Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Time Lapse Of The Moon & Hosting A Radio Show

This one minute and forty second time lapse kicks A$$ because of the cloud movement!! The first 54 seconds showcase the high Cirrus clouds moving towards the East Southeast which radiates the moon light as if the moon were full. The next few seconds are under clear conditions. At approximately one minute, give or take a few seconds, the Cumulus clouds roll in from the South Southwest.

Then, check out that crazy cool light "rotations" around the moon near the 1:20 time mark. I have no idea how this happens but I am way stoked to have captured this. The remaining 20 seconds is a total Cirrus and Cumulus dance party mixed to the Andy Coe Band's live performance at the Blue Moon in Seattle Washington on 2016/12/05.

And that segway of Shakedown Street brings me to my radio show today at 1pm Mountain Time Zone. I will be hosting Wildlife On The High for Jimmy Rabbit. Jimmy is a top shelf performer, world class DJ, and has quite the following. These will be big shoes to follow! Here is a rough draft playlist so far......

The Travelin' McCourys
Tony Furtado
Todd Sheaffer
The Schwag
The Machine ( Pink Floyd Cover Band )
Swamp Drivers
Stu Allen and the Mars Hotel
Sarah Jarosz
Railroad Earth
Marcus King Band ( Unreal 20 year old )
Steve Kimock

These bands from the list above are shows that I have downloaded from archive dot org and I will pull some music off the new rack down at the station to fulfill the 3 hour time slot. I will also set the GoPro up in the window while the show goes on.

Thanx So Much For Stopping By, Hope You Are Able To Stream The Show Live, & Continue To Think Of Others


P.S. The Geminids Meteor Shower Begins Tonight At 1am!!!


  1. Padre, might be rolling through GJ around x-mas. You around for a brew?

    1. 100%!! Let's Cross Paths & Share A Toast. I called your 7713 number but the mailbox is not set up. If that is your number, mine will show up ( 970 ) 234 number, give me a day or two notice. Are you in need of accommodations??