Sunday, September 1, 2013

Best Dog!!! 
Damn Good Dog!!!
I Still Miss Sadie Girl!!! 
Shadow Boy, Thanx 4 Being You!!!

2day was the final day of a 3 day race called Off Road Endurance Racing here in GJ. Can You Saw Awesome!!!??!!! Friday was the downtown 20 minute Crit, Sat was the 40mile open,& Sunday the Pros went 4 it. Again, can you say AWESOME........
I call him Steamboat.... Why...... On Saturday I volunteered at Aid Station #1 during the Open 40 mile Mt Bike Race. After the riders came through I was asked if I knew where Andy's Loop was at by the Lead GJ Organizer Dave Grossman. I said yes and away we went in his truck. Dave dropped me off at the entrance and asked if I would wave folks in. Now, the riders were flying down Little Park Road ( pavement ) and I slowed them down and directed them onto the trail. By about the 4th rider I realized that nobody knew what they were doing because of heat, dehydration, downhill, & 30 miles into racing so I began 2 say this......." Single Track!! Change Gears!!! Check Out The Views!! " Most thanked me and then I said," Glad Your Here Today!! "

Now 4 Steamboat..... Over my left shoulder is a trail named Gunny Loop ( just B4 Aid Station #1 ) and most of the Pro Racers were pre riding the coarse. A young cool kid from Steamboat Springs pulled up on me. He was a really cool and I found myself rather envious because I would love 2 be in his shoes. Under 25 years old, Never Drank, Sponsored, & travels the US racing all summer and skiing all winter long. Phucin' Awesome Life Style. Why did I waste all those years in San Diego????
Shadow Boy Cam

Sunday 09-01-2013 was the Pro Race & the Boy Dog & I hiked down 2 Aid Station #3 in Bangs Canyon. Nice & cool temps in the AM & the Pros hammered the YOU KNOW WHAT out of the coarse. Amazing amount of power. Both the mens & womens racers were impressive. Just look at that quad, AWESOME!!

Did I Tell You How Much I Love This Guy

2014 Race Schedule 4 Me

May: Iron Horse Classic
July: Leadville 50
Sept: Off Road 40

Lets Rock

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