Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Birthday & Bowling Time Lapse

JF, KS, & The Padre tackle two full games without bumper assistance. The scores clear note this statement to be accurate. Yes, we are pretty bad but damn we made up for it with pure happy laughter.

We all rolled a much better second game. I was pleased about finishing the 1st game with a spare and strike 10th frame. Thought we were finished because we only paid for the one game.

The Birthday Girl was all fired up & called the shot. I rolled first again and hit one damn pin. Then, rolled a gutter ball. Classic. We all beat our 1st game totals of 120, 106, & 48....... WITH..... 141, 107, & 54

Thats right, we strutted our way out of there, buying our own balls, will dominate league play in 2017. You Can Hang A Star On That On..... jc

Thanx For Watching & Think Snow 


Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day Smoker Fest in Colorado

The Boy Dog had the best day ever.... Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend... Hope you are receiving a paid holiday day off today... Sure hope you had a white christmas.... Thanx 4 Watching


P.S. The soundtrack opens with a reggae cover tune by Yellowman, then a cover tune by Mr Blotto, and ends with the String Cheese Incident's Emma's Dream live from the Boulder Theater

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Short Day Time Lapse

The amount of sunlight will be 2 minutes and 8 seconds longer tomorrow. Enjoy that extra sunshine and think snow.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Radio Room Time Lapse

Gypsy Jazz Social Club sells out the Radio Room & what a show. All instrumental first set, more folk like tunes then gypsy jazz, & what an excellent bombing sound. Congrats to KAFM for a sold out show to end the 2016 concert series.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Friday Folks

This time lapse starts off pretty damn lame and then Mother Nature rolls in. I downloaded a DJ Logic show to use as a soundtrack. Thanx So Much For Stopping By & Watching

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Time Lapse From GJ,CO

Yesterdays radio show was outstanding. I found myself in a rhythm early and throughly enjoyed mixing in Two And Half Men clips during an ADD Guitar Solos. The Pink Floyd cover tunes were also a huge hit.

I received a number of phone calls from folks listening and enjoying what they were hearing. Anytime I see that I have double digits of on-line listens I am stoked. I hit 15 at the peak and NEVER dropped below 11 during the 3 hours time slot.

All of this WITHOUT advertising on CrackBook!!! Total Score.

Stay Strong, Dream Big, & Think of Others,

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Time Lapse Of The Moon & Hosting A Radio Show

This one minute and forty second time lapse kicks A$$ because of the cloud movement!! The first 54 seconds showcase the high Cirrus clouds moving towards the East Southeast which radiates the moon light as if the moon were full. The next few seconds are under clear conditions. At approximately one minute, give or take a few seconds, the Cumulus clouds roll in from the South Southwest.

Then, check out that crazy cool light "rotations" around the moon near the 1:20 time mark. I have no idea how this happens but I am way stoked to have captured this. The remaining 20 seconds is a total Cirrus and Cumulus dance party mixed to the Andy Coe Band's live performance at the Blue Moon in Seattle Washington on 2016/12/05.

And that segway of Shakedown Street brings me to my radio show today at 1pm Mountain Time Zone. I will be hosting Wildlife On The High for Jimmy Rabbit. Jimmy is a top shelf performer, world class DJ, and has quite the following. These will be big shoes to follow! Here is a rough draft playlist so far......

The Travelin' McCourys
Tony Furtado
Todd Sheaffer
The Schwag
The Machine ( Pink Floyd Cover Band )
Swamp Drivers
Stu Allen and the Mars Hotel
Sarah Jarosz
Railroad Earth
Marcus King Band ( Unreal 20 year old )
Steve Kimock

These bands from the list above are shows that I have downloaded from archive dot org and I will pull some music off the new rack down at the station to fulfill the 3 hour time slot. I will also set the GoPro up in the window while the show goes on.

Thanx So Much For Stopping By, Hope You Are Able To Stream The Show Live, & Continue To Think Of Others


P.S. The Geminids Meteor Shower Begins Tonight At 1am!!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Enjoyable Time Lapse If You Like The Motet

This Sunset was spectacular. Well, much better in person. I listened to my gut brain & was rewarded with this time lapse feature.

The Western Slope of Colorado had that feel about it today. Mother Nature offered calendar worthy photos opportunities & I know cameras/iPhones were clicking away during that 9 min time frame. And I too witnessed while standing in awe.

I set the GoPro onto of a ladder for just under 3 hours. Colder weather totally effects this particular GoPro. Settings were at every 5 Sec & 5 MP. I added The Motet, original photos gave me :55 seconds of time lapse, I only slowed down the video 20% which stretched this video out to 1:07 worth of coolness, & this was all done with GoPro Studio.

You see, The Motet ( from Denver and a must funk band to see live ) played here in GJ Saturday night. Epic Show!! Encored with two Prince tunes. Packed theater, I knew very few attendees, & I sure enjoy watching a tight bands pass the tune around the stage.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Another Quick Time Lapse From Grand Junction Colorado

I jumped on the commuter bike and headed towards downtown. About a block away, little snow flakes began to fall, back to the house I turned. Set up the GoPro on a ladder out back at 5 seconds, 5MP, and let the capturing begin.

One monster slap in the face happened today. My legs felt great on the Dreadmill and my posture stood tall. Everything was awesome as I finished up with 5.31 miles and thats when it hit me hard. Come June, I will still have a marathon after 5. whatever miles. WoW

Again, Thank 4 Watching!!


P.S. If you really like videos..... Check Out This Drone Footage of Oregon From The Adventure Blog

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quick Time Lapse Today

Check out these little birds and how they creep up the power lines, move into the little tree, and then attack the feeder in between the Bog Dogs pacing around. Classic

Its been a really good week so far in the office. I have been working with tennis elbow, bad backs, sore knees, and a wrenched wrist from falling down in the yard.

Yesterday was a 4.83 mile and today was 2.7 miles before Back/Bi lift. Morning and evening walks with The Boy Dog. Calisthenics before work, entertaining football games, & epic social engagements.

Thanx 4 Watching My Video,

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November Numbers And Goals For December

I have the privilege of hosting tonights Magic Carpet Ride at 6:30pm Mountain Time Zone. I am so looking forward to this show because I have been itching to play some tunes lately. I had this whole first day of December and wanted to play a Christmas show idea rolling around in my head like that damn belt on the Dreadmill. Old Bing Crosby, Cover Tunes Jingles, And instrumentals for mixing over some Jimmy Fallon clips.

But as of today, I am so ditching that idea. Tonight, lets hear music thats not top quality sounding. Really, I will be airing "Tapers" shows. My opener will be a movie clip from Blazing Saddles, The Juggling Suns will cover Stepenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride, & away we will ride.

I am normally a concert quality snob. I feel that live shows I play must be a SBD sound and that the LP I am playing must have crackles & pops. I also tend to be very anal with my meter output readings but tonight I am going to loosen up some.

I have some amazing cover tunes from Mr Blotto, newish New Monsoon, Zilla from 2004, Lotus, WSP, Little Feat from 10/14/1978 Grand Rapids, and some tasty treats from of that Dirk Quinn Band in New Orleans. All live shows from concert attending attendees. Again, I am pretty stoked. Hope you all stream live from 6:30pm -9pm.

Push Ups  - 1,050
Squats  -  1,100
Crunches  - 1,250
Commuter Bike - 15 Hours
Midnight Racer - 120 Miles
Spin Class - 6 Hours
DreadMill - 76 Miles
The Three Grand Challenge Was Met

> Adding in Lunge Exercises
> 20 count  sets of PU,SQ,CR,&Lunges every hour. Well, while awake or not around dinner time or if I am already at the gym or on a race day. Those will be some of my excuses and I am sticking to them. I think this may break up the monotony of last months challenge
> Snow Shoeing with the Boy Dog
> Selling Gift Certificates For Ortho Sessions
> Check out the new dance studio downtown
> Last Cyclocross Race of the Season
> Avoid Buying Sh*t

Above is my Turkey Dinner HD Time Lapse.
GoPro Silver 3 set at 5 seconds and 5 MP.
The original video came out of GoPro Studio at :59.
I slowed the video down in iMovie because 59 seconds was way too quick to really appreciate the interactions and activities.
Steve Kimock's Kickin' Up Dust from his 2010-10-01 show was then added while still in iMovie.

The Cast Of Characters In Order Of Appearance-ME, The Dude, The Madre, Loki, FJ, Heather, Malcolm, Patrick, Karen, & Erin for dinner. We originally were told that 18 people would be coming over and brining a side dish. And fashionably late - Hailey, Avery, Brendan, Kalinda, & Kyle.

Check out Avery spinning around on the kitchen floor, Loki making the rounds, and the cell phone usage. I shouldn't complain, it's Turkey Day, we don't need to have a conversation when we can text other people.

I can only hope that you have a wonderful December, that you reframe from catching a cold, your able to adventure towards something exciting, and a smile races across your face as you purchase your pets Stocking Stuffer.


I get no respect. The way my luck is running, if I was a politician I would be honest.

Rodney Dangerfield