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So That Was November 2023 On 12/08/23 at 12:08:23pm

Sometime I Feel Like I Don't Have A Partner    Sometimes I Feel Like My Only Friend     Is The City I Live In   The City Of Angels      Lonely As I Am     Together We Cry      I Drive On Her Street Cause She Is My Companion     I Walk Through Her Hills Cause She Knows Who I Am     She Sees My Good Deeds And She Kisses Me Windy    Well      I Never Worry    Now     That Is A Lie    I Don't Ever Wanna Feel    Like I Did That Day 

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Blood Sugar Sex Magik 1991


The morning of Turkey Day treated me with highly unseasonably warming of sunshine for November. I quickly gathered my normally organized needs and headed towards the three houses that I care take for. This includes ; watering , leaves out to the street for pick up , miscellaneous soaking of house plants , and one easy swinging fence gate repair job. Nothing Flashy 

One particular street of neighbors genuinely appreciates my efforts of staying on top of projects. They notice the small insignificant "things" I do and enthusiastically wave whenever they see me. They often drop hints when a house on their street hits the market. So its about 10am and I just finished walking behind the electric game changing mower and the one neighbor greets me with a cold New Belgium Old Aggie. Pleasantly Surprised !!  

However, this was the turning point for my day. I consciously made the decision to pound the H2o from that point moving forward throughout my morning. What a veteran move by golly. Past years, I would've shared the 10am brew and casually drink my way through the holidaze. Nothing abnormal , no DUI's ever , and it's not in my DNA to bring jackasery to ANY dinner parties or family functions. 

Don't get me wrong, I still consumed a few tasty brews throughout the evening. What pleased me the most was how our tribe stepped up their game this year. The side dishes were incredible and HOMEMADE ?!?!?!? The respect was off the charts and highly entertaining games went on throughout the evenings. This would be the first year in decades that I wasn't responsible for smoking the bird. The Dude nailed the flavors , hosted an amazing spread , and we catered to everyones needs without judgement. Just A Simple Gathering 

Now here would be the perfect foot in the mouth moment. I was working on a client a few days later and we were both rehashing our Turkey Day trials and tribulations. They experienced just an OK Turkey Day and I went on rambling at the mouth. I shared how impressed I was when our tribe brought thoughtfully well planned sides over and I gracefully added, " Nobody brought a 7 layer dip to a $75 perfectly smoked Turkey Dinner." And now add the silence in the office. 

They nervously explained to me that they brought a 7 layer dip to their dinner part to add something "different" to the table. They even bashfully added how everyone loved it and ate it all. Exit Stage Left 

I obviously changed the subject because I felt like a real knuckle head!! What does one imagine doing the day after Turkey Day?? Us, we went out for a wine tour of all things. Yes, we headed out to Palisade to taste wine. The day after Thanksgiving we went sampling of all things. Really???? U Bet 

With a belly still full of homemade whipped cream and pie, we drove east. Thankfully , I always drive because I prefer driving , we meandered our way through the vineyards and giggled all afternoon long. A spectacular winter snow storm rolled into the valley and I was able to time lapse quite a few moments in time. I So Dig Mother Nature 

Nothing like waking up to a winter wonderland I tell ya. The air smells clean , the ice crystals dance adding life from the suns reflections , and the overall vibes feel crisp and tidy. Love It 

The rest of the weekend was pretty normal and fairly entertaining. Totally righteous turkey sandwiches , helping The Dude pull out all the inside and outdoor holiday decorations , and numerous card games during College and /or Pro football games. You know , the weekend chores with a little flair. Right 

Monday morning was definitely rough. My body was full. It was full emotionally. It was full of goodness. It was way full of oats wheat and barley. My guts were so full that I dedicated the whole week towards Liquids. Loads of water , soups for dinner , and whenever I though I needed a snack, I pounded more water. Turkey Week Baby 


With the oldies in town, Nate and I played an open mic session for them. We played of all places in GJ ,  Wrigley Field on North Ave. And we were so lucky. Like Way Lucky 

I haven't patronized Wrigley in over a decade. Maybe even back when Amber The Human and Riverwind were still living in GJ. So I went on a scouting mission the week before and was totally dubious about bringing the oldies into a dive bar. The guys running the "event" played their music way too loud for the size of room and the overall clientele is exactly what you stereotype for any dive bar. 

Who knows why but the Tuesday before Turkey Day was the cats meow at Wrigley. The bar was fairly busy serving couples , two families were having dinner together at one of the larger tables , a number of musicians turned up for mic night , and the older guy running the board dialed back the volume big time. 

So Nate and I only planned on playing three original tunes. And we absolutely nailed our set. Somehow we sounded as if we have been playing together for years , Nate remembered all of the lyrics , and I never fumbled once. Now we are nothing special and I am not bragging like a rock star. I am still very humble and carry myself as a rookie bass player. But all the patrons came over to the table and gave us incredible accolades. It Was Kinda Bizarre & Extremely Unexpected 

Even later on the bartender gal asked Nate for our contact info because they are looking to promote Happy Hour weekday live musical acts. Everyone became so wound up for more that Nate wrote out a quick four song cover setlist for us with simple chords and we performed another set. I simply camped out on clean solid root notes and Nate did the rest. All four of those songs are songs that John has taught us recently. We as a trio have been practicing them as of late. That little strange set sent the place into a frenzy and to think of the oldies perspective was a classic. Considering they had no idea I even play the bass. So That Was Cool 


Only one downer report out of Camp Garmin. The old Garmin 500 is shot. Well, it has seen its better days anyway. Sometimes this photo below is all the old sucker is able to muster up. Have A Minute 

Other days, it acts as if it is recording but the file say NOTHING / NO DATA / EMPTY . And then there are days were the red Strava lines are all over the place and shows me riding IN the Colorado River at 35mph. Sure don't feel like purchasing a new , teaching myself how , and owning something that I only use 2% of its Technology. Damn You 2023 


Has finally slowed down by choice but definitely my busiest calendar year to date. Hands down the busiest I have ever been in the body working world. This was the year of new clients and I swear it is a reflection of my new office digs. All Word Of Mouth 


Did I ever score !! Meet Emmy Loooooooooooooooooo

That Lou was for my favorite Shadow People . Emmy is the sweetest little girl and only wants to please everyone anywhere at anytime. Such A Good Listener 

She accompanied me during the Food Donations Pick Up and what a fun adventure that was. She couldn't believe all the smells and that morning certainly wore her A$$ out. Just look at that dog tried face in the below photo. I snapped this photo at the very end of our route. Rat Sh*T 

She gave it the old college try a few times to sneak in a nap but noway. Way too visually stimulated for an actual nap. So much happening that napping was not happening. Must take a nap , Squirrel!!! 

Emmy Lou's humans are gallivanting around the Deep South until mid December. Emmy clearly doesn't dig my presentation of meals and all the needless charades as well. I scoop her food into her dish , slowly add the fresh cooked veggies , and then pretend to gobble it up in front of her. Why This Production She Asks 

I am enjoying the dog walks and it really helps to have a dog that doesn't pull the lead while trying to give attempted chase concerning other passing dogs. Have truly missed walking downtown main while window shopping , noticing all the satellites passing by in the darker clearing night skys , and just the easy going headspace clearing outings. Plus, my walking muscles are so out of shape. My poor Tibialis Anterior and Fibularis Longus burn like a crazed monster searching for a child's nightmare to haunt before the sunshine wakes the child. Always up for a bike ride but haven't been walking nearly enough these days. So Be It 


Please think snow for me. Pretty Please 

Our poor trees are cooking this Fall. I went up one the Grand Mesa and the snow so far is dismal for sure. The tree limbs aren't even bending over because there is almost zero moisture associated with these lates storm fronts. Its Flipping Scary 

But it was really wonderful to have the whole flat top mesa to myself. The cross country tracks were pure and pristine. Big fan of hearing those sounds on my skies and the trees blocked any headwinds obstructing my path. So Peaceful 


And now I showcase the annual Parade of Lights 2023. And once again , The Reed Brothers nailed it. 

The Dude shot downtown earlier in the day to set up chairs in the most ideal location. I mean he garnered some seriously prime restate. He even secured an area next to the chairs in anticipation of his little lady bringing her elderly mother to the Parade of Lights extravaganza. The Dude also smuggled in some contraband for the occasion. A thrums of Hot Chocolate with a flask full of Kraken Spiced Rum. Oh Baby 

I arrived minutes before the mother showed up and was able to set up the solar battery bank and two electric blankets. Just as they were warming up, here comes old mom. And it was perfect as she was a bit confused , she made the statement that she is was in the way , and she had zero clue as to WHO THE Hell am I. I accompanied her over to the her chair by her elbow , she couldn't believe she was in the from row , I draped the warm heating blanket over her lap just as the first fire truck of the padre rolled down Main Street , and she looks right at me and says ," You mean this is an electric blanket like the one on my bed?" Rock Star 

My absolute favorite float was #30 !! Its the Cub Scouts of 353 and I loved it. The theme this year was Dinosaurs and all the walking folks inside those dumb Phuc-N T Rex Suits were everywhere. The overall creativity was a solid F and upheld my GJ motto of KEEPING GJ LAME. Most decorated vehicles were maybe a C- at best and it was rather obvious that folks half A$$ their floats. At least the Cub Scout projected some spirit and a little character. Something Different 


  1. Finish Building Bird Houses
  2. Survive The Heat Wave 
  3. Don't Kick The Bucket 
  4. Ride On Pleasant Days 
  5. Walk With Intention 

I leave you with this thought , words of wisdom if you will , you are the only one standing in your own way. Lead with your heart my friends.


Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Demo Night

Early Sunday Morning It Was A Big Ganja Smuggling    Ina De Mud Me A Pick Kali Bud An Me A Load Dem Down In Off The Tub    One By One    Load Up Di Van    All Of A Ganja It Ram    Put It On A Plain    The Weed Gaan'a Spain    Money Jus Pour Like Rain    Me Jus A Mogel Up The Lane In A Gold Rope Chain    Me An Me Girl Name Jane 


Wa Do Dem 1981


Pretty stoked because of First Friday Art Hop and the Art Center was hosting their annual Demo Night. We were discussing during the bike ride over all the highs and lows and the past weeks events and mishaps and then it suddenly occurred to me that I have not stepped foot inside the Art Center since 2018. 

So thankful that we rolled in because the artist these days are brilliant. Everyone makes their craft appear as if any Ol' Joe could pull this off. Far From The Case 

The Water Color Society effortless washed a full spectrum of colors across their canvas in mer seconds, wheel throwing clay potters presented unchallenging thrown vases, and a stain glass lady fabricated a rainbow trout snapping down on a line while jumping from those cold water streams that showcased realism and excitement. Again, all while projecting the simplicity of their craft. 

Personally, for me anyway, catching up with the legend Mr Terry was a hoot for sure. He reminded me of a time around 2002 with ( Rest In Peace ) Mr Dave Davis and we laughed until our eyes were watering. Mr Terry is one of those down to earth guys that I could chat with all night long. 

He was clearly working over his RAKU Pots for demo night and always gathers a crowd around. And Yes, Mr Terry is one of those artist that makes one believe you could whip out a piece like his in a few seconds. Just Try 


The three dog world took a hit this past week. Their old gal dog that is not pictured finally met the orange needle of death. 

The humans knew that Thursday would be the day as they were traveling on Friday. So it was the two dogs , me , and a few very happy chicks for the weekend. So That's Cool 

These two never acted as if they missed their older gal. And all meals were consumed with enthusiasm. I hid treats under their dog beds as I came and went throughout the weekend. Animals really understand how to adapt to their current situations, changes, and challenges. Unlike Humans 

We made the best of the moment as Mother Nature shined down extremely warm temptress for the occasion. As you are all well aware, the temp reads 63F / 17C but that dang Mr Sun feels like 93F / 33C these days. Think Snow 

The photos above and below captures the true personality that their humans received while away. Always a big fan of the front paws crossed look and who doesn't care for a bug eyed behind the ear scratch??? During this particular evening , I subjected myself to a well done flick directed by Guy Richie. 


While keeping GJ Lame, the Holiday Veterans Parade took place the other day, obviously. 

I do dig trains and happened to snap this photo while riding to the office. Little did I know, That Stupid A$$ Witch with a capital B Lauren BOEBUTT rode this train through the parade. If I had prior knowledge , would have water ballooned the Sh*T out of her. Suck It Lauren 

This photo above showcased two middle school teenagers dressed in tractional WW II uniforms. It was just an ok photo until I pulled all of the saturation out. The photo below incapsulates my youth as those Willy vehicles were rather common in our sleepy little mountain town. 

The photo below was 100% contrast worthy. Here is an older pristine late 50's or early 60's chevy , this ridiculously massive chevy suburban in blue dressed in flags, and then this red neck yahoo driving his SPAVE FORCE Avalanche behind the Corvette. GJ's Finest 


Our Last Man Standing League celebrated with a pot luck on Sunday and offered a chance to meet fellow NFL Dreamers. For those of you that are not hip to the skip, LMS is a league were you pick one team for the win each week. The CATCH??? Once you pick any team for that week, that team is off the board for the reason of the season. Hints; so nobody camps out on the Philadelphia Eagles all season long. Once you pick the Eagles, ineligible for the reason of the season. Right 

The original concept was one loss and you're out with the last man standing declared as the winner. However, over half the league was out by week #2 our first year. We have evolved into a three loss league these days. So much food for the potluck , catching up with folks was a pleasure for sure , and the late night light them up games ensued with the old sun setting around 5pm these days. 

This years league was a record breaking 26 NFL hopefuls and by week #10, less than half are still alive with only two owners still undefeated. Myself, I have two loses as my first digger was believing that Tampa Bay totally sucks this year but not back on week #1. Buffalo killed me for my second loss. Now, just picking for the fun of picking. Yes, That IS Loser Talk  


The snow capped San Juan Mountains way off in the distance here during one magical sunrise. These orange , pink , and purples continued at great lengthen and was the talk of the morning by many. Did I time lapse the event, NOPE. Another Missed Opportunity 

I love this photo above as my subscription rate is up 150%. Yes, one new subscriber and I am up 150%. The odd update that YouTube sent me was the fact that 68% of the views of my videos are NOT subscribers. Only 32% of the subscribers actually watch my time lapse videos. So I got that going for me and thankfully I haven't been promoting videos lately. Cracks Me Up 

The first two weeks on November were beyond unseasonably warm and I was able to carve out some unscrupulous time for a few bike rides. Deer are still trotting along the River Trail near me , dried crunchy leaves still crumble under my bicycle wheels , and the blanket of Autumn colors still paint the horizon these days. So Beautiful 

Loads of house sitting and dog sitting gigs are lined up until the 2nd week of January. The one that knocked me off my feet was a recent Monday - Thursday dog sitting job and the owners were so over the moon with me for cleaning their windows they dropped a chunk of change in my lap. Actually, they handed me an envelope that I threw in my pannier. Late that night, when I counted the dough, I immediately called them because I felt as if two Benji's might have stuck together and they didn't mean to pay me that much. 

Have backed way off with my week day drinking for some reason. I know that a lot of my gradual decrease has to do with the price increase over a Fishers Liquor Barn. Don't get me wrong, I have cravings during the work week but have managed passing up the opportunity for "just one" cold brew while preparing dinner or other random household chore. Plus, having a pretty good feeling that my effervescent personality during Turkey Week will damage the old liver and pocketbook. Daytime Drinking While Wearing Knee High Boots 


  1. Do Right By Others 
  2. Respect Others Views 
  3. Interesting Songs To Share 
  4. Noble Minded 
  5. Kindness Towards All 

Thanx A Million For Checking In And Continue To Lead With Your Heart,