Monday, December 12, 2016

Enjoyable Time Lapse If You Like The Motet

This Sunset was spectacular. Well, much better in person. I listened to my gut brain & was rewarded with this time lapse feature.

The Western Slope of Colorado had that feel about it today. Mother Nature offered calendar worthy photos opportunities & I know cameras/iPhones were clicking away during that 9 min time frame. And I too witnessed while standing in awe.

I set the GoPro onto of a ladder for just under 3 hours. Colder weather totally effects this particular GoPro. Settings were at every 5 Sec & 5 MP. I added The Motet, original photos gave me :55 seconds of time lapse, I only slowed down the video 20% which stretched this video out to 1:07 worth of coolness, & this was all done with GoPro Studio.

You see, The Motet ( from Denver and a must funk band to see live ) played here in GJ Saturday night. Epic Show!! Encored with two Prince tunes. Packed theater, I knew very few attendees, & I sure enjoy watching a tight bands pass the tune around the stage.



  1. I have yet to try time lapse photography Padre, I love seeing other people's work.. that was a fabulous sunset, the jazzy soundtrack perfect, was it The Motet?

    1. Yes, thats a cut off their Totem LP that was just released this Summer. Your photos are amazing and I know that you will produce an amazing time lapse video soon.

      Big Hugs Perth