Friday, September 25, 2015

Back On Line, No CrackBooking

Studies show that 80 percent of the population suffers from depression, and the other 20 percent of you cause it.

The video card in my MacBook decided that it was time to call it quits. So a good friend of mine, Belize, took care of my computer needs by replaced the card, installed a new super DVD burner, & we talked about a new powerful iMac that he has. I am thinking about this new machine & only using it OFF-Line. You know, for GoPro Editing, Biz Cards, Mixing Music, etc. Basically, I am talking about my dream world that I often fall back into.
Something rather interesting is that all of my log-in's are all logged-outs & I don't have a clue as to what my CrackBook Password was. I joined CrackBook in about 2005 because of my friend JK. One day he was all fired up because his old childhood friend was going to be in Boulder Colorado at the same time as him & they found this out together on CrackBook. So I signed up looking for two of my old buddies, Tim S & Chris E, and I became hooked because of one simple link. Back then, a useful tab under your profile photo named PHOTOS. You used to be able to click on that "tab" & ONLY the photos from that day were pulled up. It Was Awesome!! Nothing but photos!! No ads, no political crap, no links to other news feeds. Just Daily Photos. Ah, Back In The Day…….
So I am torn here. I have no interest in joining CrackBook BUT I have used it for my Biz. So do I log back in, do I create a new CrackBook Biz page, do I blow it all off, what to do???? But it has been awesome to be 7 days clean from the CrackBooking World.

CLIENTS: I have been meeting up with some of the most creative clients lately. Started working with an artist that brought me in a piece & WoW what a creative side. Ortho has brought in innovative thinkers. Folks that want to share stories of excitement. Another difference, right or wrong, between massage & Ortho has been that massage clients would walk in and "dump" out pains or family problems or the blues in general. Ortho clients walk in & share stories of goodness & then oh by the way, that knee has been bothering me now that your working with it.
I can see both sides here & I am not passing judgment & there are many reasons all these different scenarios carry merit. Its just been an observation that I have shared with my mentors & they smiled & agreed that Ortho has its hidden benefits.
Another new client came in as they are about to have a knee replacement. I explained how Ortho works with the bone itself to help merry the new metals that are about to come in. I always want to be clear in the fact that I CAN NOT CURE YOUR KNEE but that I can help facilitate a quicker healing process, help your leg communicate as to what the hell just happen to my knee, & how Ortho will bring that leg back on line quicker than doing just PT, Massage, etc. This client displayed a HUGE smile. Obviously I asked, " What Gives?" He told me that I was the first person that didn't say things like " You Should " or " You know what" and that I gave him options. You have no idea how I felt hearing that!!!
Another client that I have been seeing for awhile now walked into the office & was beaming with an unusual glow. My officemate even noticed & later asked me about it. That client told me they ran a 5K last weekend. Sure it was only a 47 min finishing time but I reminded them that they were OUTSIDE & moving pain-free. We had other discussions about training, pacing, & their own goals but what I really focused on here was that they were moving along in this moment in time. I reassured them that it was ALL them & not me. That is was Ortho & them & not me. That they had re-educated their own body & they deserve the credit. They began to paint a new picture of 10K's & so on & thats when I said," Slow Down Turbo!!" They smiled & I explained that I would build a month to month training program for simple 5K's & we will go from there. Lets just work on the foundation of good habits & go from there. Hot Damn  

TRAINING: My body feels GR8 & totally alive!!! This winter will be stellar going into it injury-free!! I am actually feeling bubbly about the Half Ironman in May 2016 because my body feels that good right now.
Been making huge strides at the gym again. A few weeks ago I was reflecting on my lifting numbers from Jan 2015 while I was adding more weight to my excises as we are nearing the end of September. The whole month of September, 4/5 days a week, I changed up my routine. Added arms to a leg day or back and triceps rather than back/bi. Dropped weight and added more reps during a chest/back day and really worked over the cardiovascular system. Basically, mixing it up and having fun.
From the video above, no GPS, the Boy Dog & I just hiked. We would clip along, then I would film, we cruised along, & only stopped when we came in contact w/other hikers or bikers on our return trip. The trail was quite, full of color STILL, wide open, & totally refreshing. I mentioned no GPS because it was freeing not to push that min per mile pace or become distracted because I wasn't below a 10min mile pace. That time will come & have its place. I was stoked to be present, hiking w/the Boy Dog, & just living IN the dream.
Again, I Feel Gr8!!!!

CAMPING: Heading south this weekend for a little over night camp trip. Just a short get-a-way of sorts. I haven't watched any Sunday football games this season, so far. I have gone up to the Dudes place for the two Thursday night games but nothing on Sundays. Week 1 in the NFL was during my 1st Cycle Cross Race of the season and Week 2 was up on the Grand Mesa. HINTS….. The Video From Above!!! So this weekend will be no different as I am escaping the stranglehold from the NFL again. The weather has been perfect out here on the Western Slope so I may pass on a time lapse as the clouds have been replaced by Colorado Blue Bird Sky's.

Continue to change it up at the gym.
As our weather holds up, get out & about on Sundays.
Add mileage on the Midnight Racer.
Pick up the pace in the pool & add another day just for the pool.
Set up the stereo at the OM house.
Enjoy more time with Shadow Boy.
Target new videos with clients doing something active.
Hit up Mad Margret's soon for new Zombie make up for Zombie Prom 2016.
Put an SD plan in place.
Sun Salutations In The AM, Slow & Controlled


  1. Super cool video Padre :) I'm loving your list of goals, so much positiveness and fitness, it's more than a little inspiring..

  2. Super cool video Padre :) I'm loving your list of goals, so much positiveness and fitness, it's more than a little inspiring..

    1. I Challenge Myself Daily On Walking My Talk….. Have A Wonderful Day… Enjoy The Journey…. And Hug A Dog


  3. Great video! Shadow Boy was a perfect running buddy.