Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Time Lapse From GJ,CO

Yesterdays radio show was outstanding. I found myself in a rhythm early and throughly enjoyed mixing in Two And Half Men clips during an ADD Guitar Solos. The Pink Floyd cover tunes were also a huge hit.

I received a number of phone calls from folks listening and enjoying what they were hearing. Anytime I see that I have double digits of on-line listens I am stoked. I hit 15 at the peak and NEVER dropped below 11 during the 3 hours time slot.

All of this WITHOUT advertising on CrackBook!!! Total Score.

Stay Strong, Dream Big, & Think of Others,


  1. That's kind of mesmerising Padre ☺ Must be very rewarding to know that there are people out there enjoying your creativity!

    1. Perth, I could say the same regarding your photos!! I know for a fact that people enjoy seeing your creative eye. And I am impressed that you made a comment at 5:55am. Awesome