Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Client

Modified by knees on the floor
I had a very interesting weekend at the office this past weekend. Was it the shift into Fall from Summer?? Maybe Yes, Maybe No?!?! I received a phone call last week from a client that wanted to book an appointment as SOON as possible. This client said they had "everything" wrong w/them & heard that I could help. Something was different about this new client & I already had 4 clients on the books & that is just about all I prefer in one day, but I had that "feeling" that this should be a situation that I better accommodate this one extra client.

And I am so glad I did!! After a full day in the office, this client walks in, sits down, & begins to pour their heart out to me. I could only just sit & do what I seem to do best, LISTEN. This client found out that I had just competed in the Lead King & has wanted to change their lifestyle for years. I reassured them that by simply picking up the phone, a new pattern has already started. After talking about goals, ideas of realistic goals, I asked about nutrition. This client is in their 30's & is in a predicament similar to that of many Americans struggling with weight gain, the feeling of associated with poor eating habits & a sedentary lifestyle, & the growing concerns of being unhealthy & getting old, a potentially fatal pairing. As you can imagine, the main "food" is coming from fast food & gas stations while filling up with gas. Standard American Diet = S.A.D. This clients diet is high in sugars, saturated fats, sodium, loads of calories, & flushed down with 32oz soda pop.

Here is a snap shot of this clients route: NO BREAKFAST or "something" if stopping off & grabbing some gas, lunch can be chips or a microwave dish flushed down with another coke, & dinner is a meat packed dish & TV sloth until well after midnight. Already knowing the answer from this lifestyle of sugar & absolutely NO physical activity, I asked," How do you feel in the morning & what do you see in the mirror while you brush your teeth?" I wasn't prepared for their response. " I feel like SH*T & I haven't brushed my teeth in the morning in years because I can't stand looking at the bags under my eyes." It was all I could do to keep from crying with this client. I mean, could you imagine what this person has been feeling & what that has done to the body?!?!?

After allowing for time for the client to say & just be, I reassured them that I will do everything in my power to help SLOWLY change this downward spiral into a positive & bright situation. I explained that I am willing to write up simple new dishes ( lentils, quinoa, beans, etc ) and very easy instructions to follow. We talked about Dirty Brown's Cycles, a place were used bikes are sold, how beneficial walking right after dinner can be. Isn't not swimming so you don't have to wait & watch TV for 30min.

Last night, I received the call, " I just bought a 60 dollar bike!!" The enthusiasm in their voice was beyond measure!!! After we talked for a few seconds & made this suggestion & I hope they follow through, take the time & keep the answer to yourself if you so choose, step on a scale & write down what you see. With reassurance I explained that with simply substituting water for soda & easy bike rides, that number will change rapidly & you will want to share that new number with not only me but with everyone. And that they are becoming a success story & others will follow. "Remember, thats how you found me."

So yesterday, after I did a sweet lifting workout, I stopped off at their work with two simple recipes. One is a quinoa dish & the other is a simple pasta dish. I showed them & a co-worker that these dishes will be more than enough for dinner with the idea that you will save the leftovers in a container for work the next day & THAT THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE MICROWAVED!! By saving time they will have 10 minutes to walk during their lunch break as a positive option as well. I wish I had a camera because both of them had a look like…. REALLY…. Walk During Lunch…. WHY?? Or it was a look of…. YES… Walking At Lunch….. Not sure which is which but their faces were a classic & I look forward to hearing the updates. And on a side note here, they both were at the window watching me ride away on my bike, I smiled & waved, they acted like little children, too funny but it was one of those visions I had before falling off to the dream world last night.


  1. This makes me so happy! Look at you making positive differences in someone's life! That is freaking awesome!

  2. Penguin, its been a magical journey, not just for me. You Are Awesome!!