Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Video & Photos & More

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FINALLY!!!!! So I ended up signing on a Youtube link, uploading the video, & embedding it here. WoW, now that thats over, been having 3 really damn good days. 

These are some of the early Fall Colors outside of Marble Colorado heading up McClure Pass. Our Western Slope of Colorado received loads of rain from Mother Nature this summer so the Aspen trees are lush & healthy. The groves of Aspens look as if it were May or June but the orange & yellow reminds us that snow isn't that far off.  

 And I so welcome the white stuff!!! Fall & Winter have been my favorites for many years. I love how the scrub oak turns red along the hill side, the tall 100 year old pines are deep with green needles, the aspens bring in those awesome pockets of emerald green, & now those same hillsides are dotted with rich yellows & bright orange highlights of depth.

 And to think that the wild grasses are still green in Sept really blows my mind!!! I can only hope that the population of mice & rabbits will be plenty & Bald Eagles will return to these feeding grounds. I also hope that bears will find wild berries in the spring & mountain lions will be so full that my little spindly legs won't look so appetizing.

Good Moon On The Rise 

Grandpa's New Wig For Halloween

Shadow Boy At His Best

Old Bleu Girls New Look

Walked Into Camp
I made my way back to the gym, grabbed 5lb. weights & slowly worked out. Like slow mo speed!! Nice & easy shoulders, did pull downs w/light weight & very controlled, & did the bench press w/just the bar only. Worked the full range of motion w/each exercise I did. Only worked upper body & relaxed while still in control. Felt Gr8 to be back…… Next Up…. Hip Flexors…. Gluts…. Quads… Hammies

These are two happy Dogs!!!! 

 I made my way up to the foothills yesterday to see Mr Jim & Amber but Mr Jim was still in T-Ride working. Amber asked me if I was up for riding the cocktail cruiser to the Trading Post for some milk & goodies from the season. After pumping up the tires, grabbing more water, a battery pack, we were pedaling along telling stories from our past weekend adventures. This was a relaxing ride & P-Town has so much visually to offer. We crossed over the train tracks, down dirts roads, waved to other cyclist, parked in the shade while we shopped & more socializing of coarse. Amber knows everyone!!
 The Trading Post has some cool items inside!! Bulk benz, fresh produce inside & out, fresh organic power bars made by hand, tons of pour it yourself honey drums, dried fruits & shrooms, all kinds of body care products, & we were on the look out for frozen tilapia for fish tacos & root vegetables to boot. Her & I rode back through town & back up to her place were we talked, prep-food, & share a few Ranger I.P.A.'s while Amber shucked corn out back. Mr Jim arrived just after 7pm, the BBQ finished our corn & yams, which Amber worked into a fantastically tasting deep dish of goodness.
More stories were told, few more 12oz down the hatch, & bedtime was welcomed. Amber peaked her head into my room just before 7am, Mr Jim & I had coffee in hand, & back on the rode we drove. We made it to Montrose Colorado with time to spare before Mr Jim flys back to SF,CA. Wish he didn't have to go but it is what it is.


  1. This post makes me so jealous! Sounds like a good time and LOVE the costumes for the pups. I still have to decide what to make mine for halloween this year.

    And the video is awesome! Bummer that it took so much effort, but turned out really really good!!!

  2. Thanx for watching the video!! The work was totally worth it. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. As a child, grew up north of Lake Tahoe, the whole school would dress up & parade down Main St. Now, the dogs live in the moment of dress up!!! Shadow Boy has some archive photos that are a real gem.