Silence. Started making my way up the mountain to the soundtrack of early morning bird songs. Pretty cool to be serenaded while completely visually stimulated. The trail meanders until the switchbacks call for attention. Not scrambling or anything but definitely needs attention from the usage. The grasshoppers and various insects buzzed my ears all day but totally worth being pestered.

There were two separate landing sites that I wouldn't exactly call a meadow. More of an open space really and downed lifeless trees criss crossed my line of sight. Every turn of the trail offered up a postcard perfect photo opportunity and not another human in sight. I decided a mini break on a tree stump would be ideal and simply observing the stillness of the forest was a gorgeous byproduct. I laid down in the taller wild grass off the trail at one point and that was so cool immersing myself with all the wildflowers. Yellows, purples, whites, and blues were all dancing to the variable light breeze in my peripheral vision. Took that opportunity to snack on some homemade trail mix that I threw together for my last outing. In My Happy Place 

One of the most relaxing hikes in awhile and a fairly mundane outing in general. I am betting that my heart rate never climbed higher than 140bpm and I refrained from speed hiking the downhill sections. I damn near parked at the trailhead. So a slick out & back was achieved and heading towards The Grand Valley before sundown. Two Thumbs Up

P.S. Beware Of The Man Who Builds Monuments To Himself - WSP 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

A Casual Ride Over The Colorado National Monument

Another batch of homemade vanilla yogurt and I now have five hours on my hands while it all coagulates nice and firm like. What To Do??? Evidence shows, will perpetuate a ride. Not really sure which direction to go. Couldn't care as much about where, just knew that I was heading out. Riding the newest section of trail towards the Lunch Loops, about a dozen Harley Riders blew on by. Thankfully, I was flashing the peace sign as they roared on by.

For Ginny
A little breezy and a little chilly, I made my way towards the base of the spectacular Colorado National Monument. Was thinking that it would be a good idea to gradually ride up hill to warm up a bit. That decision turned me towards the East Side Entrance of the Colorado National Monument. Nobody was manning the gate and I figured I would only ride the first few switch backs, break into a solid sweat, and then turn around. What I didn't realize was that the previous night's low of 37F / 2C set a new GJ record. So I simply continued climbing.

12:34 and the 5th of the 6th Month
About the time that I was feeling good and fairly comfortable, the first and only uphill tunnel approached. My bike lights were flashing, legs felt decent, heart rate in check, and uphill I pressed ahead. What happen next took place in about 15 seconds but felt like an eternity. Now, this is roughly a 17% grade during this particular stretch inside the tunnel. I am in my granny gear with both wheels hugging the white line. My sunglasses blocked out almost all visible light and my only reference to space and time was that little white hole at the end of the tunnel. And of course, Murphy's Law, here comes a truck from behind. Well Sh*t Fire

I was spinning in my granny gear, too damn discombobulated to simply let go of the handle grips and shift! My body navigated the bike forwards as if I was three sheets to the wind. I figured it was my time. I wasn't exactly ready to die but knew that I had some Karma Coupons to cash out. Come On Peace And Quiet

The motor was vibrating the tunnel walls, the growl of death was suddenly approaching from behind, my heart was racing with anxiety, my wobbly legs were utterly useless, and I was too damn petrified to just jump off the bike. At that inevitable climax, the trucker passed me leaving tons of room. Super respectful everyday driver passing a scaredy cat cyclist. You have no idea how delighted I was when I broke out the other side alive a kicking. Totally Relieved!! Now, lets climb some more. Little unseen critters scurried around the underbrush, chipmunks and lizards raced across the pavement in front of me, and Big Horn Sheep happily ate away without a disturbance of any kind.

Mother Nature created a wonderfully spirit killing headwind and the "hill" never showed signs of ending anytime soon. Finally, I made my way to the COLD SHIVERS turn out/trailhead. I obviously noticed all the out of town number plates and would continue the ride with them leap frogging me. AZ, Missouri, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Utah, And Alabama were all parked in this turn out. I powered on up the hill as a Texas RV passed and then a Nevada car that passed without much room to spare. But, its the Monument after all. Around this point, I was committed to ride the whole thing even though I was thinking about turning around at any second. Did I have enough H2o, NO. Did I dial in my nutrition for this ride, NO. Am I prepared for this adventure?? Phuc-No. Oh, and the wind was really becoming problematic. I was rolling past the Red Canyon pull out and the cross wind blew me off the white line. If there had been a car passing me, YIKES. Same experience at the Upper Ute Canyon pull off. I Was Literally Getting My A$$ Handed To Me

And then it happened!! A three word text came through. "WHATS GOOD, TRAVIS?" That text so rearranged my mindset. I went from a suffering give up attitude to fully powered and charged up knucklehead. So much good is happening!! Beauty is all around me!! I am on my bike!! I was completely unaware how deep and "dark" I went until that text popped into my reality. I immediately started smashing down those on those cranks from my hips, flashing more peace signs to my leap frog friends, and sailed on past Black Ridge Towers. And just on the other side of that, the Liberty Cap Trailhead turn out, that group of Harley Riders were firing up their iron horse machines. Oh Baby

To give you a little insight, if I was on my road bike, no way would I have done this. Now, I completely aware that there are at least 10,000 or 100,000 world wide cyclist that could out climb me while riding on my GT MTB. But less than 1,000 could descend this bike as well as I. This was the first new mountain bike that I ever bought for myself. It's a GT Ricochet from circa 1995 and am very comfortable and extremely capable in the cockpit. The Race Was On

The first two Harley's passed me as we entered that first curve. I held my own. Only one more passed on the next straight away and together we held our own lines throughout the curve. Its all switchbacks and I hammered like a mad man. I even rolled the thought through my mind that if I go down, I am Phuc-D until late August. But that didn't keep me from touching my brakes. Into another tunnel and I was not backing off. We absolutely flew down that mountain. The gals on the back of those bikes took video, waved, and wondered what the hell was I thinking. One lady rider yelled off the back of the bike," You Are Fucking Amazing!!" Or at least that is what I think she said. Ya, I'll go with that. With about three or four switchbacks to go, the last Harley ripped by me. His tunes were blaring TAKE IT EASY by The Eagles. Too Funny!! Together, we all California stopped at the 340 intersection, they roared their bikes downhill towards Fruita. I on the other hand was realizing that I was out of water and limped my way down towards Fruita.

On a normal day, I can ride to Fruita in an hour and 15 or 20 minutes. Now, I am so screwed. BCV, I would have stopped, refueled somewhere, little hydration fill up, and continued on. But not these days, I just rode east. Coming around the Dairy Queen parking lot, there there were, the Harley group. And did they ever make a scene!! Clapping, yelling, and exhibiting overall jubilation's as I rolled on by. At that point, no worries riding back to GJ. Hungry, YES. Dehydrated, YES. Stoked, Phuc Yes

The whole ride took me 4 hours and 7 minutes, I finished with 47.7 miles/ 76.76 Kilometers, and climbed 2,600+ ft / 793+ meters of elevation. The next day, a stud college gal and her coach did the same exact ride in 3 hours and 2 minutes. However, they beat me by an hour BUT their top speed was 36 mph / 57.9kph and mine was 42.8 mph / 68.8kph. I will venture a guess that they ate more than just one package of Annie's Homegrown Bunny Fruit Snacks during their training ride on efficient roads bikes.

This would normally be the point of inserting my goals here. Instead, I am going to reflect on my last list of goals and how that went. Goal #1 was to read Catcher in the Rye and thats been very entertaining as I lay my head on the pillow. Goal #2 was writing down intentions. HUGE! I lived off my day planner BCV. I had to as I had numerous obligations all day long. For the last few months, nothing to write down. Totally Lame. Its been really good for me mentally to write down what I need or want to accomplish throughout the day. Goal #3 was lifting again. Well, did I ever half A$$ the piss out of that effort. Sure, I lifted but come on. Goal #4 was painting the trim. Not sure why I spaced that chore. Guess I should have written that one down. oops Goal #5 was the never ending therapeutic weeding in the garden. Goal #6 was to ride the Colorado National Monument. YaH00000ooooooo

Until The Next Time, Face Those Fears And Feel Alive,

Monday, June 8, 2020

Do Over Re Do Try Again

DO Over:

So I found myself writing an uninspiring post last week after complaining about how uninspiring KAFM has been. What A Phuc-N hypocrite! I wrote that post around the 5am time frame and was a bit complacent. When it comes down to it, my only hinderance is myself. Every Day Is Special

Wish I Could Post The Video 
RE Do:

Scored an opportunity, seven days later, I am off on the road again. Thankful for the Colorado Mountains, fortunate to have skills, and beyond stoked about my cycling freedom.

My accommodations here were quaint and just lovely. Even offered a nearly unused Weber BBQ for my outdoor cooking pleasure under a canopy of stars. I love standing outside while manning a BBQ. I previously dry rubbed a dead animal, seasoned some asparagus, and sliced potatoes for the grill. Life Is Good

My task at hand was fulfilling minor repairs and then laying down multiple layers of UV protection deck stain in trade of a couple of night stays and some cash. Some might view this as a job or that four letter word WORK. But for me, hustling these side jobs, I view it as a way for my body and mind living in sync and harmony.


I realized how my last post lacked the true nature of car camping. The descriptive beauty that encompassed me. I briefly mentioned the night sky but that post lacked overall pizazz. I only referred to skinny dipping but failed to mention the Crystal River's cascading sounds thoughout the valley. Such a pleasant way to fall asleep.

That Full Moon Friday Night was absolutely stunning. About an hour before the rise, the stargazing took my breath away. Satellites raced across the nighttime sky. Mr Moon illuminated the fluffy front of clouds approaching from the west and a thundering lightning storm took suit. Sometime around 3 or 4am came the hut shaking thunder. The kind of lightning bolts that allowed no counting for thunder. Awesome Sh*T

Not only my breath but time literally disappeared. I became rich with inspiration from all different angles. A full spectrum of thoughts and ideas rattled their way around my noodle. The energetic discharge sparked my imagination.

While sitting in the easy chair before the storm, gazing up towards the unseen galaxies, I found myself in a parasympathetic state of mind. Thinking alone but not excluding time away. I never wish time away. I am giving my best effort to not wish any days away. Its deeply systemic wasting away time. But its also a challenging endeavor to put myself in a position not to waste away time and energy. I Do Feel Grateful

Backwoods Tom,

Doing my best to learn something new there brother man. Thank you for your kind words and frank meanings. You are the only one that I know that post multiple times a day. I like that about you. Keep It Spicy Brother T

MagicEye And Mr Bill,

You two were rather responsive to my monochrome photo in the last post. I purposely took these black and white monochrome photos for you two. Thanx so much for corresponding with me over the years here on this magical blogging digital format. Plus, I always enjoy your photos and outings. Very Cool How You Both Are Able To Post Daily

Margret D,

The children are doing just fine and thanx for asking. I welcome you to my world and thanx for joining in recently. Your photos are wonderful and I can't thank you enough. Looking forward to your future postings.


Wow, What Can I Say?!?!? You were one of my original followers and THANK YOU. I appreciate how you stream my radio shows and how you have engaged in my part of the world. Big Hugs!! May was truly full of ups and downs. You cracked me up with your comment " you exhaust us " and well timed humor for sure. I am pleased you enjoyed the series of photos but YOUR photographs are top shelf. And you post amazing photos EVERY Damn DAY. Very Impressive!! Again, thanx for having a listen while at work. P.S. Your Super Nurse Photo, Stellar

Stevenson And Tanza,

The both of you showed interest in my leftover sushi rolls. I often take all the leftovers in the refrigerator, add rice, and call it Budget Sushi. Sometimes I will add a can of tuna or splurge and add a white fish like tilapia or a flounder. S.Q., thanx for all of your positive feed back from over the years. Your novels always lift my spirits. Tanza, thank you for your informative insights. I feel as of you and I would talk the night away.

Sondra And Wendy,

You two gals enjoyed the photos and appreciated the Colorado Beauty. Sondra, you have been there. Wendy, you would love to be there. Sondra, your right, some goals "need a do over" and carry meaning. Excellent point you offer there. Thank You. Wendy, you are incredible. Your postings inspire so many and you just continue pressing on. I am looking forward to following along your 50k journey. You Will Prevail. And You Are Right, Just Go Hike


You my man, you are a classic. I wish we would have crossed paths during my many visits to your neck of the woods. Gotta think that the laughter would have been gut busting. I appreciate your honesty, travels, and overall good nature. Again, congratulations to you and R!! I sure enjoy reading about all the family dynamics, the stylish titles you have dished out, and even those simple little trips out for a coffee. Always Entertaining And Thank You

Kathy And Rydn9ers,

You two are rather new followers of mine and I do enjoy your postings. Completely different life styles and I am fascinated by both. You both offer inspiring reads in your own ways. 9er, hope to ride like the wind with ya some day. Thank You Both For Your Time


Lets be honest here. You know that I only follow you because of BLK Dog. I have never had the privilege of meeting BLK Dog but I cherish that guy so much. Your trail cam has certainly grown on me over the years and your wildlife footage is remarkable. Your tribe has also grown on me and I have mentioned it before, You Guys Are Inspiring. You two humans take such good care of your animals, you are always thinking outside the box, and reading the progress has been amazing. Your happy tribe is a reflection of your character. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Fillfionka And Jagglam,

You two are my newest followers and thank you. Somehow I landed on the Polish map and its been a pleasure following you as well. You two are so creative and I enjoy reading along. Its refreshing knowing a geologist is checking out my images. Thanx for checking in and adding your two cents. Very Welcoming


You are one crafty little lady in the kitchen. Very Impressive!! You display your craft in a very unique way and thank you for always adding in the English recipes. Always A Treat, Pun Intended. You made mention to the happy dog in the last post. Shadow Boy was my main man and passed away almost two years ago. He was a very happy dog!! And thanx for noticing my acrylic works as well.


You and your daily little critters are fascinating. Thanx for mixing in some shadow art as well. Your postings are always so peaceful and informative. I thank you for that and thanx for following along here as well. Looking forward to all of your Summer Time Captures. You also noticed the Boy Dog photo and he loved the water on his terms. I understand the old bones comment for sure. I have a decent bed roll but the hips usually wake me up throughout the nights rest. I'm not sure about your reference to the youth and C19. Your hikes have brought a smile to my face on a number of occasions. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Plus, you have the perfect partner for it. Hike On


12 Hours
172 Miles
4 PR's
10 Activities
Excellent Start For The 7th Day Of June


  1. Re-Read Catcher in the Rye
  2. Continue Writing Down Daily Intentions 
  3. Maybe Start Lifting Again
  4. Paint The Trim Around The House
  5. Weed The Garden 
  6. Ride Over The Monument 

Stay Sane And Think Of Others First,

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

May Went Quick But I Learned A Valuable Lesson

The Boy Dog Spring of 2009 - Between 105 & 110 Pounds 

Miles on the Bike - 336
PR's - 9
Hours - 36
Hiking - 7 Miler & 4 Miler
Activities - 21
MAY 2019 - 53 Hours and 788 Miles

Been riding just for the sake of riding. No real goal in mind or targeted zone. Finally received an unprofessional e-mail from EPIC canceling the Carson City Race. Bummer. I will definitely spend my $$$ with other Race Event Companies in the future but never again with Epic Rides.

Like That T-Rex?? 

BCV I was holding down four part time jobs and five volunteer gigs. I went from full speed, a trip to San Diego, to absolutely dead in the waters. Pacing

Monochrome Mood 
Even though the gals in my office are working, continued paying monthly rent, I am not in the office these days. Its an ethical choice I made. Its Bigger Than Just Me

All Those Tiny Pools Are Ready For Some Rain 
A majority of my clients were elderly and I am not subjecting them to the unknown. Kids were also on my radar but they are now showing signs of a respiratory infection of some sorts. Very Problematic

Barrel Cacti - Beautiful Slab 
Who's really at risk here?? Some say the client. Some think is a Constitutional Right. Some wear a mask and other think mask wearing individuals are making a political statement. Blows my mind how human mankind evolved into this shallow being.

The Non Operational Flagstone Quarry 
About two weeks ago, I needed to make a decision. My conference with the GM regarding my previous position ( Work Trade Manager ) as a part ( 20 Hours A Month ) time employee at Crossroads Gym was a hit. We discussed guidelines and protocol procedures. Its very clear that I am in a position of visual comfort first and fore most.

Healthy Cacti - One The Verge Of Blooming 
The management and staff has always appreciated my upbeat personality and friendliness. They would like me to be seen cleaning machines and continuing to spread positivity in their facilities. For Truth, I was rather concerned my first day but NOBODY is using the gym. I sent Tim a video of the upstairs cardio room, larger room for sure, completely empty. One perspective, everyone is enjoying their routine while emerging themselves in the great outdoors. Maybe I Am Full Of Sh*T

I Personal Love A Flowering Barrel Cacti 

The station is just a weird place these days. Its always had a dynamic cloud but now its just another older building. The lack of leadership is a true disgrace to the founders.

Where do I get off on making that kind of statement?? Easy, I can paint a number of examples of how the station was a nucleus to/for the community. Anything you were ever in need of, a couple of networking conversations and situation solved.

Through The Clowns Mouth And Over The Path Is The Disc Basket 
So I reached out, yet again, blown off really, and then the "new" schedule was released. There were SIX open slots!! So why the Phuc did I make the effort?

My Latest Acrylic Pieces of Work - Unfinished Still 
The phone rings, not an e-mail?!? I was informed, days later, my request was denied BUT could I fill in Saturday Night of Memorial Weekend. I don't know why I felt obligated to cover the show but I said yes. Just like I always do. I put zero effort into the prep work and turned out one of my better shows. It Was A BLAST

Leftover That Needed To Be Eaten - Roll It Up With Rice - Oh Baby 
Listen HERE ( starts off with heavy guitar from the previous show ) if you are interested in Reggae, Funky R&B, and sprinkles of Hip Hop. What surprised me the most was the amount of phone calls that "poured" in. Mainly, listeners were just excited that a LIVE Programer was on air. A number of voices I recognized but mostly it was party goers at home calling in. Blows My Mind!! When I plan out a show, promote like crazy, whatever is the response. Wing it, Everyone Goes Ape Sh*t??

The Wind Blew My Commuter Over - Lucky The Lock Held Its Integrity

Damn, have I ever been throwing the plastic well lately. The other day, All Pars, Two Birdie and one HS* bogie. My putter is having trouble finding the basket but my mid-range disc is on fire. Pitched my best offer to The Dude about making a Leadville road Trip to play the course up there. The town of Leadville is located at 10,152ft / 3094 meters and offers a spectacular course through the forest pines.

Someone from New Mexico Signed The THANK YOU Poster 
HS* stands for Horse Sh*t. My par putt was totally makable and nothing interfered with my line of sight. I threw my putter and it hit the top of the actual basket, skipped up into the chains for that destintic "MADE IT" sound, but falls backwards out of the basket and onto the ground. Couldn't Believe It

A Washed Out iPhone Photo with the Colorado River Flowing 
But my new approach to the game isn't something new but totally new to me. Speed Disc!! I am going to only throw my driver and my putter, play all 18 Holes, and as fast as possible. My plan is to speed walk the course while playing. Lets See How That Goes


Boogied out of dodge last week with an ice chest full of cooked meals packed away in tupperware. I sensed the general direction but not committed to anyone direction particularly. A couple hours later, found myself along the Crystal River for a few days. The daytime temperatures were perfect and just a little chilly at night still.

I hiked two old trails that I used to trail run with The Boy Dog on. Well, he would pull me up the mountain and I would happily provide him with treats as a reward. Now, the first day hike, I felt very slow but content. The hike was peaceful, the wild flowers are just about a week out from reveling themselves, and the dirt trails were ideal. Not Dusty Yet

Took Video Of This Solo Pilot Safety Departing 
My after hike reward was a rejuvenating birthday suit swim in the Crystal River. Its cold mountain snow run off but felt fantastic on my legs after a straight up and straight back down 4 mile hike. Speaking of crystal, the night skies were breathtakingly amazing. I always forget how beautiful a moonless night appears over head. Deep space without a telescope. Keep Looking Up

With My Sunglasses On, Looked Like Casper Peering Over The Ridge 
The next days hike was a 7 mile round trip that took me up to tree line. After about the first mile, I became pretty disappoint with myself. How the hell and why the H - E- Double - Hockey Sticks did I let myself go. I am so flipping out of shape right now. I have poor hiking legs and ZERO running capabilities. So Pathetic


  1. Write Down Daily Intentions
  2. Hydration When Feeling Hungry 
  3. Walk With Purpose
  4. Speak With Meaning
  5. Century Time On The Road Bike  
Sure Hope That Your May Went Off Without A Hitch, Stay Strong, & Think Of Others First