Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last Day Of September 2014

Here is a little 4 min video from Lake Powell…. A Must See Folks!!!

My last weekend of the month was so awesome!!! I took a trip w/my brother, Dr Jim, his daughter, & her friend to Lake Powell. It was my first trip to Lake Powell & what place it is. We headed out on Friday for our 4 hour drive & arrived at Bullfrog Marina for the night. We camped in a campsite, under a blanket of stars, the Milky Way was so pronounced, satellites flew over every so often, my eyes rolled into the back of my head, then, the rain came. And it came. And it rained. And it rained a little more. Oh, it rained again.

Saturday's sunrise was unreal perfect. The clouds were so rose colored pink that I felt that the desert was going to have life again after a nice healthy drink from Mother Nature. The tribe was up & moving about & down to the marina we headed for. Dr Jim has a sweet pontoon boat, we rigged it up, moved what we needed out of the truck, backed down to the docks, all went as planed. We were on the water & heading up stream to find an adventure.

I find Lake Powell to be gorgeous as can be. The higher up Navajo Rock marries with the Sandstone to produce wicked formations. With the water levels drops rapidly, caves appear, sandy beaches show up, boating along became rather relaxing.

We drove the boat up to mile 104 & explored a sweet little canyon but no campsites because houseboats were already beached. By this time, I was driving, watching the depth finder, the water below was ever so changing as we motored up. We would come around a corner to 18ft of water & then before you know it we would be back in 223ft of water, just like that. And the water was so clear!! I don't know why but I had it in my head that it would be muddy brown like our Colorado River.

We then headed back up stream to mile marker 106 & started into the Forgotten Canyon. We took the far left channel to the very end. Its was monstrous with the massive cliff walls above. Our little boat looked so small butted up next to these walls of time. We then went back down to the little Y in the same canyon & up into the site were we would camp for the night. 

And wait out some rain, and some rain, and some more rain, just before we started setting up the kitchen, real storm packing some rain started falling, a little hail came down, followed by some rain, we ate on the boat, I mean we snacked on the boat.

The night was filled with our laser light pointers & our 11,000 candle watt lights. Then Dr Jim busted out the highlight of the night. He had 3 of the Japanese Lanterns. They are so cool. They are the made from thin light weight paper with a wax dipped cardboard at the base to be lit which causes lift. The first one was red & went straight up & out. It was so damn cool!!! The second lantern was blue & slowly climbed up the side of the canyon wall. Just as the lantern hit the open space above the rim, the wind picked up, the lantern danced from side to side, heat escaped, the blue lantern started falling back down in a rocking motion. The damn thing came right back down to us as if it were on a string. Dr Jim claims that he has never had one come back.

So in-between naps & rain & Thunder & rain, Mr Sun came up again. I stood on the beach under a cloud free sky. What a morning it was!! So peaceful & Clean!!! The water temp of the lake was way warm & still so clear. If I just had a cup of joe.

Dr Jim had everything you need to make up picture perfect egg & cheese muffins. After what seemed to be a normal morning, washing dishes, packing up, letting air out, the boat would NOT start. Say What?? Batteries were strong, gas tanks were happy, but NOTHING!! Not even a click from a bad starter. Just dead in the water. Very long story cut short, a coal miner from Hotchkiss had a can of P.F.M. ( Pure Fucking Magic ) & the boat came back to life!!! Saved!!! And Very Thankful!! We tried to give the guy money but he was happy that we were happy. What A Relief!!! 

With a roaring motor, we headed back up stream, mile marker 108, that was the next canyon to check out. The rest of the day was seeing new sights, snacking on trail mix, & heading back towards the marina to take out. And that was no small task. But it was successful anyway. And the rain came, again.

And it rained for the next 4 hours, the whole ride home, but oh how beautiful them desert storms can be.

This was my 1st trip BUT not my last by any means!! I can understand the Edward Abby sides of it but what a place to see. A bucket list for sure!! So many slot canyons, ruins that are still in tack, indian art work on the walls, clear warm water, & hiking until you wanna puke. 

Sept was a Gr8 month!! My training for the Lead King was rewarding!! The race itself was beyond fantastic!! Last week, I found myself back in the gym, swimming, lifting with my hip flexors, adding more miles to the commuter bike, & one hell of a grouting marathons. September was awesome & so are you!! 

Hello October, Halloween is my favorite holiday!!! October is going to rock!!

#1) Find a race for 2015, read about it, check reg $$, & pull the trigger.
#2) Pick Up Another Two Clients During The Month.
#3) Compete AND Complete the October Burpees Challenge ( squats, push ups, mt climbers, jumping squats, & BURPEES )
#4) If the weather holds, dust off the Yeti & ride
#5) Be Present 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Client

Modified by knees on the floor
I had a very interesting weekend at the office this past weekend. Was it the shift into Fall from Summer?? Maybe Yes, Maybe No?!?! I received a phone call last week from a client that wanted to book an appointment as SOON as possible. This client said they had "everything" wrong w/them & heard that I could help. Something was different about this new client & I already had 4 clients on the books & that is just about all I prefer in one day, but I had that "feeling" that this should be a situation that I better accommodate this one extra client.

And I am so glad I did!! After a full day in the office, this client walks in, sits down, & begins to pour their heart out to me. I could only just sit & do what I seem to do best, LISTEN. This client found out that I had just competed in the Lead King & has wanted to change their lifestyle for years. I reassured them that by simply picking up the phone, a new pattern has already started. After talking about goals, ideas of realistic goals, I asked about nutrition. This client is in their 30's & is in a predicament similar to that of many Americans struggling with weight gain, the feeling of associated with poor eating habits & a sedentary lifestyle, & the growing concerns of being unhealthy & getting old, a potentially fatal pairing. As you can imagine, the main "food" is coming from fast food & gas stations while filling up with gas. Standard American Diet = S.A.D. This clients diet is high in sugars, saturated fats, sodium, loads of calories, & flushed down with 32oz soda pop.

Here is a snap shot of this clients route: NO BREAKFAST or "something" if stopping off & grabbing some gas, lunch can be chips or a microwave dish flushed down with another coke, & dinner is a meat packed dish & TV sloth until well after midnight. Already knowing the answer from this lifestyle of sugar & absolutely NO physical activity, I asked," How do you feel in the morning & what do you see in the mirror while you brush your teeth?" I wasn't prepared for their response. " I feel like SH*T & I haven't brushed my teeth in the morning in years because I can't stand looking at the bags under my eyes." It was all I could do to keep from crying with this client. I mean, could you imagine what this person has been feeling & what that has done to the body?!?!?

After allowing for time for the client to say & just be, I reassured them that I will do everything in my power to help SLOWLY change this downward spiral into a positive & bright situation. I explained that I am willing to write up simple new dishes ( lentils, quinoa, beans, etc ) and very easy instructions to follow. We talked about Dirty Brown's Cycles, a place were used bikes are sold, how beneficial walking right after dinner can be. Isn't not swimming so you don't have to wait & watch TV for 30min.

Last night, I received the call, " I just bought a 60 dollar bike!!" The enthusiasm in their voice was beyond measure!!! After we talked for a few seconds & made this suggestion & I hope they follow through, take the time & keep the answer to yourself if you so choose, step on a scale & write down what you see. With reassurance I explained that with simply substituting water for soda & easy bike rides, that number will change rapidly & you will want to share that new number with not only me but with everyone. And that they are becoming a success story & others will follow. "Remember, thats how you found me."

So yesterday, after I did a sweet lifting workout, I stopped off at their work with two simple recipes. One is a quinoa dish & the other is a simple pasta dish. I showed them & a co-worker that these dishes will be more than enough for dinner with the idea that you will save the leftovers in a container for work the next day & THAT THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE MICROWAVED!! By saving time they will have 10 minutes to walk during their lunch break as a positive option as well. I wish I had a camera because both of them had a look like…. REALLY…. Walk During Lunch…. WHY?? Or it was a look of…. YES… Walking At Lunch….. Not sure which is which but their faces were a classic & I look forward to hearing the updates. And on a side note here, they both were at the window watching me ride away on my bike, I smiled & waved, they acted like little children, too funny but it was one of those visions I had before falling off to the dream world last night.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Weekend….. WHERE???

Here is a quick video from my world….. Click HD….. The soundtrack is from the String Cheese Incident….. And I didn't have to run this through Youtube…… More from me after I catch my BREATH

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Video & Photos & More

Click HD 720, Full Screen, & Turn It Up
FINALLY!!!!! So I ended up signing on a Youtube link, uploading the video, & embedding it here. WoW, now that thats over, been having 3 really damn good days. 

These are some of the early Fall Colors outside of Marble Colorado heading up McClure Pass. Our Western Slope of Colorado received loads of rain from Mother Nature this summer so the Aspen trees are lush & healthy. The groves of Aspens look as if it were May or June but the orange & yellow reminds us that snow isn't that far off.  

 And I so welcome the white stuff!!! Fall & Winter have been my favorites for many years. I love how the scrub oak turns red along the hill side, the tall 100 year old pines are deep with green needles, the aspens bring in those awesome pockets of emerald green, & now those same hillsides are dotted with rich yellows & bright orange highlights of depth.

 And to think that the wild grasses are still green in Sept really blows my mind!!! I can only hope that the population of mice & rabbits will be plenty & Bald Eagles will return to these feeding grounds. I also hope that bears will find wild berries in the spring & mountain lions will be so full that my little spindly legs won't look so appetizing.

Good Moon On The Rise 

Grandpa's New Wig For Halloween

Shadow Boy At His Best

Old Bleu Girls New Look

Walked Into Camp
I made my way back to the gym, grabbed 5lb. weights & slowly worked out. Like slow mo speed!! Nice & easy shoulders, did pull downs w/light weight & very controlled, & did the bench press w/just the bar only. Worked the full range of motion w/each exercise I did. Only worked upper body & relaxed while still in control. Felt Gr8 to be back…… Next Up…. Hip Flexors…. Gluts…. Quads… Hammies

These are two happy Dogs!!!! 

 I made my way up to the foothills yesterday to see Mr Jim & Amber but Mr Jim was still in T-Ride working. Amber asked me if I was up for riding the cocktail cruiser to the Trading Post for some milk & goodies from the season. After pumping up the tires, grabbing more water, a battery pack, we were pedaling along telling stories from our past weekend adventures. This was a relaxing ride & P-Town has so much visually to offer. We crossed over the train tracks, down dirts roads, waved to other cyclist, parked in the shade while we shopped & more socializing of coarse. Amber knows everyone!!
 The Trading Post has some cool items inside!! Bulk benz, fresh produce inside & out, fresh organic power bars made by hand, tons of pour it yourself honey drums, dried fruits & shrooms, all kinds of body care products, & we were on the look out for frozen tilapia for fish tacos & root vegetables to boot. Her & I rode back through town & back up to her place were we talked, prep-food, & share a few Ranger I.P.A.'s while Amber shucked corn out back. Mr Jim arrived just after 7pm, the BBQ finished our corn & yams, which Amber worked into a fantastically tasting deep dish of goodness.
More stories were told, few more 12oz down the hatch, & bedtime was welcomed. Amber peaked her head into my room just before 7am, Mr Jim & I had coffee in hand, & back on the rode we drove. We made it to Montrose Colorado with time to spare before Mr Jim flys back to SF,CA. Wish he didn't have to go but it is what it is.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Video, AGAIN

Lead King 25K Charity Race in Marble,CO Recap

Mike Aish Sent Me His Sticker!! 

My Garmin Plugged In

A few days leading up to this event, I hydrated like crazy, every free moment was filled by drinking more h2o. I ate bananas, any kind of fruit I could get my hands on, & relied on my training.
Around 3am, not like anyone can ever sleep before a race, the odd feeling of sleeping in a strange bed, mountain dogs barking into the deep darkness of night, I awoke with a full bladder, standing on the porch for some relief, the blanket of stars covering the night was breath taking. The night sky was relaxing & more comforting than I realized. I totally crashed out until the 5:05am alarm awoke me. Shadow Boy & I did our usual routine of belly rubs, turning on the coffee maker, scooping the yogurt, adding the granola, & stretching out while Mr Sun bearly makes its presents known that today is September the 14th & 15 plus miles awaits me. I headed out the door just after 6:30am, after handing out biscuits, a relaxing walk towards Beaver Lodge. I met the Race Director Craig & did my best to stay out of his way. We showed me the general area for drop bags, which I had two of them, while I noticed that the temperature was perfect. NOAA claimed that we would see low 40's but it felt more like a warm high 40's for this time of year. Our hikers group was supposed to have a 6:45am meeting, quick discussion, & would start of at 7:00am. Well, that meeting was very brief indeed & before I knew what was happening, they were off & running. No Battle Cry, No Cheering Fans. Needless to say, I was in last place before I knew it, the group was charging their way around Beaver Lake. So I started off on a very comfortable pace walking along a snapping off a few photos of Beaver Lake & the "fog" pouring off the chilly body water. As I looked at my Garmin, I noticed that I was at a 12min mile pace, reminded myself that this was way too fast. Backing backdown to a relaxed 14min mile pace, I could see the first group of 3 ladies ahead of me. They were talking among themselves & didn't really acknowledge my presence & I continued on my way. The next 2 gals were more warming as we hit the first ( above photo ) water crossing. The one lady was from Marble & the other was from Fort Collins. We chatted & walked until I noticed my Garmin was at a 21min mile pace. I wasn't rude but picked up my pace & embraced the pain before me.

Then, it was this guy. I was slowly eating my banana as I crossed paths with, get this, TRAVIS from Arkansas!?!? I couldn't believe!! He was a ball of sweat & I asked if he wanted some of my banana which he politely said," *&%^ no thanx" but he thought weirdo?!? After making sure he was OK & had water, my pace was picked up again. Though miles 2 - 4 I kept finding my Garmin under 15min mile pace. I was stoked because I could feel the sub 15min mile & could recall feeling like crap around the track doing my best to walk under this time mark this past winter. My goal was to stay under 20min per mile during the climb to 10,000ft & I was doing it with ease. I looked down to see 17min, 15min, 17min, etc. At the mile 4 marker, I totally hit an awesome rhythm, passing folks, feeling relaxed, shoulders loose, knowing I only had a mile left, & I would be up & over.
And this ( photo to the left ) was the rush that propelled me to the top!!! I had made it!! My mind was filled w/faces, Sadie Girl, Shadow Boy, my family, my friends, YES, Penguin, other bloggers, I hadn't felt this alive in a long damn time!!! I was cruising along, hips were rolling, my posture was slightly forward, ankles had full range of motion, cardiovascular system was in check, my eyes were falling out of my head because of the pure beauty of this place. The peaks had a dusting of snow, the meadows were lush, & the wild flowers were full of brilliant colors. Then, I looked at my Garmin as I peaked over the highest point of 10,914ft, 5.37 miles, & it only took me 1 hour and 46 min!!! STOKED!!!
I carried the profile print out, so I knew that I could soon drop off my gel trash & banana peal, 7 switch backs as I descend from this high. As I was falling forward, but NOT running, my pace was on fire. I noticed the pace was a squeak above 10min mile pace but it was difficult to slow down. At some point during this decent, I turned ( iPhone 3G Speaker NOT headphones ) on the String Cheese Incident 10-31-2003 Vegas show, which was my first Cheese show, the next thing I knew, the Crystal River was guiding my way back to town. My Garmin pace was near 15min per  mile every time I glanced down. The road was welcoming in deed. Massive tall pines, Aspens that created cooler temps, & scuba oak that was the most amazing rusty red color that added all kinds of depth. An real BoB Ross painting folks that included little stripped chimp monks scurrying on by. 
During the miles of 8 though 10, I was in awestruck by the beauty, like a tourist in NY, looking up, looking around, & I had a bead on a lady in front of me from Denver that had the most gorgeous legs. I was at a pace just over 14min per mile & she was "running" along at a slightly slower pace, duh!! We hit the aid station at mile 10.36 together & walked & talked during the next decent in unison. We held this pace together until the ghost town of Crystal & the MOST PHOTOGRAPHED historical sight in Colorado, The Crystal Mill. From mile 10 to about mile 14, the road became so technical & challenging for sure. And along about this time came the RUNNERS flying by as if it was a 5k fun run. This was inspirational & I shouted out words of encouragement to each & everyone!! These runners with their gazelle like legs & cheetah like speed where effortlessly dancing across the stones & the false flats were nothing for them.
Along about mile 12.3ish, I hit a very rocky climb that only showed up on my profile sheet as a bump, I was faced by a straight up 4x4 road, loaded with loose rock, & a clear cold Crystal River flowing down below, I charged this beast, my Garmin read 16:22min mile as I crested this son of a biscuit eater!!! Quickly, I checked myself, still more than 3 miles to go, another climb on my sheet to go, but it was so easy to get caught up by the runners pounding on by with very little distress. The rest of my "race" was accompanied by the beauty of Sheep Mountain, the sounds of clear water pouring over boulders that where high above years ago, awesome volunteers, & a Colorado Bluebird Sky.
 I wasn't passing anyone by this point & the mid pack runners were passing me & really seemed to be more engaging after my words of " Stay Strong" " What A Beautiful Place" or " Gr8 Job Today" & I couldn't have been any happier!!! Those last few miles were some of my happiest miles, again, you were all their with me!! I tear up just thinking about it. Many Thanx To All Of You!!! When I passed the 15 mile marker, I wanted to explode with speed, I wanted to run, I wanted to scream with joy, I wanted to dance, I wanted to do the loop again!!! As I reached Beaver Lake, the cheers for the runner ahead of me were unreal. I mean they were LOUD. I glanced at my Garmin & saw a 13:40min mile at mile 15.04 miles into this awesome Charity Race. I covered the 15.57 miles in 4 hours and 27 minutes and 56 seconds at an ave pace of 17:12 per mile. Totally Out Of My Skin With Excitement!!! 
The video above was mixed with music from EEK-A-Mouse, Khaki King, Dhammal Soundsystem, & Ziggy Marley & remixed to 720HD quality. Click HD, Full Screen, & Turn It Up!!!

HIGHLIGHTS: Goal was to finish in under 5hrs, CHECK!!! Goal was to thank volunteers, CHECK. Gave them all high fives & some aid stations only had 2 people working their A$$ off filling cups & picking empty cups!! My goal of a sub 15min pace wasn't reached but I am way cool w/that because I stopped to pee ( X3 ), stopped at aid stations ( X6 ), and never ran even when my mind said, " Lets Go, Its Down Hill From Here!!" 
GEAR: Mountain Khakis Shorts, Mountain Khakis UV Long-sleeve Shirt, HITs Ironman 2013 Shirt, Salomon 3DX Ultra Trail Running Shoes, & Wright Sock Socks.
NUTRITION: Yogurt w/fruit/granola & bananas for breakfast, Chocolate Vi Fuel Gels about every 20 -30 minutes or when I thought about it, & as much water as I could take or when I thought about it.
AFTER RACE: The food was awesome!! About 7 different pasta dishes, green salads, smoked brisket, pulled pork, & about 6 different chillies to choose from. And a ton of raffle prizes which yours truly won a free night stay at the Beaver Lodge Resort!!! SCORE!!! Race packet had a killer shirt, beer glass w/a free beer coupon inside, gel shots, and some other cool swag of gifts.

PARTING SHOT: Put this race on your bucket list!!! The Race Director was awesome & on his game, the course is rewarding, the meals before & after were wonderful, & ALL proceeds benefit the school of Marble Colorado. Complete Win Win!!!

Could I have done this any faster??? Totally!!! BUT….. Starting with the hikers is the way to go!! Seeing the runners fly by is ridiculously cool!! I am running this next year AND will set a goal of 3:27!! I can climb w/o stopping for aid stations of photos, I can keep the same pace on the decants, & I can run the flats back to Marble Colorado. I have new training goals, new reasons why, & can't wait to see you there!!! Now, go tell someone why you love them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Think I Just SH%T Myself….. Rut Row

The Lead King 25K is THIS Sunday!!!! Here is the layout. Should I be looking at these??? I even read some blogs from racers running last year. At the start, it was only 31F, high up in a Mt town. The downhill claimed a few ankles & the road back into town is no easy task. Holy sh*t Batman!!!

I am feeling pretty good about the race, thankful for my coach this year, & I have been really enjoying the swimming this week. I started swimming to take the pounding off my legs but keep the cardiovascular system in check. Last night, I started tossing & turning, how do I quite the mind now????

This race is up, Up, UP, AND UP!!!! Then down & then back to town.

Starting @ 7,800ft and climbing up to 10,000+ft
Have you ever signed up for an event but started thinking other wise??? Have you ever felt gr8 about your training but then total hesitation when that day was on the horizon??? Am I just over thinking it??

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Easy On The Legs

Sunday….. 1st Sunday of football…. Mt 1st Sunday not managing a fantasy team since 1988… My 1st Sunday training during opening weekend of the NFL…. Shadow Boy & I were out the door early

 We drove out to the Lunch Loop trail system…. Damn near nobody around…. The temp was so nice & cool…. My ears almost couldn't take it…. Shadow just couldn't wait anymore & took off…. The Boy Dog wanted to set the pace

I am going to mention it again…. The high desert of Colorado is so green…. And notice the cloud cover

I did my best to capture a moment in time nearing every mile…. Shoot a quick photo w/the GoPro… Shot of H2o…. Remind myself to relax… Drop the shoulders…. Relax my foot strike…. Quite the mind… Be safe… Be PRESENT
Maybe this is like running in Africa, Australia, Mars…. Its defiantly doesn't look like Western Colorado
Shadow Boy was happy to be running back & forth…. Checking in… Smelling…. Running up… Looking back…. He is the best
I crossed paths w/a woman…. Her name is Carolyn…. She lived in Quincy,CA…. Back in the late 60's… She could believe my story…. We smiled… She liked the Boy Dog… I drank more water… Away we climbed
Shadow & I passed a biker pushing his Mt Bike up this ridge…. I gave it a shot…. Threw some words of encouragement his way… He was not having any of it…. So the Boy Dog & I climbed on
Is this awesome or what….. Looking north towards the Bookcliffs…. And nobody around… On a Sunday
Shadow Boy leading the way…. Me reminding myself to slow down…. Loosen up them hips…. Take another shot of water…. Stay relaxed… Stay Strong
The miles pealed away…. Shadow Boy waits before descending…. The weather is perfect… My confidence is growing
Just after this photo…. We heard that distant sound…. That ever so familiar sound… You know that one….. A firm 50lbs of pressure letting loose… Then the ever so famous sound of a pedal grinding or bouncing off a rock or two…. And Shadow Boy gives me acknowledgment of 1st aid buddy… We quickly came around the bend… Surveyed the scene…. Found a guy standing over his bike…. He looked OK… Not bleeding…. I said," Better than your best day at work." He smiled but didn't say a word…. Shadow Boy & I moved along

And moved we did
Mr Sun was just making his way out… The trail was beginning to dry out…. I am almost out of water…. Still enjoying the run…. Totally digging the day
Somewhere down over there is the car…. I asked Shadow if he was in any kind of hurry
I dig this shot!!!
But I love this one more!!!!
Sometime after this photo was taken… A dog came up from behind me…. I could hear its heavy breath… He could smell me…. Shadow Boy came back up the trail…. All of this took place in about 3 seconds… A beautiful blond women paralleled our trail…. She was also walking a second dog…. They were good dogs but Shadow was on point… Shadow doesn't care for the wild and crazy behavior…. I didn't catch her name but she made the comment to the effect… Your dog really wimped my dogs into shape
Her & I walked for a min or two together but I could see a couple walking up towards our trail w/a dog… I was polite and told her I needed to keep going…. Mainly, I didn't want her dogs to be associated w/me & Shadow….I have also learned from past experiences that a pack of dogs wage problems on a single dog approaching…. So the Boy Dog & I picked up the pace…. Said hello to the others…. Focused on my stride…. Relaxed my shoulders
This photo blows me away…. Where did this stream come from…. It didn't rain last night…. Did it rain on Friday…. Am I really seeing this
Is this the start of a flash flood
Epic morning outting…. I didn't run for time…. I didn't care about too much…. I ran relaxed…. I ran focused…. I had interactions… Shadow Boy thinks its the best day ever….. We never stressed about a damn thing….. We just climbed… He smelled… I drank…. Lets stretch…. Lets enjoy…. Happy Sunday Folks