Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Birthday & Bowling Time Lapse

JF, KS, & The Padre tackle two full games without bumper assistance. The scores clear note this statement to be accurate. Yes, we are pretty bad but damn we made up for it with pure happy laughter.

We all rolled a much better second game. I was pleased about finishing the 1st game with a spare and strike 10th frame. Thought we were finished because we only paid for the one game.

The Birthday Girl was all fired up & called the shot. I rolled first again and hit one damn pin. Then, rolled a gutter ball. Classic. We all beat our 1st game totals of 120, 106, & 48....... WITH..... 141, 107, & 54

Thats right, we strutted our way out of there, buying our own balls, will dominate league play in 2017. You Can Hang A Star On That On..... jc

Thanx For Watching & Think Snow 


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