Tuesday, June 2, 2020

May Went Quick But I Learned A Valuable Lesson

The Boy Dog Spring of 2009 - Between 105 & 110 Pounds 

Miles on the Bike - 336
PR's - 9
Hours - 36
Hiking - 7 Miler & 4 Miler
Activities - 21
MAY 2019 - 53 Hours and 788 Miles

Been riding just for the sake of riding. No real goal in mind or targeted zone. Finally received an unprofessional e-mail from EPIC canceling the Carson City Race. Bummer. I will definitely spend my $$$ with other Race Event Companies in the future but never again with Epic Rides.

Like That T-Rex?? 

BCV I was holding down four part time jobs and five volunteer gigs. I went from full speed, a trip to San Diego, to absolutely dead in the waters. Pacing

Monochrome Mood 
Even though the gals in my office are working, continued paying monthly rent, I am not in the office these days. Its an ethical choice I made. Its Bigger Than Just Me

All Those Tiny Pools Are Ready For Some Rain 
A majority of my clients were elderly and I am not subjecting them to the unknown. Kids were also on my radar but they are now showing signs of a respiratory infection of some sorts. Very Problematic

Barrel Cacti - Beautiful Slab 
Who's really at risk here?? Some say the client. Some think is a Constitutional Right. Some wear a mask and other think mask wearing individuals are making a political statement. Blows my mind how human mankind evolved into this shallow being.

The Non Operational Flagstone Quarry 
About two weeks ago, I needed to make a decision. My conference with the GM regarding my previous position ( Work Trade Manager ) as a part ( 20 Hours A Month ) time employee at Crossroads Gym was a hit. We discussed guidelines and protocol procedures. Its very clear that I am in a position of visual comfort first and fore most.

Healthy Cacti - One The Verge Of Blooming 
The management and staff has always appreciated my upbeat personality and friendliness. They would like me to be seen cleaning machines and continuing to spread positivity in their facilities. For Truth, I was rather concerned my first day but NOBODY is using the gym. I sent Tim a video of the upstairs cardio room, larger room for sure, completely empty. One perspective, everyone is enjoying their routine while emerging themselves in the great outdoors. Maybe I Am Full Of Sh*T

I Personal Love A Flowering Barrel Cacti 

The station is just a weird place these days. Its always had a dynamic cloud but now its just another older building. The lack of leadership is a true disgrace to the founders.

Where do I get off on making that kind of statement?? Easy, I can paint a number of examples of how the station was a nucleus to/for the community. Anything you were ever in need of, a couple of networking conversations and situation solved.

Through The Clowns Mouth And Over The Path Is The Disc Basket 
So I reached out, yet again, blown off really, and then the "new" schedule was released. There were SIX open slots!! So why the Phuc did I make the effort?

My Latest Acrylic Pieces of Work - Unfinished Still 
The phone rings, not an e-mail?!? I was informed, days later, my request was denied BUT could I fill in Saturday Night of Memorial Weekend. I don't know why I felt obligated to cover the show but I said yes. Just like I always do. I put zero effort into the prep work and turned out one of my better shows. It Was A BLAST

Leftover That Needed To Be Eaten - Roll It Up With Rice - Oh Baby 
Listen HERE ( starts off with heavy guitar from the previous show ) if you are interested in Reggae, Funky R&B, and sprinkles of Hip Hop. What surprised me the most was the amount of phone calls that "poured" in. Mainly, listeners were just excited that a LIVE Programer was on air. A number of voices I recognized but mostly it was party goers at home calling in. Blows My Mind!! When I plan out a show, promote like crazy, whatever is the response. Wing it, Everyone Goes Ape Sh*t??

The Wind Blew My Commuter Over - Lucky The Lock Held Its Integrity

Damn, have I ever been throwing the plastic well lately. The other day, All Pars, Two Birdie and one HS* bogie. My putter is having trouble finding the basket but my mid-range disc is on fire. Pitched my best offer to The Dude about making a Leadville road Trip to play the course up there. The town of Leadville is located at 10,152ft / 3094 meters and offers a spectacular course through the forest pines.

Someone from New Mexico Signed The THANK YOU Poster 
HS* stands for Horse Sh*t. My par putt was totally makable and nothing interfered with my line of sight. I threw my putter and it hit the top of the actual basket, skipped up into the chains for that destintic "MADE IT" sound, but falls backwards out of the basket and onto the ground. Couldn't Believe It

A Washed Out iPhone Photo with the Colorado River Flowing 
But my new approach to the game isn't something new but totally new to me. Speed Disc!! I am going to only throw my driver and my putter, play all 18 Holes, and as fast as possible. My plan is to speed walk the course while playing. Lets See How That Goes


Boogied out of dodge last week with an ice chest full of cooked meals packed away in tupperware. I sensed the general direction but not committed to anyone direction particularly. A couple hours later, found myself along the Crystal River for a few days. The daytime temperatures were perfect and just a little chilly at night still.

I hiked two old trails that I used to trail run with The Boy Dog on. Well, he would pull me up the mountain and I would happily provide him with treats as a reward. Now, the first day hike, I felt very slow but content. The hike was peaceful, the wild flowers are just about a week out from reveling themselves, and the dirt trails were ideal. Not Dusty Yet

Took Video Of This Solo Pilot Safety Departing 
My after hike reward was a rejuvenating birthday suit swim in the Crystal River. Its cold mountain snow run off but felt fantastic on my legs after a straight up and straight back down 4 mile hike. Speaking of crystal, the night skies were breathtakingly amazing. I always forget how beautiful a moonless night appears over head. Deep space without a telescope. Keep Looking Up

With My Sunglasses On, Looked Like Casper Peering Over The Ridge 
The next days hike was a 7 mile round trip that took me up to tree line. After about the first mile, I became pretty disappoint with myself. How the hell and why the H - E- Double - Hockey Sticks did I let myself go. I am so flipping out of shape right now. I have poor hiking legs and ZERO running capabilities. So Pathetic


  1. Write Down Daily Intentions
  2. Hydration When Feeling Hungry 
  3. Walk With Purpose
  4. Speak With Meaning
  5. Century Time On The Road Bike  
Sure Hope That Your May Went Off Without A Hitch, Stay Strong, & Think Of Others First


  1. ...keep learning valuable lessons and rocking on!!!

  2. Loved the monochrome pic the best.

  3. Goodness you have been busy.
    Hope the children you mentioned are ok.
    Take care.

  4. Sounds like May was a month of highs and lows Padre, hopefully more of the former ✨ You are so tough on yourself re exercise, you exhaust most of us just reading about the distances you do πŸ˜‰ Wonderful series of images here, you live in a beautiful part of the world, lovely to see. Will listen to your radio show tomorrow while working, isn't it weird how sometimes the less you prepare the more successful you can be 😊 Take care ✨

  5. The monochrome photo is awesome. Great post, love reading what you,re up to and thinking. Getting back in shape should be fine, you have the right attitude.
    Have a great week, Padre.

  6. That last photo was the stunner my friend Padre! You really live in a place with fairy tale views! Love the acrylic series you are working on! plus that sushi rolls look so tasty!

  7. I always try to visit the Crystal River when I am in the area, it's so breath taking there. Goals sometimes need a do-over, doesn't mean we aren't worthy.

  8. Just keep hiking! I mean, how can you not? It's gorgeous there. I'd give anything for those views.

  9. You sound very busy. I shivered at you swimming in the icy water.

  10. Sounds like you "Got This" and glad you are able to be outdoors too-life as we knew tends to get crazier-just gotta go with it

  11. Glad to see you're getting along during these weird times. Great photos as always.

  12. Ah, your car camping trip sounds fabulous!!!! Don't you worry - the fitness will come back quickly when you're ready to work on it. I've been there - and getting strong again is actually tons of fun!

    I can't wait to go camping!

  13. Beautiful landscapes !!! I am a geologist, so the view of rocks and mountains impresses me.

  14. Yummy food! The pictures of the nature are stunning as always, I especially love the first photo - dog seems to be so happy:) Love your works too, so intriguing! Stay safe!

  15. This view is amazing! i love nature ;)

  16. Hello,
    Did you always have Big Dog as your header photo, he is beautiful. My old dogs loved being in the water. You sound like a multi-tasker, it is good to keep busy. I used to love camping, now my old bones like sleeping in a real bed. I love the view of the streams and mountains, so refreshing and beautiful. It seems like the young people are not afraid of catching the virus, unless they have asthma or some kind of pre-existing condition. Most of the hikes around here are flat, we do have some hills that feel like more a work out for the legs. I can't wait to go traveling and do more hiking. Thinking of others is more important than ever now. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  17. sushi looks so appealing...delicious if filled with tuna for me....
    Thank you for sharing wonderful views.

  18. Maybe you should wing it more often? Maybe your spontaneity adds some perceptible energy to the show. Hmmmm...things to think about! I love the cactus pics. So different from England, LOL!

  19. Yummm! The sushi looks amazing! Love the beautiful nature photos.

  20. I always love to see your photo gallery!!!
    And I like sushi!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  21. How brave...swimming in that icy water!! And WOW...those photos are so stunning!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    Really wish I could have tried some of that sushi...it looks SO delicious! I have never tried sushi before...shame on me!! 😏 Lol

    Take care...and have a great day!πŸ‘πŸ‘


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