Friday, September 25, 2015

Back On Line, No CrackBooking

Studies show that 80 percent of the population suffers from depression, and the other 20 percent of you cause it.

The video card in my MacBook decided that it was time to call it quits. So a good friend of mine, Belize, took care of my computer needs by replaced the card, installed a new super DVD burner, & we talked about a new powerful iMac that he has. I am thinking about this new machine & only using it OFF-Line. You know, for GoPro Editing, Biz Cards, Mixing Music, etc. Basically, I am talking about my dream world that I often fall back into.
Something rather interesting is that all of my log-in's are all logged-outs & I don't have a clue as to what my CrackBook Password was. I joined CrackBook in about 2005 because of my friend JK. One day he was all fired up because his old childhood friend was going to be in Boulder Colorado at the same time as him & they found this out together on CrackBook. So I signed up looking for two of my old buddies, Tim S & Chris E, and I became hooked because of one simple link. Back then, a useful tab under your profile photo named PHOTOS. You used to be able to click on that "tab" & ONLY the photos from that day were pulled up. It Was Awesome!! Nothing but photos!! No ads, no political crap, no links to other news feeds. Just Daily Photos. Ah, Back In The Day…….
So I am torn here. I have no interest in joining CrackBook BUT I have used it for my Biz. So do I log back in, do I create a new CrackBook Biz page, do I blow it all off, what to do???? But it has been awesome to be 7 days clean from the CrackBooking World.

CLIENTS: I have been meeting up with some of the most creative clients lately. Started working with an artist that brought me in a piece & WoW what a creative side. Ortho has brought in innovative thinkers. Folks that want to share stories of excitement. Another difference, right or wrong, between massage & Ortho has been that massage clients would walk in and "dump" out pains or family problems or the blues in general. Ortho clients walk in & share stories of goodness & then oh by the way, that knee has been bothering me now that your working with it.
I can see both sides here & I am not passing judgment & there are many reasons all these different scenarios carry merit. Its just been an observation that I have shared with my mentors & they smiled & agreed that Ortho has its hidden benefits.
Another new client came in as they are about to have a knee replacement. I explained how Ortho works with the bone itself to help merry the new metals that are about to come in. I always want to be clear in the fact that I CAN NOT CURE YOUR KNEE but that I can help facilitate a quicker healing process, help your leg communicate as to what the hell just happen to my knee, & how Ortho will bring that leg back on line quicker than doing just PT, Massage, etc. This client displayed a HUGE smile. Obviously I asked, " What Gives?" He told me that I was the first person that didn't say things like " You Should " or " You know what" and that I gave him options. You have no idea how I felt hearing that!!!
Another client that I have been seeing for awhile now walked into the office & was beaming with an unusual glow. My officemate even noticed & later asked me about it. That client told me they ran a 5K last weekend. Sure it was only a 47 min finishing time but I reminded them that they were OUTSIDE & moving pain-free. We had other discussions about training, pacing, & their own goals but what I really focused on here was that they were moving along in this moment in time. I reassured them that it was ALL them & not me. That is was Ortho & them & not me. That they had re-educated their own body & they deserve the credit. They began to paint a new picture of 10K's & so on & thats when I said," Slow Down Turbo!!" They smiled & I explained that I would build a month to month training program for simple 5K's & we will go from there. Lets just work on the foundation of good habits & go from there. Hot Damn  

TRAINING: My body feels GR8 & totally alive!!! This winter will be stellar going into it injury-free!! I am actually feeling bubbly about the Half Ironman in May 2016 because my body feels that good right now.
Been making huge strides at the gym again. A few weeks ago I was reflecting on my lifting numbers from Jan 2015 while I was adding more weight to my excises as we are nearing the end of September. The whole month of September, 4/5 days a week, I changed up my routine. Added arms to a leg day or back and triceps rather than back/bi. Dropped weight and added more reps during a chest/back day and really worked over the cardiovascular system. Basically, mixing it up and having fun.
From the video above, no GPS, the Boy Dog & I just hiked. We would clip along, then I would film, we cruised along, & only stopped when we came in contact w/other hikers or bikers on our return trip. The trail was quite, full of color STILL, wide open, & totally refreshing. I mentioned no GPS because it was freeing not to push that min per mile pace or become distracted because I wasn't below a 10min mile pace. That time will come & have its place. I was stoked to be present, hiking w/the Boy Dog, & just living IN the dream.
Again, I Feel Gr8!!!!

CAMPING: Heading south this weekend for a little over night camp trip. Just a short get-a-way of sorts. I haven't watched any Sunday football games this season, so far. I have gone up to the Dudes place for the two Thursday night games but nothing on Sundays. Week 1 in the NFL was during my 1st Cycle Cross Race of the season and Week 2 was up on the Grand Mesa. HINTS….. The Video From Above!!! So this weekend will be no different as I am escaping the stranglehold from the NFL again. The weather has been perfect out here on the Western Slope so I may pass on a time lapse as the clouds have been replaced by Colorado Blue Bird Sky's.

Continue to change it up at the gym.
As our weather holds up, get out & about on Sundays.
Add mileage on the Midnight Racer.
Pick up the pace in the pool & add another day just for the pool.
Set up the stereo at the OM house.
Enjoy more time with Shadow Boy.
Target new videos with clients doing something active.
Hit up Mad Margret's soon for new Zombie make up for Zombie Prom 2016.
Put an SD plan in place.
Sun Salutations In The AM, Slow & Controlled

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Happy Teeth… Warm Showers

Live is good and my teeth are happy. Working as an Ortho-Bionomist, smiling a lot, I rely on my teeth being clean and healthy. So today was my day for a routine cleaning!! It was also a day for signing up on warms ( classic auto correct ) thats warm after hearing some stories from the other nights dinner/get together. So that should be way cool!!

 Shadow Boy Cooling Down The Paws!! This photo is from a sweet area below Imogene Pass between Ouray and Telluride. The water is unreal clear and cold. The rock formations scream exploration. And I have never seen wildflowers this late in September!!

Totally blown away by all the moisture from this area and by far the wettest I have ever seen it. You can literally lift a rock and the soil underneath is damp and cool. So Shadow Boy dug often to create his own bedding during snack/story time.
I really concentrated on hip movement, powering with major muscle groups, and soaking in the pure joy from what the Boy Dog was bathing in. He was on top of the world!! Damn, he IS the best dog!!

 Love this hole!! I giggle like a grade schooler when even I roll through this sucker. And the little old mining town of Tommy Boy always draw out some emotions for me. The wild thoughts of how hard life was back then but the fact that they didn't know any better so maybe it wasn't that hard. Or of a worker that falls and breaks a hip. Could you imagine busting up yourself in the middle of nowhere and now living like that for the rest of your life??? Or finishing a days work and having that view w/a bottle of whiskey and a few close friends???

 Camp site for two nights!! Yes, chilly. Yes, rocky. YES, Must See For Yourself. These photos are from just below Opher Pass and its amazingly quite there. Just hanging out, catching up on my book, and wondering whats that smell that just perked curiosity in the Boy Dog's wet nose.

And if this doesn't inspire you, check out this blog. Its a friend of mine that seeks the best possible outcome in everything he does. He just busted out a PR 10K and writes with passion and enthusiasm. And with all of his dedication, no surprise at all that he posted a PR.

Again, Life Is Amazing!! This World Offers So Much!! Take Time To Embrace It!! Take The Time To Respect It!! Write Down Your Passions!! Get Out And Live Them!! One Body, One Life, Free Your Mind!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Family Time

Thursday: My Aunt arrived from Sac-Toe and found the OM House on the first try. Her rental car was an FJ Cruiser that we renamed FAST JANET or we referred to her as JF. She relaxed a bit until The Dude got home and off to the Farmers Market. I had my radio show so they swung by the station after they checked out the market. I walked the Boy Dog to the station and The Blue Z offered a ride to the OM House afterwards. We all hung out and updated our stories and filled in gaps on other stories. It was a warm night, fun catching up, and the evening flew on by.

Friday: The Dude took FJ to school with him to show her around the gardens, what he does, and where he makes it all happen. I shot down to the gym, did more yard work, and played with the Boy Dog during the Kitchen Sink. By 1pm that afternoon we were driving up towards the Grand Mesa. I happily pointed out points of interest which mainly my our memories really. FJ took photos when I pulled over or winded my way through a camp ground or two.
I was completely blown away by all the wild flowers still holding their colors. Loads of raspberry bushes lined the trail of Craigs Crest. We didn't work FJ over too much and we really slowed the pace down for her. We took little breaks and shared more stories. She was happy taking photos but was ready to turn back. So we did, good thing, started a lightly spit some rain and then started just dumping rain. More photos were taken.
The whole trip for the day was build around the fact that FJ wanted to catch a sunset from the Mesa. But the rain continued to fall. I took some side roads, got sideways in the mud, found some new KILLER campsites, ate few munches, and landed on the very western rim of the Grand Mesa for the setting of the sun. It was beautiful and ever so freeing to be there.
The rest of the drive home was spent laughing, reminiscing, and enjoying what each of us had to offer. We arrived back at the OM House were a crockpot was perfectly well timed. The Dude threw together some cornstarch and BAM we had a flavorful stew. Sweet way to end the day!!!

Saturday: Saturday morning started off a little early for me as I wanted to get the Boy Dog out before the GJ Style of Body Building competition started. The Dude swung by and picked me up, we waited in a line, and then we heard the other line was for tickets. The Dude went that way while I held our place in line. He comes back after a few short minutes and hands me my wrist band. As we are walking in he tells me that its $15 to get in. I sh^t and he laughed because he knew I wouldn't have paid and just walked home. AND IT WASNT WORTH THE MONEY BY ANY MEANS.
We went because we have two friends competing. One was in the Open Figure Model and the other was in the Novice Light Weight. They started with the men and the MEN WORE BOARD SHORTS. Not speedos but long board short. I said later it was because they ALL had skinny little legs. But we didn't get way they would wear long shorts and not show off the goods. Then, categories like 5"1' to 5"5' now, then 5"3' and up now, and over and over we saw the same group with maybe one new person. It was wired. Then, they did it all over again by age?!?!?! I ask The Dude if he would be pissed at me if I left. He made me stay and I am glad I did. We gave Sara and Lori hugs afterwards and they were both way stoked that we showed up. I told The Dude as we left that if I land one Ortho client out of it then it was worth $15 bucks. It really was lame, very weird, and well, just lame.
That night, an FJ want, hit the GJ Rockies Baseball Game. Its a Rookies League and its always fun to see familiar faces in the crowd. FJ was stoked and post tons of photos to her CrackBook Page. We continued to laugh about the BB Comp and the girls were all up in arms about the boys wearing board shorts. The Rockies won the game and we saw some smooth infield play and a couple of really off the mark pitches that drilled the backstop. All In All, Gr8 Day

Sunday: Sunday was awesome all the way around!!! We shot out of town and headed on down to Ouray to soak in the Hot Springs. Again, I pointed out various sights and land marks, made the trip in an easy 2 hours. Parked right away and paid our $12 for the day pass. We soaked, ate snacks, walked the main streets, and headed back for a soak. Total Colorado weather. Sun, then clouds, then rain, then clouds, then rain, then sun, then clouds, and thats a recipe for one incredibly gorgeous sunset!!! I felt so good afterwards. My shoulders didn't pop. My skin felt sexy smooth. Driving back was a breeze.

Monday: I could have slept in until noon but no. Shadow Boy woke me up with hunger pains, I had to wiz like a madman, and FJ was meeting us at Main Street Bagels before she hit the road. We all talked and thanked each other for the wonderful group effort. The rain started again, I rode the commuter bike, FJ drove off down the road, and another pretty damn sweet Labor Day Weekend was a wrap.
If any of this sounds like you might wanna see it……..

GOALS: I am going to be rather busy this week. Clients in the office, hitting the gym, setting up for the first cycle cross race of the season, trail workouts with the Boy Dog, and tackling OM House projects. So my goals are to be safe, think things through, ride strong, and enjoy waking up w/Shadow Boy on the bed while he was keeping me safe.
Been doing some serious lifting and really burning the legs with heavier weights. Bumped up weights during my shoulders routine as well. Thats cool. Felt strong in the chest and really controlled the dumbbells. Slowed down each rep and concentrated on contacting and holding for that one long second before starting another rep. I mixed in an arms and leg day to really challenge the cardiovascular system. I had hoped that the time would pick up by doing this but damn did I ever want to cut the workout short. I stayed, I preserved, and I enjoyed mixing it up.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Can It Really Be September? August Was Awesome!!

NEXT RADIO SHOW: Pretty excited about my upcoming show because my Aunt from SAC-UH-Tomatoes will be in town and in the studio. I pretty sure I leaning towards a 70's classic rock show with some Jeff Foxworthy stand up mixed in. So tune in if you would like on Thursday the 3rd from 5:30-9PM at www dot kafmradio dot org or HERE is their home page.
Shadow Boy After A 3:1 Trail Run, his 3 miles to my 1

Shadow Boy On The Left & Grandpa Smokey On The Right

Pro Tour Challenge Colorado: The tour was a blast live and horribly covered via TV. I thankfully watched a few stages from the tour tracker site but still lame coverage. I shot out of here as the sun peaked out from the Debque Canyon. Heading east towards Aspen was creating a buzz in my mind and how I wanted and where should I and will I make it before the closures take place. Upon arrival, after creeping through Aspen, I was greeted by a less popular crowd than I had anticipated. Independence Pass is incredibly beautiful & last years crowd was in full force by this time. But this year the numbers were down & a Forest Service employee thought it had to due with them NOT allowing camping this year.
On to some highlights, many for sure, the road was closed off from the Leadville side and "club" riders tackled the pass all day. Tandem bikes, old folks, young kids on bikes that looked to big, and here comes one crazy awkward looking guy riding towards me. ITS FLIPPING BILL WALTON!! I hope you know who this legend is by now. I have had the pleasure of interacting w/Bill a number of times during my bellman days in SD,CA. Feel Free To Watch The Youtube Clip HERE.
The experience was epic to say the least. The fans were fantastic as always. And that first night I was lucky enough to stay at the Mayor of Red Cliff's house.
My slight downfall was that August was a huge month for me. I had been planing my Ortho work shop in Crested Butte and following the Pro Tour and keeping everything in perspective as NOT to add too much expectations towards the unknown and become disappointed because of my expectations of what I wanted to see come to full fruition. SO after the Pro Tour, the whole month blew my mind, I kinda went into a funk. Some sh*t went down with AT&T, my renter gave notice, my legs felt heavy, and I haven't shot a time lapse in awhile. In the big picture of things its really no big deal but its difficult riding those emotional waves sometimes.
Walking Around Outside Of Independence Pass, absolutely gorgeous 

Clients New: I have been setting goals and scored two more clients than I had set out to accomplish. Total Satisfaction. And they happily rescheduled for September sessions. Gotta Like That.

Spirals: Been experimenting with spirals during sessions and during my rides on the commuter bike towards the office or the gym. Funny, its always amazing how many " ah-ha " moments you can have while biking, swimming, walking, or rubbing down the Boy Dog. They are pretty fascinating when they happen. Example, you might want to see a spiral in 2D before reading this, during some point along my ride in the AM I send out a spiral with an intent of bringing in. Try it before you judge me. Another example was last Thursday while riding towards the famers market and after The Dude finished updating me on his world, I ran a spiral while we dodged car at various intersections, I was imagining sending out information and simple gratitude as a back up agenda.
So our local famers market is placed in the middle of Main Street covering 4 block which allows for a lot of space for bands, 20x20 e-zasy ups, horses, etc and I see a guy with a #BadAssWilson shirt on. I blurted out," How did you get that shirt already??" This guy we will call PB, first name and lives in Boulder,CO, replies that Justin was his business partner. Knowing what I know about Justin and Indy Car Racing I quizzed him a few more times. After explaining myself and shared stories and dropping important names, mainly from the Chevrolet world, he totally opened up and shared his turbulent world from the past few months. Turns out that he just rented a place here in GJ and is a mountain biker as well. I quickly slipped him a business card and pointed out my office there on Main St. So thats what I mean by running spirals. I ran a spiral, he wore a shirt, we crossed paths, another new client in the office. Thanx PB!!
49mph and a guy PASSED me!! He Was Crazy Fast!!But Not Steve Tilford Fast

Shadow Boy: Hard to believe that the Boy Dog is 10 years old. He still eats like a pup, jumps in the truck for a ride as if he was embarking on his last trip, and still sleeps with me after about the 3am hour. Love Ya Shadow Boy!!! Time is flying by and I swear I wasn't old enough to be saying phases like that. I am back in the gym 4 times a week, on the midnight racer twice a week, and working the skin off my fingers at the OM house. Before and after photos coming soon.
I encourage you to run your spirals, get out and about often, & seek your best possible outcome. As this blog is titled, WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE!?!?!?!

Now Go Find Your Excellence,