Sunday, January 17, 2021

Traveling The Southern Loop

On The Road Again      Just Cant Wait To Get On The Road Again    The Life O Love Is Making Music With My Friends      And I Cant Wait To Get On The Road Again     Goin' Places That I've Never Been   Seein' Things That I May Never See Again      Like A Band Of Gypsies We Go Down The Highway    We're Best Friends      Insisting That We The World Keeps Turning Our Way      

Willie Nelson NOV 1980



My aging bladder woke me up before my alarm clock but I wasn't really all that ready to stir about. Thinking I should bring the already prepared coffee machine to life, I rolled over. Before the Delta Waves returned, the alarm went bananas. 

Didn't take but a second to pack the car and head for The Dudes. He was raring to go and on the road again by 6am. Timing Is Everything 

Our first stop on the loop would be in Navajo territory. Monument Valley is sacred to many of the tribesmen / women of the desolate land. In the past, pre C19, all of these shelters were packed full of vendors selling any and all of it. Today, quiet and still, not even a bird in flight, The Dude & I stumbled upon this pile of petrified wood for a total score. After sending photos and videos, an assortment of Forest Gump responses, on the road heading south again in perfectly timed status of course. A young gal that I would stereotype as a college student flew by me in her BLK Audi. I set the cruise control 160k's / 100mph. Flagstaff was in our windscreen in no time at all. 

Our next stop was for an ice chest lunch in Montezuma Well just south of Flagstaff AZ. This place was fascinating and quiet. We layered up out 7 grain bread with fresh homemade hummus, gouda smoked cheese, fresh picked greens from the hoop house, and sliced herb coated dry salami. We then walked up to admire the history of this sink hole. And Yes, one of our ice chest was stocked full of nutritious foods for our next five meals. Its How We Roll 

The "well" is actually a sinkhole into which 1.5 million gallons of 74F / 23.3C spring water has flowed daily for untold stretches of flowing time, ringed by rough cliffs into which the Sinagua built apartments. I have videos of the spring and whats left of the ruins. As we darted onto the freeway south bound, another BLK Audi SUV leads the way to Phenix AZ. From sunrise to sunset, the automobile treated us well during our first day of travels. 


The morning cup of fresh joe never tasted better. Brother Cliff loaded us up in his rig and west we drove. We explored the UofA campus as he attendant there in the 70's and played Basketball as a walk on. And it helps as he is a fantastic story teller. Really enjoyed his insights and he is a hoot no less. We laughed a lot. All week long we laughed. Like A Lot 

We ended up at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum just west of Tucson. Talk about some strange looking cacti around them thar hills. The cost was rather step to adventure in the museum grounds and Mr Cliff was on a tight schedule so we boogied out of there. 

Up and over the dramatic Gate's Pass, dotted the landscape with massive saguaros cacti, views were rather impressive. Both the Saguaro Forest and The Desert Museum offer easy hiking trails through the beautiful 21 acre preserve. Apparently there are a number of cascading waterfalls in the spring months. 

The saguaro is more than a strange looking plant. The cactus warns coyotes, screech owls, and tribes people and other native inhabitants of the Sonoran Desert. And they reminded me of my childhood cartoon watching days. Love You Yosemite Sam 

The great cactus tree grows slowly, only during the summer and rainy monsoon seasons. But these green ribbed giants can live to be 150 years old. 

                                                           Who Knew????

And check out this beauty here in the parking lot. I have never actually seen a real Mark 8 Studebaker Lark in person. In pictures for sure but not in the flesh. And the windscreen is original as the glass is wavy with ripples. So Cool Backroads T

The above photo is of Old Tucson Studio where such fine western films like Arizona, The Last Outpost, Rio Bravo, and Little House On The Prairie were all staged and shot. Its the Hollywood of Tucson. And just admire how clear and beautiful the day was. 

Have a little gander at who I shacked up with. Meet Old Georgie Girl. She is 13, stinky, oily, hungry, and happy about everything. A True Lab!! Just look at those expressive eyebrows. I have so missed this old gal. She has been on a diet and looks great. Mr Cliff has done well with her cycle of life and she is very well looked after. 

Mr Cliff dropped us off at his place as he needed to bolt to work. The Dude & I ate a little lunch and then packed up for a 25mi / 40.23km drive north of Tucson AZ. 

Lunch is served and what a gem. Daikon Radish, Sweet Red Bell, Seaweed/Noir Strips, Sprouted Mung Beans, Savory Yellow Bells, Toasted Sesame Seeds, & A Dash Of Soy Sauce. Paired with a few rosemary / garlic triscuits and baby carrots for scooping up with. Delightfully Delicious, Healthy, And Filling 

This is when the day became completely mind altering. It was at this point I stood unknowingly how my life would be flipped upside down. I present to you the Biosphere 2. Mother Earth would be the original Biosphere. 

The Biosphere 2!!! In the early 1990's eight scientists took up residence in this 3.14 acre simulation of the earth in hopes of lasting two years and gaining important knowledge about how humans will survive in the future.

We were told they weren't able to remain self-contained owing to problems with food supplies and excess of carbon monoxide. The scientist failed to account for the organic matter breaking down and causing extra harsh carbon monoxide gases inside the lab but two of the scientist fell in love and are happily married. Whatever 

Of course these massive chunks of petrified wood were placed about. Call me crazy but I really dig this Sh*t. Something special about living the rock hound lifestyle. Oh Baby 

Now the University of Arizona are running experiments under the dome and researching ways to combat climate change. A few of their Biology Students parked themselves near doorway entries for Q & A sessions.

While the verities of science in play are rather fascinating, the engineering feat is remarkable. Yes, there is a small savanna, beautiful thriving rainforest, high desert vegetation, a orchard of fruit trees, coffee trees, dates, citrus trees, and even a full on ocean room with live invertebrates and a wave machine. But there is a structure holding this all together. Amazing 

Pre C19, tours around 40 people would tour the enclosure but today, just us two. They offer guides on a free app which was way cool because we were never rushed. Each of those white markers are numbered and you just simple type that number into the app and what a wealth of informational video plays tour guide. 

           And it was quiet as all get out. Once again, still and quiet. So Peaceful 

A lady "guide" was near the door to this desert room and she informed us that the children in Russia study this place in their text books. Groups of kids from Russia / Europe ever year tour this place during summer months. Little whinny American kids are bored and most Americans have no clue this research laboratory even exist but she made the comment that the Russian kids engage and inform her of whats new and possible. I mention this because of the way the afternoon unfolded. 

She also went on to mention that the surrounding grounds were open while the scientist were in their two year locked-in studies. Yes, a human zoo! And vendors sold hotdogs and soda for the folks to unknowingly tease the 8 hungry adventurers inside Biosphere 2.

Here is their rudimentary attempt of an aquaponic system and we felt that it was pretty damn elementary. I mean think about it, this biosphere is gorgeous, this is the best aquaponic set up that they could construct??? 

I truly hope that future aquaponics here are well constructed and flourish to their full potential. Hell, just look how far micro greens have come over the years. But to be clear, other than this tiny little minutiae display, the Biosphere 2 overall was jaw dropping. Mesmerizing to say the least. Peaceful would be an understatement. Make the effort if you ever find yourself in AZ. 

So I started sending videos/pix out to friends and the oddest responses starting coming back to my cellular devise. Reading "Beautiful but stay there" and "Cool but our world is Phuc-D Up" and "Nice place but don't turn on the news" 

I was bummed / way concerned / worried because The Dude and I were just discussing how The Donald has sent a heavy military presents to the middle east over the Christmas Holidays. And now, with these text coming in, we were convinced that The Donald just bombed Iran. So we walked around wondering and stewing on the worst of humanity. 

Above are florescent Willemite minerals that glow under black lights and other ultraviolet light. These boulders were strewn about the compound and the informational brass placards weighed in from 10,000 to 25,000 pounds or around 9,047 kilos and who donated them, when, etc. And these plants below were from Thailand. They were just beginning their blooming cycle and the aroma was so sweet and just lovely. 

And check out these solar panels. I have never seen anything like it. My video is pretty cool as I began the video just mere inches from the mirror and slowly pulled back for the true reflecting perspective. With over 300 days of sunlight, they work well I tell ya. 

                          The Dude Posing For Scale, Upon My Request That Is

This was quite the surreal experience and the average tour lasts about an hour and half. The Dude and I were there for over three hours. Causally strolling from one room to the next. So many times we just stood still and listened. Rushing water, hummingbirds whizzing by, air currents throughout, and random calming bird calls from where they have made their nest/home these days. So Cool So Magical 

We spent almost an hour just in the rainforest itself. I sent out a number of videos and the responses were all the same. Outside of the Biosphere 2 is a Sh*T Show. Little did I know, this would all teach me a valuable lesson for responding to others when they send their vacationing photos / videos. Like zoom in and scour their photos and ask inquisitive questions. Not An Emoji Kinda Guy - Never Have Been 

So after we left the Biosphere 2, our next destination was a local Tucson disc golf course just west of downtown. Still unaware of the news, we meet up with some locals that agreed to show us the 18 basket layout. The Dude & I knew we were in good hands because they had a Husky Dog with them, timing is everything I tell ya. On the first tee, disaster was nearly avoided because of a low laying tree branch. I released my driver disc way late and damn near threw the sucker into the chain linked off dry desert canal. Never would have been able to retrieve it.  Note To Self, Relax And Don't Over Chuck It

From there on, played the front 9 basket pretty well with a number of pars. Each basket has two separate tee pads and we were so thankful for the local knowledge. Finding my groove and making small talk with the three local boys created an overall jovial atmosphere. The back nine, I played out of my mind. I could do no wrong and ended the round with 5 birdies on the back nine. Stoked

I achieved some damn creative drives and the three local guys were cheering me on. The Dude was throwing simple straight level approach shots and we together couldn't get over my luck. In the photo below, everyone threw low through the trees for a safe par. I launched high nature flight hyzer over the trees and landed right there for an easy birdie putt. You can see my yellow driver just right of center there. Birdie Baby 

Wish I had a video of the 18th hole. Everyone threw before me and all tee off shots were worthy of a birdie opportunity. My drive was by far the best drive of my round and it was all because I choked big time on tee box #1. The host guys we played with were gracious, the camaraderie was uncanny, and the sunset was totally perfect for the almost perfect back 9.  

Top off that whole day with one of the best curry dishes that The Dude every threw together. Check out all those fresh veggies and of course they are organic and rich with flavor. All served over basmati rice. Might have enjoyed a fresh brew or two that night as well. And yes, another gorgeous high desert sunset for capping off the days events. 

So the morning was an eyebrow raiser. By now you all know what happened at the White House. For me, I was so pissed because I really thought that we started World War III somewhere in the Middle East. I was under the impression that The Donald left his legacy by stirring up some real Sh*t. 

Goof Balls Storming The White House?? Seriously??? That was the news?? I was loving life in the Biosphere and folks were losing their minds over what?? And nobody seems to step back and think about how the dictators of the world are saying,"See how democracy DOESNT work. Look at those phuc-n Americans. Democracy will never prevail." Absolutely Embarrassing 

Now for Mr Cliff. Cliff lived in GJ Colorado for decades and just moved down to Tucson spring of 2020. He offered his place up to a number of GJ folks for a visit and he was beyond excited that we followed through. He was happy to host and loved my painting that I gave him as an offering / appreciation for allowing us to use his place as home base for the week. He hung the painting by Thursday night. Mr Cliff Rocks

And Georgie Girl, she was so happy that we would leave the sliding door open while we were there. She also appreciated out taste of music. Mr Cliff tendered to show us how the TV worked with the remotes and we both politely said no thanx simultaneously. Tucson has a kick A$$ community radio station and that satisfied our listening pleasures just as well. 

Dinner, again, was righteous. Boneless chicken thighs, roasted finger potatoes with rosemary, and a salsa for the chicken. Not just any jar of salsa but homemade. Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, and red bells with a hint of fresh squeezed lemon of a tasty touch. Toasted fresh Whole Foods Sourdough bread complimented the meal rather well. After we happily prepared healthy satisfying dinners and breakfast all week for Mr Cliff he says, "When you get back to GJ, give the field report that I had napkins. Good thick napkins." An example of Mr Cliff's humor. Phuc-N Brilliant 

Off the back patio for another beautiful sunset and then off towards downtown we headed. Tucson treated us to nightly breath taking sunrises AND sunsets. The Dude made the observation of why artist come to paint the desert, colors change by the second around here. 

The streets of Tucson were empty but we still adventured out. Mr Cliff works evenings so we entertained ourselves by roaming around downtown. Stumbled upon the cool art center of town. Pretty cool for our window shopping desires. 

Something that is also really unique about Tucson is that have a favorable light pollution reduction program in place. All of the street lights have a "cone" around the bulb that concentrates the light rays directly down. So the stargazing was impressive for a city of almost a million humans. Dig That 


Our first stop after consuming fresh fruits, vanilla yogurt, and homemade granola was the San Xavier del Bac. Founded by father Eusebio Fransisco Kino in 1692, it is considered by many to be the foremost example of mission architecture remain in the United States, blending elements of Moorish, Byzantine, and late Mexican Renaissance architecture. Obviously, it was closed to the public and I couldn't contain myself and snapped the above photo with the Lazy BLK Dog chilling in the mission. Classic 

Most days there are tables and booths set up in the mission plaza selling delicious eats and showcasing North American crafts. Once again, quite and peaceful. The mission sits pure white against the perpetually blue sky about 10 mi / 16 km south of Tucson. 

We made this a destination because of the statues and interior paintings. However, the constant construction was at a stand still and no stain glass would be see by the whites of my eyes. Super Disappointing And Unfortunate  

The tower on the left ( West ) was completely renovated in 2005 and the right tower goes under renovations in 2023. Maybe?? Maybe Not 

Back on the freeway and here comes The BLK Audi in the fast lane. So followed on cruise control east until the cutoff south towards Tombstone AZ at a casual pace of 95mph / 152kmh. 

Within five minutes of parking the car, our first encounter of the Wild Wild Western Ways was these three gents. You got it, a real gun fight at the famous OK Corral. Timing is everything! Way Cool

Tombstone was known as the largest, rowdiest, and deceptively sophisticated locales in the Southwest for its time. Place where legends were created daily by overheated newspapermen, and where a 30 second gun fight of dubious legality becoming a defining frontier myth.  

Closed to cars and lined with wood plank sidewalks, western kitsch shops, and even a few genuine historical attractions. There are several saloons and restaurants, faux gunfighters walking about, and saloon girls that no longer make themselves available for hire.

Would have loved to have taken a field trip in Tombstone AZ and play some mini golf before ghost hunting around town. The above photo is of the preserved 1882 courthouse on 3rd street. Excited from my printing press operating days, throughly enjoyed peaking around the original Heidelberg Set Type Press used to print the perfectly named Epitaph, first published in 1880 and still in operation. 

Among the saloons in the district, the Crystal Palace Saloon and Big Nose Kate's Saloon were worth a look. Katie's was a fine place to knock a few back and loads of nude paintings hung about on the walls. The Dude and I passed on a cold one there because it was rather dark inside. 

We walked across the street to the Crystal for a brew and sat upstairs on the outdoor wrap around deck. More our style for a frosty pint. What made this saloon special and set apart from the other watering holes was that all the gals were dressed in the 1880 time period garment. And before we knew it, The Dude found himself in a situation. Jailhouse Story For Another Time 

The above photo was obviously from the Crystal's second floor balcony and look at the size of that mug. I even made mention of how much this would hurt when bopped upside the head with one of these suckers back in the dusty day. And that pink building across the street, our waitress shared tales of the working ladies parading along that deck for potential evening clientele and apparently was a the place to be because the bathtubs were filled with heated water. 

Above is the stage were actors role play saloon style dancing action, poker card games, and a shoot out twice a day. The cowboy with his 30 30 rifle below was calling out," Next Show In 10 Minutes! Grab Your Tix For The Show. Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp! Come Witness A Piece Of History!!"

We hung out in Tombstone just long enough and decided to start making tracks. As we were driving north, The Dude finds a county road on our map, yes we still use an old fashion paper fold map, new directions are welcoming. So we were tooling on down a little back top two lane road and see a Brown Recreational sign for Ghost Town Fairbanks. Quck right turn and away we went and what a trip it was. Yes, Quite Yes, Peaceful 

I still don't know why I snapped these photographs of random goodies below but I did. Everything about this shelf was fascinating, we never disturb any artifacts, and I only hope that these are real treasures from the turn of the 19th century. One Can Hope

The photo BELOW is THE Photograph of the Year!! And yes, its only a few short weeks into the new year.

The Dude took the photo above and look again. See It??? Look Again!! He took this photo and when he showed me I freaked out at first glimpse. I mind was still swirling in Ghost Haunting Tombstone mode and now have a gander at the apparition in the upper right of the photo!!

Its of me!! He laughed so hard because he hooked, lined, and sinkered me good. We just stood there in the middle of no where Arizona and laughed like two little elementary school boys. It really was a moment in time that we will forever cherish. " Remember That One Time..." we will say for years to come. Its those moments in time that make vacations a vacation. 

Then, I had to ruin the moment. I said something to the fact that we could be standing here in the same foot prints of grieving grave diggers. Like what if the wife passed away while giving birth?? What if you were the one to carry the dead up to this mesa for their final resting spot of eternity?? The Dude wasn't impressed with my projections. 

And here it is, the above photo, Fairbank in all of its glory. Four of the Five buildings here in Black And White for Magic. So Still So Peaceful So Eerily Quiet 

Dinner time!! The Dude scored authentic hand made tamales. Oh Baby!! Accompanied with beans and carne asada for a true wrap up of the Wild West Cuisine. I added on some of the left over salsa from the chicken/potato dinner from our previous evening. So Delicious 

Did I ever make mistake about Arizona. I have always been under the impression that the North West Area or Territory if you will of AZ is just desert. Small range of mountains and flat desert. Hot desert and a little mountain range. Simply a barren desert. I was so wrong!! I'm often in the wrong. 

We drove north west for hours and it was beautiful. There were times when we would recognize a set from Disneyland. Where the boulders are stacked up neatly and a Saguaro Catus stood tall near by. We hit a stretch that was lush green and the rugged mountain sides had million dollar homes perch up high with commanding views of righteous sunsets. Then, acres of Joshua Trees!!!! Never Knew!!! I have been to Joshua Tree in California but had no clue about these trees here in AZ. Gotta Go Spare Parts!!! Highly Recommended. 

Hoover Dam was impressive and all but the best thing happened to me. No BLK Audi to follow and just as I came over a rise, There Stood Mr Motorcycle Cop with a hand held radar gun. We were the only car in sight and I was speeding for sure. My heart stopped and I experienced that full visceral after car accident feeling but no cop in tow. I almost turn on my blinker to pull over but still no cop. To this day I don't know why he didn't pull me over. So happily on down the highway I drove and our first stop was in Las Vegas Nevada was Korean Town just west of the Vegas Strip. Love These Markets 

Uncle Grubby gave an amateur feeble attempt on dinner that Friday after The Dude and I were in the car "all" day. No photo provided of the cheesy cheap noodles, under sautéed veggies, and store bought lame sauce with extra hot sauce added. It was almost uneatable but I was Phu-N hungry. And who adds HOT sauce to spaghetti sauce??? That Guy In Red


I pulled a veteran move and set the coffee marker up before bed as we sipped brews and chatted the night away. So a fresh cup of joe was the ticket Saturday morning of Wild Card NFL Weekend. Phuc Yes, back in Vegas to bet on Wild Card Games. Pittbrownie would be proud of me for dropping $5 on the Browns to cover at the Half. Pittsburg has continually started games slowly all year and completed the come back a few times down the stretch of the season. Cha-Ching 

After breakfast we headed to the Red Ridge Park for 18 baskets of disc golf. Once again, I drove my driver like I never have before. Each tee shot placed me in birdie range. We all enjoyed the sunshine and living life outdoors. Yes, games were on TV and Uncle Grubby wasn't totally on board with us wanting to play but he also admitted enjoying himself afterwards with a brew in hand. 

I sent the photo below to a number of friends in my contact list and they all responded with, VEGAS Really??? Are You Gambling?? Not The Vegas I Know!! Full spectrum of replying text messages for sure. I have some entertaining friends. Again, I was once again reminded of how to respond to friend's texted photos in the future. 

After a beautiful bowl of seafood tasty treats with fresh veggies over basmati rice, a field trip towards the strip we went. Backpack stuffed full of grog, our young attractive taxi driver was a classic and rambled on about who knows what while dropping the names of celebrates that have been in his cab/van. So my cute cheeks shared this seat with the Who's Who's of the world.

Dropping us off just south of the Bellagio, back on the Vegas Boulevard Strip we found ourselves. The air was warm and no chilly winter wind what so ever. As we turned the corner, its show time, stellar timing once again. Frank Santra Soundtrack And The Fountains Dazzled In All Their Glory  

Inside the Bellagio, last night before break down was explained to us, a pretty damn stunning Christmas display. I, maybe like some of you, kinds disappointed a first, the display DID NOT disappoint. I shot a lot of video but not many photos. 

The holiday train set was phenomenal and I only have videos from its well constructed and quite creative layout. You see, The Dude & I normally hit Vegas for college basketball MARCH MADNESS. The Bellagio normally has a Chinese New Year display, so the Christmas thing worked. You Know, Timing   

The Dude had his revolution moment while standing here in front of Caesars Place. It dawned on him that his Grandson will stand here in his foot steps some day and see what we are seeing. Some twenty years later of course but still. That all came about because H-Bird was showing Little-A all the photos from Paw Pa Reed throughout our travels across the Wild Wild West. 

Sunday morning was rough as my head hit the pillow at daybreak. Coffee wouldn't be a factor as I was in dire straits for water. Clear, Cold, Spring Water 

We shuffled our dead caucuses over to a sweet 18 basket course. This course wins on aesthetics hands down. The course follows a walking path that was designed over flood water sheds between residential subdivisions. Oh, these homes were in gated communities by the way. So big dollars were sunk into this park and it shows. 

Immaculately staged vegetation with beautiful fairways for walking a wonderful round of 18 baskets. By hole number two or three we met up with local Brent to show us how its done. 

This course was all about placement with your midrange disc for a legitimate birdie chance. This so played in my favor because my arm was a little fatigued and you know me and my excuses. But seriously, The Dude and I worked this course with relaxing strategic tosses. Flat level drives with our midrange and makable birdie putts were presented more than not. I felt naked but my clothes were on, that good. 

If you were fortunate enough to bypass a stingy tree limb, pretty much guarantee a birdie attempt. What hung me up was the ankle putt baskets. No Joke!! The baskets were all ankle high. A regulation hight would be the basket around average hip high but these baskets were below my knee and the top of the baskets were below nipple level at best. The photo below is where my driver landed off the tee box, easy flop in for another birdie. Different But It Works

But as you can see, this course would be ideal for summer heat with all the shade trees throughout the area. And if I lived there in Vegas with a dog, early mornings or late evenings is where you would find me for sure. A number of times I found myself daydreaming as if we were standing in a little miniature scaled playground of a bigger being at the helm. Silly, I Know. Welcome to my world of make believe.  

A dream car of mine, a Ford Shelby GT, What A Beast!! Uncle Grubby shuttled us over to the Art District near Fremont Street after 18 baskets. Its a great location now and was extremely run down years back. Now, its thriving with even bigger plans by the city once C19 is handled. 

Our first watering hole was at the famous Atomic Duck. Legend has it that ducks surveyed the Atomic Test in Nevada many moons ago. So we extinguished or parched palate with the signature Atomic Duck I.P.A. and didn't disappoint. We watched the Saints vs Bears game there, along with a tremendous amount of ideal people watching. Gotta Dig That 

The next stop on the pub crawl was a place that for the life of me I do not recall. When we walked in, the place felt dark, not all that welcoming. Grubby ordered us a Green Mamba as he picked up on my vibe that I wanted to skedaddle. Thankfully, we stayed put. A new bartender clocked in and took excellent care of us. The menu above the barkeeper listed about 25 craft brews on tap. The Green Mamba Double I.P.A. was my favorite until the Abominable Haze Man Double I.P.A. landed in front of me. Talk about beautiful. The chewy malt was perfect, the hops were flavorful but not over hopped, and the aroma under your nose before sipping was gratifying. The Pittsburg game was over on the first play of the game and my bet would be collected soon. Waiting our arrival at Uncle Grubbies condo was a chicken, veggie, no fuss crockpot for dinner. Again, Timing 101

We were already packed so departure Monday morning was a breeze. We drove just north of Vegas for a fill up and back on the Highway I-15 North we directed the automobile. And you can predict what I am about to type. Yes, a BLK Audi four door blew by us like we were standing still. I clicked the cruise control at 105mph / 169kph and that car slowly pulled away from us but I kept an eye on that BLK Audi for that entire stretch. We made excellent time to Cedar City.

The Dude and I can't count the times that we have driven by Cedar City and have never stopped. We have hit Beaver Utah a bunch because they have a world class working dairy farm with fresh inexpensive cheeses and full flavored homemade ice cream. But Never Cedar City

Just a few short miles off the freeway is a marvelous red wall canyon with a massively long 18 basket disc golf course. Thunder Mountain Park was home to this terrific course that criss crossed this little running creek. We elected to throw the front 9 as the back nine had a number of 600+ feet / 183 meters holes. We were satisfied with the average 300ft / 94m front 9. Plus, with all that snow on the ground, possibilities of losing a disc ran high. No Thanx

The above photo was of my one shinning moment on this challenging course. My driver was on a B-Line towards the basket. The Dude even made mention that this was a potential ACE rip. Nope, Mr Shrub Said!! That disc rested there in limbo a mere 4 feet or so from the basket. Other than that, I threw pars all day, highly recommend this course though. Looking forward to playing all 18 someday. 

Again, another location were we found ourselves surround by peace, quite, and stillness. Not another apparition in sight. That We Knew Of

And once again, we made our sandwiches out of the back of the car after that 9 basket round. Back in the car and heading north on I-15 my friends. Within the hour is the cutoff for I-70 east and take a wild guess as to what happened next. Yup, a BLK 4 Door Audi passes me and the cruise control was set at 90mph / 144kmh for blurry hours of highway miles. The Dude and I joked about the synchronicity of the book An Element Of Trust by Douglas Killbrum and our clockwise loop. 

                                                                         No Where Utah 

The photo below is what I woke up to before work Tuesday morning. Dorothy, we ain't in no AZ anymore. I am taking ToTo and heading back down to the south. Auntie Em 

The re-entry from the seven day vacation was Ok but not rough, far from greatness. There will always be challenges regardless after a vacation. So to recap by the numbers; 7 days, 1,993 ( 3,207km ) driven miles, 4 states covered in a clockwise loop, unknown number of cemetery and ghost towns toured, 1 shootout in at the OK Corral in Tombstone, no animals were hurt, 2 Asian Markets, 7 home cooked dinners, fresh cut fruits with breakfast, 6 out of the truck lunches, and 4 new gorgeous Disc Golf Courses conquered. Pure Righteousness 

Be Well & Thanx For Your Time,