Friday, September 24, 2021

Just Takes Time

Fame Makes A Man Take Things Over     Fame Lets Him Lose Hard To Swallow     Fame Puts You There Where Things Are Hollow   Fame Not Your Brain Its Just The Flame      Fame That Puts Your Change To Keep You Sane      Fame What You Like Is In The Limo      Fame What You Get Is No Tomorrow      Fame What You Need You Have To Borrow      FAME 

David Bowie

Young Americans 1975


Called up the Yankee and asked him if we could camp in the 5th wheel out at Joe Robbie State Park. Told him that I would float the coin if he reserved the spot. For one, he has the state park pass. Secondly, he has the sweet camping trailer. And Third, the senior discounted.  Oh Baby

The Yankee snapped off this photo below as I presented my handy work. Have Duck Tape?? Will Hang Flags!!

The Yankee got a big kick out of me climbing his ladder and hanging his Colorado Flag. He was impressed with me after I tore off one strip and then a second small piece of duck tape. I stuck the two strips together with each adhesive ends exposed. This way no sticky residue would gum up his ladder railings. "Thanx", He Said Kindly

I manned the fire pit throughout the evening while The Motet went funky and greasy into the night. We could clearly hear the whole set from our campsite as it was that bloody loud. Couldn't imagine going inside the venue at those decimal levels. 

And here is my make shift bed below. The Yankee forgot the air mattress for the fold out couch. So this is what I came up with and that zebra striped tiger peacefully watched over me while I snoozed the night away in solidarity. 


Currently wondering through tasks and doing my thing. Below is the old soap dispenser.

I Installed The New One

Started walking around the complex with my trusty old dull shovel and removed weeds that were overtaking the cracks. Realized that the gravel had migrated into the gutter. So Why Not

Now this job below was a full on give back and leave it better than you found preconception. 

The towel rack was literally pulling the drywall from the studs. So I rode the commuter bike over to True Value Hardware and purchased about 4 dollars in parts and rode back. 

Removed the old screws from the drywall and nothing more for support exists. Just two loose screws through the brace there and the screws just spun when I was removing them. Measured out the area, added the adhesive door stops, screwed in the wing nut bolts through the door stops, and hung the towel rack. Received a pleasant text a few days later. Karma Coupons 


There is something special about "working" in the office now. Somedays I am able to articulate my feelings with words. Other days, it so difficult and those descriptive words elude me of all explanation. 

An elder walked in as a first time client and begged me for some relief. Their SI Joint was all out of wack and constantly having shooting pains keeping them awake throughout the night. I explained how important the session is when the client gives immediate feedback. When working with the knee and you notice something else happening, Let Me Know That. It is your session and vocalizing your feelings adds to the benefits. 

Come to find out, palpated around their sacrum, that was the culprit my friends. Made sense to me and we worked all the attachment sights posterior and anteriorly. Talk About Relief 

A new client that I have promoted the ortho concept a few times, they are about to compete in a 50K trail race next month, walked in for some foot alignments. 

They were experiencing medial malleolus issues from an off camber trail they had hammered down during a training run. Now I enjoy working with the foot and all those tiny little relationships between bones, ligaments, and tendons. 

So together, we worked through options. They had a few funny little clunks but the interesting release comes from their wrist and /or fingers. My mentor releases energy through their thumb with a click or pops sound when releasing a build up. So to have the wrist crack while working with their foot was a reflecting moment of YES. Most standard releases come from the belly / diaphragm or a "heavy" twitch like reflex. 

Our session was fantastic and we explored other issues throughout the body that they were not counting on. They originally came to me because their massage therapist blew them off or canceled or whatever. So they asked if I would merry their payment plan from the previous therapist. "No Worries! I'll Honor That Price Tag." I Said. After our session was over, we added a "real time" exercise before leaving the office. Together, we were walking down the hallway towards the elevator, they told me that they have NEVER had a therapist coach and empower them during a session before. Their mind was way stimulated by that notion. They paid me my full rate with a smile because of their positive experience. So That's Cool

And the photo above, this is why I wanna build my practice bigger than before COVID. My main cliental were Silver Sneakers and Children before C19 took over. I was completely content with that. Now, I want to educate my clients with passion and expand my operations with compassion. Because yard work for $$$$$$ totally blows!!! I just cant picture the summer of 2022 with bleeding forearms, scratched up shin bones, and salty sweat droplets in my eyes. No More 


Have gone on a few road rides but nothing all that fancy. Way back when, many moons ago, I held a number of KOM's from around the Grand Valley. All of my trail running KOM's have been shattered long ago. These young kids run circles around my lumbering body these days. To the best of my knowledge, this was my last KOM. Doubt that I will ever regain those crowns as I just don't have the drive for turning myself inside out anymore. Oh Well

I sent out a congratulatory offering and received this nice reply. So who knows, maybe some day I will dig deep again. For now, just ride because I can. When I feel the need to pull off and snap off a photo, I do. 

Like the other evening!! I was reading my book and realized that I should be outdoors. We are losing daylight rather rapidly and I should be taking advantage of that remaining daylight. So I filled the H2o bottle and shot down to the river trail. Casually spinning the legs while enjoying the setting sunshine on my cheeks. Plus, I love that moment when I see a bat fishing for bugs along the surface of the not so Mighty Colorado River.

And this was a classic. Got caught in a hail and lightning storm the other day. So where did I stand?? Next to this lightning rod and took photos like a knuckleduster. 

Now the hiking milage has increased as I am house / dog sitting for friends here at 6,650ft / 2026m and its a flipping gorgeous property. Sondra would love the view as Mt Sopris commands attention and respect. 

What a beautiful chunk of land and Autumn is in the air. The daily changes are remarkable. Mother Nature began blowing in cooler temperatures last week and the Aspen leaves are in motion. The scrub oak brush has turned fiery red and cotton trees are starting to turn as well. Dig It

I begin every morning with a cup of Joe in the hot tub. I stretch afterwards and crank out a few controlled push ups. It's then when I scoop homemade yogurt into a bowl with nuts and granola for breakfast here at the kitchen counter. By then, poor Basil Boy is usually beside himself as he just knows that it is WALK time. Come On Human

We head out the front door and slowly build steam towards the single track trail system. I say slowly because Basil has to whiz on EVERYTHING. He is a boy after all and must kick up the wild grasses after each marking. 

This area is just over 450 acres with two separate subdivisions. All of the single track criss crosses everyones property lines. This makes it common knowledge that all the trails are open for all respectful residents. So far, have only crossed paths with one couple and their female dog Missy. 

You Got It Right!! 32F / 0C around daybreak. Totally took my breath away when that crisp air rushed in from the slider door. And Yes, my room has its own sliding glass door. that opens to the back patio. Few quick steps and I am soaking in a perfect 6 person tub at 102F / 38.88C temperature. Best Start Ever

So once again, my duties are watering potted plants indoors and out and exercising this boy Basil. So I tackle these tasks with enthusiasm and grace. I only hope that October the 3rd never comes. 

Did I mention walking with Basil?? Yes, lots of walking with this guy. He is always ready and I am pretty sure that he could eat.

Basil and I bounced around in the Land Cruiser with a days collection of bugs on the windscreen and found ourselves at the base of Sopris Mountain Trail Head. Another dirt road over and we stumbled upon this lake. I do not recall the name of this particular body of water but pretty damn peaceful. 

Something that I have been consciously working on is the act of remaining present. The entire month of July in CB was absolutely wonderful but I felt as if I was on the go the whole month. Taking care of three dogs, completing daily chores of sorts, and cycling sort of distracted me from me and my own being. So this time around house sitting I am feeling grounded. I have a calming vibe and waking in a much better state of mind. It takes effort but the hot tub works in some magic. I have built quite the list of intentions this past week. Manageable Intentions 

You see, its rather challenging for me to calm down and remain present because my mind is always thinking about what is next. What needs to be fixed. How could I have done that or this better. Last time I truly felt centered and utterly present was years ago when Triple J would contently lay upon my chest as we hummed Grateful Dead Tunes to each other. During those moments in time I wasn't wondering off in space. I Was There Whole Heartedly 


  1. Continue Exploring The Area
  2. Hydrate With New CBD Powders For The Week
  3. Adventure Out On The Rio Grand Trail
  4. Range Of Motion Calisthenics 
  5. Garden & Weed The Backyard
  6. Execute My Business Plan

Thank you so much for checking in as always. This Summer has basically escaped me. In fact, my only complaint is that time is flying by. It isn't like I spent months on the couch watching Fox News. There is too much in life to live for to be a gelatinous blob in front of the idiot box. So walk outside and lead with your heart. 💜 


Friday, September 3, 2021

Good Bye August 20BLK Jack - Bring On September

My Sisters And I     Have One Wish Before We Die     And It May Sound Strange     As If Our Minds Are Deranged      Please Don't Ask Us Why     Beneath The Sheltering Sky     We Have This Strange Obsession     You Have The Means In Your Possession     Tea In The Sahara With You        The Young Man Agreed      He Would Satisfy Their Need     So They Danced For His Pleasure     They Would Wait For Him Here     The Same Place Every Year   Beneath The Sheltering Sky   Across The Desert He Would Fly      Tea In The Sahara With You 

The Police

Synchronicity 17 June 1983


Aug 2020

Hours - 18

Miles - 198


Activities - 12

Aug 20BLK Jack

Hours - 19

Miles - 165

PR's - 1

Activities - 15

My lame August numbers have been rather pathetic due to California wildfires. Our air quality the last three Summers have been horrid. And Thats My Excuse 

Been spending more time in the gym these days but sort of half A$$'n my routines. And I think "routine" is my problem. Just feeling so dang stagnant these days. I really need to find a race in 2022 as a motivator. Call Me A Sloth 

Outside of the horrific smokey layered haze fronts, August wasn't all that bad. I spent quality time in the Office. Doing my part not to be subsumed by the corporate plan.

The client that took part in the LEADMAN series this year finished in the top 10. I will pass on the actual place as that could be perceived as HIPA/Confideatcnlity ruling. Even though they couldn't care less if I used their name. Butt Still

This client put in ALL of the work and effort!!! But I feel as if I had a little to do with it. If anything else, they appreciated my pre-race motivational texts. 

A new client came in from a reliable referral and the session couldn't have gone any better. Well, maybe it could have. For a first time client, their nervous system was strong. Ortho can be a skeptical experience for a new client and that is totally OK. 

This client was suffering from neck and headache issue. You know me, I always promote H2o without taking their power away while I began with their feet. We went through standard cervical neck releases and it wasn't until we worked with their C1 and C2 relationship that we finally got somewhere. 

Wish I had a video of their eyes when the "Atlas" or C1 shifted. Talk about immediate relief. Then, to merry C2 "Axis" with the new found position of C1, like a whole new neck. In my mind, had a few arrows in my quiver still but LESS is MORE. 

From my office window in early July (above) and mid August (below). And that's all those plastic particles or Micro-plastics from the California fires. Cars, Homes, and Businesses that burned to the ground are now aloft in our valley. Yuck


A new development that has been a real joy for me has been labeled Baseball Workouts. I regularly send my Uncle daily body weight workouts for him to incorporate with SF Giants games. The middle of the 1st inning, if the Giants give up a run, 12 stand ups from the couch, if the Giants don't allow a run, only 10 stand ups. Simple 

It's been a real hoot I tell ya. We graduated to lifting with soup cans in his hands now. So in a standing military press position, cans in hand, 15 presses to the ceiling. And I consistently preach slow and control movements. Think of a full range of motion while reaching for the ceiling. Stretch For It

A fun and exciting way for him to watch his beloved SF Giants on television. Plus, it helps that The Giants are leading the NL West these days. Sometimes I stick with the even innings for exercises and other nights its the odd innings. No Rhyme Or Reason

Other workouts are in a pyramid set. After he finishes an exercise, I have him hold his breath for :30 seconds. The next inning, hold for :45 seconds. The next inning, hold for :55 seconds because I cant drive fifty five. Then back down holding :45, then :30, and these are all performed after each routine per inning. 

The exercise he doesn't necessarily care for are the A,B,C's. I have him standing during the 7th inning stretch with his arms straight out to the side parallel to the ground, pretend he is holding a laser point, draw out each letter of the alphabet on the far walls, and write out the alphabet in lower case, rest, and then capital letters. 


The Dude hit Double Nickels this month. So he took a paid day off, which he never does, quick road trip down to Orvis Hot Springs. It has been a long time for me and the hot springs made some remarkable improvements. 

Orvis is a clothing optional hot springs so no photos were taken. But inside the landscape is flipping gorgeous. Massive Lava Rock Boulders of flower planters with a full color spectrum of blooming flowers. The mature trees create a welcoming canopy of shade over certain sections of the pools.

And we totally scored as Orvis cleans all the pools every other Wednesday and we arrived on Thursday. The Flagstone slabs under water felt like earth rocks under my bare feet. Usually they are slimy but not on this day. Hardly anyone was around and the lithium filled pools were uncommonly peaceful. Highly Recommended 

After a delightful soak, we headed up above the town Ridgeway. There is this whole new park that is under development by a Disc Golf Player. Beautiful camp sites, a modern pavilion for weddings, and commanding views from all directions. 

There are currently 9 baskets with another 18 to be installed in 2022. That's right, another 18 baskets!! Looking forward to returning and hanging out for a few alluring days next year. 

Just about the time we were about to boogie, I sent AJ a text. AJ has been trying to recreate a veteran move our cousin pulled years ago. Long story VERY short, our cousin from California bought a round of brews at a GJ watering hole. The waitress was super slick with her delivery that day.

Anyway, The Dude & I walked into the 1915 brick building Colorado Boy Brewery and quickly belly up to the bar. The Dude asked the female bartender for a Birthday I.P.A. Cracked me up because he was unaware of the AJ text/call in from Sacramento. So the bartender says that they only have one kind of IPA but pours this 32oz mug. The Dude takes a sip and says," Yup, taste like cake." Classic

Moments later, the patio waitress walks behind the bar and says," I am still waiting for the birthday boys to arrive." I laughed out loud and with a smile I state," Here We Are." We all got a big kick out of it and all of our beers were on the house for the evening. We only paid for the pie. That's A Pizza Pie BTW

My Cuz from the UK sent a family birthday selfie from San Diego. Him and his family flew to SD to enroll their son in his first year of college. My mom , white shirt on the left , met up with them for lunch. Exceptionally nice to see them all together and so wish I could have been there. 


The Dude and I hosted another Shadow Puppet Performance and this one went much better. While manning the BBQ with an ice cold brew in hand , how could I go awry??

Just as Mr Sun was setting in the West, I fired up the cast-iron houle wood burning fire chimney, that precious Full Moon made an appearance from the East. Neighborhood families began to arrive shortly after the flames sparked to life. 

A variety of adult beverages were whipped together and socializing commenced. The Dude gave a perfect opening overview and gathered the littles down on a queen size pillow pad with blankets and pillows. The adults sat in a half moon shaped layout of patio chairs. Cosy And Comfy 

For me, I felt the rhythm of the players and was totally on my game this time around. I was way overly critical of our first performance and utterly picked it apart in my head over and over afterwards. Pointed out all the mis cues and The Dude was like, WHATEVER. Don't worry about it.

But this time around, I wasn't worried about my fat head blocking out the light or forgetting my lines or allowing my hands to cast undesirable shadows. Smoothly stepping into the characters and their movements flowed naturally. The audience giggled and clapped during certain highlights. Obviously it helps when your audience is engaged. 

Afterwards, the kids were all fired up to come behind the booth and create a play for themselves. Most of it was elementary but they had fun. So that's all that matters. Nobody got hurt, we all had a good laugh, and some of us caught a healthy buzz. Win Win Win


After spending the month of July in CB, already mentioned a rough re-entry, I packed up the automobile, that is a 16 Candles reference there, and headed for the open land of thin air. 

Dinner pie over the fire pit, single track on the Yeti 575, possibly the last skinny dip of the season, and a magical blanket of stars summed up a perfect three day get-a-way. 

With all of the Monsoon rains, we are still beyond arid. I stopped dead on my ride as I have floated/bathed in this creek a number of times over the years. Today, it's an ankle slapper. Shocking 

Might have had a few too many brews on my last night. Wasn't my plan by any means, just stargazing. Next thing I knew, my hand waved around the inside of the empty cooler. Dang It! But I slept like a baby with no interest in returning to the Grand Valley the next day. The below photo was at sunrise two days later from the airport location. Please Mother Nature, Put These Fires Out. 


  1. Build My Fitness 
  2. Lift With Intentions 
  3. Host A Radio Show
  4. Promote Ortho-Bionomy
  5. Walk My Walk Of The Talk I Talk
  6. Reframe From Slapping A Republican Up Side Their Head  

Until Next Time, Think Of Others First,