Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Think I Just SH%T Myself….. Rut Row

The Lead King 25K is THIS Sunday!!!! Here is the layout. Should I be looking at these??? I even read some blogs from racers running last year. At the start, it was only 31F, high up in a Mt town. The downhill claimed a few ankles & the road back into town is no easy task. Holy sh*t Batman!!!

I am feeling pretty good about the race, thankful for my coach this year, & I have been really enjoying the swimming this week. I started swimming to take the pounding off my legs but keep the cardiovascular system in check. Last night, I started tossing & turning, how do I quite the mind now????

This race is up, Up, UP, AND UP!!!! Then down & then back to town.

Starting @ 7,800ft and climbing up to 10,000+ft
Have you ever signed up for an event but started thinking other wise??? Have you ever felt gr8 about your training but then total hesitation when that day was on the horizon??? Am I just over thinking it??

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  1. You've TOTALLY got this!!! Hope all is well :) I am playing catch up on reading blogs!