Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Swim

Awesome swim 2day!!! Check This Out.......

Weeks ago I went 2 a wedding in the foothills. Filled the tank up B4 I hit the road. Each way was less than 80min. Why do I know this???? Because I like 2 drive while listening 2 an older radio show of mine on an 80min disc. So after driving and not haven been in the car sense, I still have a half of a tank and I just kept on driving past the station. Sooooo Cooooool. Yet driving sucks pretty much. My bike ride last wed 2 the gym took 27min and I drove 2day in 21min because of all the red damn lights. DRAG!!! And I felt like during my drive I was justifying why being on a bike is better. I set up all of my errands as 1 big loop but at each stop I was like, " Oh My God. I ride here. Like I can ride there. Where do I like Park My Car Now, Ya Know?" ADD YOU BEST VALLEY GIRL IMPRESSION HERE!!!

Back 2 the swim..... I went through a relaxing route of stretching 4 10min. My upper body felt good and my lower legs felt tight 4 some reason. I drank some more water and reminded myself what relaxing feels like. Yes, thats better. Opened up w/a10min swim. My main set became breathing exercises 4 some reason. I would push off the wall and swim 2 the other side while underwater and then swim back. I just love that underwater sound!!! You cant describe it but you totally know it. I swam non stop 4 20min doing this underwater and breathing every 6th stroke and so on. I felt smooth and strong which is nice. Finished off my gym experience sitting in the sauna and enjoying a sweat.

I will still get in a walk w/the Boy Dog 2nite after the football game. Shadow said that he is cool w/just hanging out on the bed while I do my thing and he will be ready when the sun goes down. He did ask me if he ate yesterday and I reminded him about the rice in his dinner. "Ah Sh*t!!" He said while he walked back down the hallway.

So remind yourself right now...... Say out loud why you had an awesome Monday..... Follow that up w/a SMILE

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can You Say UNREAL

What an awesome we of motion!!! Thats Right, body in motion. Shadow & I have been cranking out the miles & enjoying our surroundings. My legs are carring me further these days and my quads are finding this new power w/o pain!!!

Fridays bike was HEALTHY for sure. My ankles have full ROM, my calves are pushing down big time, my hammies are pulling like wild fire, quads are pumping,& my hips are so fluid and relaxed. Just a bit of head wind around every corner but I didnt seem to mind like I did in the past. I my have to find someone to help fit me on my bike as my elbows tend to hurt a bit and my right teres and/or lat are still an issue. Hell, maybe more stretching would do a body good?!?!?!?!?

I am taking Shadow Boy up on the Mesa for color Sunday and catch some of the live music. 9000ft, here we come

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Americans Won The, Say What?? There were down by 8 races, RIGHT??? Any Thoughts???

The temps have changed and the pressure gradients are in motion today. The early AM was quite calm and relaxing while I drank my coffee and packed up for the day. Last Wed of the month is my 4 hour volunteer at Crossroads Gym as its my work trade for a membership time!!! Can you say score??? I can give you 387 reasons why I am stoked every year. So about 1pm Mother Nature BLEW and we might hit 60mph gust as I believe GJ,CO had a 71mph All Time Record back in 2002.

Later tonight, KAFM is having a Fall Fund Drive meeting. I look forward to these meetings because of the faces that I only see at these meetings show up. Let the social hour begin.

As for the body...... Right Teres Minor was yet to loosen itself up..... Feet felt flexible while I was clean today.... Hips and posture need little reminders every now and then but thats cool..... Neck has full ROM....  Tonight..... Shadow & I will get in our 3 miles & because I have been feeling Gr8, we might add in an extra mile. Or Maybe a half mile.?. I will allow my body to let me know where it wants to go.

Thursday will be a swim day and Friday will be my 1st brick set of riding and running in the same day

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rockin' N The Pool

Monday was a 40min swim day and it couldnt have gone any better. Oh, sure it could have. Right??? When I hit the pool deck there was a lady running laps in the pool. Maybe a rehab of the knee or something. Anyway, she was kicking some A$$ for sure. Her face was red and her lungs were burning.

I started my 10 min stretching routine that I do I believe me I could feel her eyes piercing my back while I did my thing. The north side of the building is mostly windows & I dig looking out them while I warm up. As I headed towards the shower I noticed that my upper body felt really good and relaxed. Rinsed, put on the cap, ear plugs, & stepped on into the pool. I slid into my lane & put on the old black goggles while my new lady friend watched my every move.

Started w/a very comfortable 10min warm up concentrating on my ROM while breathing on every 6th stroke. I lined myself up w/the lane line on the bottom of the pool and reached for the wall w/every stroke. At the 10min mark, I stopped & had a splash of water. During this time my new friend said," I was worried that you were going to kick water in my face. It happens all the time when I run in the pool." I politely responded w/," Etiquette is a lost art wouldnt you say?" She began to talk but I was about to start swimming again so I pushed off the wall as she was running away from me. Classic!!!

I began a 20min continuous swim and went back to that world of make believe inside my head. In & out of thoughts & reminding myself to pull, reach, ROM, breath, pull,& on & ON. The whole work out felt Gr8. I felt strong. My breathing was a bit much. So when I began to labor a bit I noticed it and reboot myself and re-corrected my alinement. I just enjoy that feeling of gliding through the water lap after lap & damn the time just melts away. I had a way relaxing 10min cool down after pounding some water. I hit the dry sauna after my swim & stretched out until the heat began to be too much. Gr8 Day For The Gym!!!!

2day, full day of work!! Plus a client at 6:30pm!! And an hr on the bike?!?!? I know I can get about a half hour in before work but darkness might be my maker.......

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kick A$$ Sunday

Easy start to the day, relaxing, and stretched out while watching football. Able to do chores before the rain came and boy did it come. Saw some photos this morning of fresh snow on the peaks of T-Ride, Aspen, & the Grande Mesa. Way Cool......

Shadow & I headed out last night near the end of the 2nd quarter of the Pitt/Chi-Town game. The air was so crips and clear. I felt strong and loose. I was amazed by my posture. We were about 1/2mile into our walk when I realized I had not reminded myself to "stand up" or "walk tall" or "you look like Big Water" and my stride was comfortable. About that time is when the Boy Dog picked up the pace. We started covering some ground at that point and the burn began and the miles clicked away. My body wanted to run, my body wanted to fly, my body is stronger, and yet I was able to check in and remind myself that we are on a walk and not full training mode. Not pulling a hammie, not locking up my hips, and simply allowing my feet to roll with full ROM. Flippin awesome!!!

On a side note...... Found the page that shows me where my readers are from..... Ready For This..... 3 different Russian hits ( Do I Hear Wedding Bells ), a hit from Korea, a hit from the UK, and a number of hits from Canada!!! And here in the states are OR, WA, CO, NV, CA, TX, MI, IN, & FL!!! Hello 2 You All & Thanx 4 Stopping By & Feel Free 2 Add A Comment

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Awesome Week

Shadow & I had an awesome week of running, walking, & stretching on my part. We added some distance to our nightly walks and it has paid off in a big way. That burn on the anterior shin was gone away and my hips have opened up and relaxed w/motion. I still remind myself that my posture can be NOT SO HUNCHED and this reflex on my stride. When I am upright, we cover more ground.

The power in my quads has been found!!! Lately, I have felt that my lower leg, ankles, & feet have been stronger and the ROM has been loose and relaxed. This week........ I started concentrating on flexing my quad and feeling the power (watts ) come from my hips and connecting through my feet. Thats an awesome burn!!! I can even feel it in my lungs!!!

I met up w/my brother & Jeff on Thursday for the last of the season farmers market. This cracks my up because farmers still have a sh*t ton of peppers, onions, tomatoes, & winter squash is just coming on. Our DDA has so dropped the ball over the past few seasons like weeding out farmers and bringing in political parties, jeweler folks, & solar companies. All of these I find useful, its just not the right atmosphere for a FARMERS market. Does this mean bigger badder better??? Sure. I just find it sad that the market ends because its cooler and the non-local farmers sales drop. 

Which brings me to my next point. I am not growing a garden next year!!! I am not stealing water from my neighbors that are growing the same eggplant, peppers, & so on. I am going to support the local CSA farming communities. I will allow them to deal w/squash bugs, mold, headaches that come w/growing food organically. Then, come Sunday, I can ride my bike and NOT weed, harvest beans, & set irrigation for the day. Oh, Hell Ya
Lets Ride! Lets Power Up!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I Feel Gr8!!!

My Legs Are changing. They just became loose. All the h2o, all the "Just Relax" reminders while I walk, the stretching has become enjoyable, and I just feel awesome.

Last night, Shadow & I started out and for some reason he wasnt pull the sh*t out of me. About the second block into it I noticed my hips were stiff and my ankles were way relaxed and mobile. Our warmup was really key & Shadow Boy knew it. He is unreal. After the first mile I finally felt relaxed and open and I know this had so much to do with our big sunday walk/run. The second mile we were flying along and I could feel my posture was in a line and swift. Me??? Feeling light on my feet??? Classic

Our warm down, Shadow in front of the fan, me stretching the hams and pounding water. Its awesome feeling that rush of life and coming to term with the idea of being powerful, stable, present, and wanting so much more. Well I guess I am growing up

Monday, September 16, 2013

What A Weekend

The weekend of Friday The 13th started w/a drive towards the foothills. The sky was full of clouds and still the sun poked its little face out a few times. From GJ 2 Delta the desert is so damn green from all the rain here in Colorado that you have heard about. Totally looks like March Not Sept. Outside of Delta is a 2lane road through farm lands, over the Gunnison River, & up & over railroad tracks. A short little drive through Hotchkiss brought back so many memories from my last job, an old friend, & a nice easy pace of a life style.

Between the town of Hotchkiss & Crawford I found the farm land that is hosting this magical event known as the Smyth & Katy Boone Wedding. Yes, the real Boone Name!!! Smyth is also a 10th generation Black Smith!!! So Yes, I was surrounded by family w/real traits of living.

After my first walk through after driving I found a chair near the flower garden and I allowed time 2 simply slip on by. And then, WoW!!! The most beautiful women walked by and said," Travis, is that really you?" I could believe my eyes!!! We wrapped are arms around each other as if it was just yesterday. WoW!!! Its Time 2 Start.... A Blueman Group Song

40 min B4 the wedding I headed back 2 the car, where I will call home, and changed my get up. Around all the parked cars was this funny smell. The more I looked around, the blue'rrrrrr the air became w/that funny smell. Its grown in the foothills, its harvested in the foothills, & seems as everyone really likes it!!!

I headed back 2wards the amazingly green grounds, tables of love, trees full of mason jars w/little lights inside, welded lotus looking sculptures, tents 4 dinner, tents 4 a bar, a dome 4 the Best Men, & a well built structure 4 the wedding & the band. And who is the greeter giving out bubbles??? WoW!!! She is so beautiful from her white boots, up her white ( MY FAV ) hoses, flowery dress, & heart piercing eyes. I floated my way across the grounds & found myself staring off into space. I then set up the Gopro on a 5sec time lapse about 30min B4 the start. Here is that video I HOPE.....

The rest of this amazing night was filled w/wine, songs, dancing, fire, swimming,& telling of tall tales. Life is Awesome.

Training is going very well. Saturday was all stretching and LOADS of h2o!!! Sunday was Hailey's sweet 16th. Shadow & I off & on ran 4 just under 1hr 20min!!! Talk about Kick A$$. I felt Gr8!! 2wards the end of the trail system, Shadow & I ran from shade 2 shade. My feet had a full range of motion, my hips were relaxed, & I felt so smooth. Last time that the Boy Dog & I did this walk from my place 2 my bros it took well over an hour and a half. I would love 2 say an hour next time BUT time means what???? The views were awesome, folks on the trail were awesome, & I am awesome. Shadow & I will do an easy walk 2nite, I will ride the bike w/trailer full of recycling, & 2mar we head 4 the desert 2 run free and crazy.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday The 13th....... Awesome

I am heading 2wards the foothills 2day 2 witness a 4pm wedding!!! Lets Travel My Friends

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Heavy Rain

GJ saw a record amount of rain fall 2day. We had something like .58 in just 2 hours & not much wind. I set up a time lapse 2 capture the day.

No running 2day which is A OK w/me. Monday was a nice recovery day. Cleaned out the Hard Drive, caught up on e-mails, canned salsa, & talked on the phone. All Is Well

Monday, September 9, 2013


Weekend Home Front
What a life..... Life is good..... Living life is awesome.... Feeling great at 10,000ft 

Lush & Green everywhere you look. Friday began w/a kick A$$ 4 mile run w/Shadow Boy by my side. I had no idea that it was 4 miles until I clocked it on the way out of town Sunday. I felt Gr8. My feet were light & quite. My posture slumped a bit & then I felt the correction & my lungs would open up. My hips were fluid & felt like my ROM was awesome. While running along I see this plane just above the tree tops. I did kind of SH*T myself because I was thinking that this plane was going down. My 1st aid kit is way too small but I will help anyway that I can. Didnt want to see death on my 1st day but maybe this is way I am here in Marble Colorado.

Turns out, this was not the case. Private plane owners come to Marble the 1st week of Sept, land on a grass landing strip, & camp at there at their planes. Talk about sweet set ups. Land at 8,000ft, set up a tent next to your plane, & hang out w/a group of avatars talking smack all day long. Then, see ya next month in where ever Canada.
Me & Shadow
 Saturday started w/a relaxing walk w/the Boy Dog around Marble. Then stretching out. Then packing up and waiting on Sid, Danella, & Child. Totally spaced her name. OOOOOPS!!! Sid took us up a 4x4 road for about a 45min drive. We parked at the base of the White River National Forest & headed up the backside of the Maroon Bells.

We climbed just under 2,000ft and topped of at 10,987ft. Amazing!! The next few photos are of Geneva Lake and Hagerman Peak 13,841ft.

And along the way.....

And Waterfalls You Ask......

Again, I feel alive..... I feel Strong..... Colorado Rocks
Good Morning

Shade 4 Shadow

Swing a left and you will be at Snowmass Mountain (14,092ft) and head towards the right and your at Maroon Peak (14,156ft)

Just Cant Say Enough......

                       ........... Fall Is In The Air

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Power Up

Best Boy Dog Ever

Last night walk was AWESOME!!! Thats Right, Awesome!!! We started out a weeeeeeee bit slower and then the next thing I knew, UPRIGHT & MAKING TRACKS!!! We leave Friday early 4 the Mts of Marble Colorado. Thin Air, Fall Colors, & Miles Of Unreal Views. Will be posting photos after The Boy Dog & I return.

Until Then, Live Life

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Best Dog!!! 
Damn Good Dog!!!
I Still Miss Sadie Girl!!! 
Shadow Boy, Thanx 4 Being You!!!

2day was the final day of a 3 day race called Off Road Endurance Racing here in GJ. Can You Saw Awesome!!!??!!! Friday was the downtown 20 minute Crit, Sat was the 40mile open,& Sunday the Pros went 4 it. Again, can you say AWESOME........
I call him Steamboat.... Why...... On Saturday I volunteered at Aid Station #1 during the Open 40 mile Mt Bike Race. After the riders came through I was asked if I knew where Andy's Loop was at by the Lead GJ Organizer Dave Grossman. I said yes and away we went in his truck. Dave dropped me off at the entrance and asked if I would wave folks in. Now, the riders were flying down Little Park Road ( pavement ) and I slowed them down and directed them onto the trail. By about the 4th rider I realized that nobody knew what they were doing because of heat, dehydration, downhill, & 30 miles into racing so I began 2 say this......." Single Track!! Change Gears!!! Check Out The Views!! " Most thanked me and then I said," Glad Your Here Today!! "

Now 4 Steamboat..... Over my left shoulder is a trail named Gunny Loop ( just B4 Aid Station #1 ) and most of the Pro Racers were pre riding the coarse. A young cool kid from Steamboat Springs pulled up on me. He was a really cool and I found myself rather envious because I would love 2 be in his shoes. Under 25 years old, Never Drank, Sponsored, & travels the US racing all summer and skiing all winter long. Phucin' Awesome Life Style. Why did I waste all those years in San Diego????
Shadow Boy Cam

Sunday 09-01-2013 was the Pro Race & the Boy Dog & I hiked down 2 Aid Station #3 in Bangs Canyon. Nice & cool temps in the AM & the Pros hammered the YOU KNOW WHAT out of the coarse. Amazing amount of power. Both the mens & womens racers were impressive. Just look at that quad, AWESOME!!

Did I Tell You How Much I Love This Guy

2014 Race Schedule 4 Me

May: Iron Horse Classic
July: Leadville 50
Sept: Off Road 40

Lets Rock