Thursday, September 17, 2015

Happy Teeth… Warm Showers

Live is good and my teeth are happy. Working as an Ortho-Bionomist, smiling a lot, I rely on my teeth being clean and healthy. So today was my day for a routine cleaning!! It was also a day for signing up on warms ( classic auto correct ) thats warm after hearing some stories from the other nights dinner/get together. So that should be way cool!!

 Shadow Boy Cooling Down The Paws!! This photo is from a sweet area below Imogene Pass between Ouray and Telluride. The water is unreal clear and cold. The rock formations scream exploration. And I have never seen wildflowers this late in September!!

Totally blown away by all the moisture from this area and by far the wettest I have ever seen it. You can literally lift a rock and the soil underneath is damp and cool. So Shadow Boy dug often to create his own bedding during snack/story time.
I really concentrated on hip movement, powering with major muscle groups, and soaking in the pure joy from what the Boy Dog was bathing in. He was on top of the world!! Damn, he IS the best dog!!

 Love this hole!! I giggle like a grade schooler when even I roll through this sucker. And the little old mining town of Tommy Boy always draw out some emotions for me. The wild thoughts of how hard life was back then but the fact that they didn't know any better so maybe it wasn't that hard. Or of a worker that falls and breaks a hip. Could you imagine busting up yourself in the middle of nowhere and now living like that for the rest of your life??? Or finishing a days work and having that view w/a bottle of whiskey and a few close friends???

 Camp site for two nights!! Yes, chilly. Yes, rocky. YES, Must See For Yourself. These photos are from just below Opher Pass and its amazingly quite there. Just hanging out, catching up on my book, and wondering whats that smell that just perked curiosity in the Boy Dog's wet nose.

And if this doesn't inspire you, check out this blog. Its a friend of mine that seeks the best possible outcome in everything he does. He just busted out a PR 10K and writes with passion and enthusiasm. And with all of his dedication, no surprise at all that he posted a PR.

Again, Life Is Amazing!! This World Offers So Much!! Take Time To Embrace It!! Take The Time To Respect It!! Write Down Your Passions!! Get Out And Live Them!! One Body, One Life, Free Your Mind!!


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