Friday, November 29, 2013


Shadow Boy Is Smiling 4 Ya

Crossing The Rail Yard

Over The Colorado River

Just Pulling Along

The River Went Greenish Blue

Totally Awesome 

Me & My Shadow Boy


Shadow Boys Shadow

We Picked Up The Pace

Clearing Out The Russian Olives

I Dig This Area

Ready 4 This??? I was navigating around my blog and found " MY " audience. Check this out. I have had viewers from the U.S., Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, South Korea, Serbia, Albanya, & Brazil. Unreal Or What????

So I say Hellllllll00000000ooooooooooo & Thanx 4 stopping by!!!!

Yesterday started off w/a brew of some awesome coffee. The coffee came from my friend Abbie from when she was in Moab,UT. She believes in this guy that has a little off the beaten path coffee hut & I scored a 1 lb bag. I was then cutting up fruit 4 my yogurt & granola breakfast before I headed outside 2 rework my little make shift green house. The sun was out & GJ was looking at a high of around 45F & I wanted 2 wet down the carrots, beets, & lettuce. Everything was a deep green & the beets have the most awesome red veins running through their green little leaves.

I started my stretching route & Shadow Boy went 2 heighten alert status. He would watch me, then out the doggie door, then back 2 see what I was doing, then back out the doggie door,etc. He told me that his agenda was WIDE OPEN 2day. He started 2 lose his marbles when he saw me packing up my backpack. HE DID NOT WANT 2 BE LEFT!!! I then made the mistake of telling him that," He Gets 2 Go!" Let the tornado began.

Our walk started off rather cool as a very light wind hit us in the face as we headed west. The 1st mile was odd 4 me as my fibularis tertius & extensor digitorum longus tightened up & just wouldnt relax. In another words, the front of my shin was on fire & I couldnt point my toes.  I was having trouble w/my rhythm because the side streets were packed w/cars coming and going. I had it in my mind that I was going 2 stretch out my legs at the big Cluster Phuc Intersection of GJ where 1st st, Grand, Broadway, Pitken, & 6 & 50 all meet. BUT NO!!! Not a car in sight. It was so odd. The side streets were busy as can be but the main roads remain empty???? Our 1st bridge over the rail yard when I noticed my feet & hips were finally relaxed & a weeeeeee bit more fluid. Thats Good!!!

We then began our trip over the Mighty Colorado River. Still, minimal traffic on Broadway. I took a quick photo of the Boy Dog 2 show that cars are missing & how low the Colorado River is. You can clearly see the bottom of the river & it scares the crap out of me when you see how far away the river rock is from the river. River Rock, Tall Grass, Sand, & THEN THE RIVER. Not Ideal At All.

Shadow Boy & I were keeping up a solid pace until we hit the Connected Lakes River Trail System. Remember, the main streets were empty??? Thats because everyone was taking advantage of the sunny conditions while they cooked their birds. Road bikes, mt bikes, runners, walkers, the classic father watching over his daughter while she wobbled along on her bike w/training wheels, people walking their dogs, and photographers capturing whatever their view finder sees. This is when Shadow & I lost time. I always pull him off 2 the side & completely stop. It doesnt made if its a car, people, or cyclist. Shadow Boy knows that we pull 2 the side & wait 4 them 2 pass. Its safe, we wait, & its what we do.

The rest of the walk was just as awesome as I wished. My legs felt stronger as we went. My posture was upright, yet relaxed. Our cool down walk 2wards my brothers was rewarding & I could feel my enter self smiling. I can see it now, but was unaware at that time because I was sucking down h2o, watching 4 neighborhood dogs, wild rabbits, & dodging cars again as we were in the hood. Not really a hood at all but that sounded good.

Shadow Boy headed 4 the backyard 2 let the neighbor dogs know that Sgt Shadow was on duty bitches!!! He puffed up, walked the property line, shaped Max & Blue back in line, & then dropped some serious mud like a big dog. Total Classic Boy Dog. He enjoyed the backyard while we all ate, socialized, & watched the Cowgirls game. We then walked the dogs through the HOOD as a big group & the dogs knew that this was their time & this walk was JUST 4 them. I so love that.

Turkey Day was a success!!! Life Is Gr8!!! And Shadow Boy Is The Best Dog Ever!!! Thanx 2 everyone 4 stopping by my blog. I should be able 2 post more photos from the events coming up this weekend. Keep stretching, pound the water, & believe in yourself.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gobble Gobble

Sadie Girl Around 7yrs Old & Shadow Boy Not Quite A Full Year Old

And Another Turkey Day........
                                .......... Where Is Mother Nature's Snow Storm

All of those things that we say we are thankful as we go around the dinner table. We say Health, We say Family, We say this and that, and on and on.

New Movies hit the big screen from now until X-Mas. Reminds that my last movie I went 2 was The Hobbit.  New ones are Saving Mr Banks??? The Hobbit??? Anchorman 2???? Why not Jaws 6 or Rocky 13??? So I dont believe I will be seeing a movie for the rest of this year.

Anyway, back 2 training, the old Quads were way weak on Wednesdays ride. I could feel a full range of motion in my hips, ankles, and knees. I just felt slow and lethargic. I looked towards the downtown area hoping that the flags were blowing away and I was riding into a head wind. I must be riding into a head wind. The Wind Must Be Strong. But NOOOOOOOOOO! I Had Nothing. Ah Sh*T. Nothing. Maybe its time to reevaluate my fuel preparations????

However, the hikes, walks, & trail runs are going well. Our temps here in GJ float around 28F for a low and 48F for a high. The Colorado sunsets have been right on point. Reds, Purples, & The I.S.S. has been flying overhead in the early AM hours. AWESOME!!! Shadow Boy has been pulling me along at about an 8 min mile pace during the evening hour walks. Mr Sun sets so early that our walking time frame rolls in around 6-6:30pm which brings the public into play. Cars w/their high beams on is fun walking towards. Folks walking their dogs while talking and what nots on The iPhones. Oh, and the ever so classic Pizza delivery person rippin' around the streets. Thats always loads of fun. Shadow Boy totally digs the turn towards the golf coarse because thats off leash time. Its his time. Tree 2 Tree he runs. Full of life as he goes. A Dogs Life

So 2day is our big timed walk 2 my brother 4 Turkey Dinner And Football Extravaganza!! Shadow Boy & I broke the 1 hour and 1/2 time barrier. I see no reason why him and I cant break the 1 hour 15min window of time and would be so stoked if we pulled the walk off in under an hours time. I can see this happening w/the nice cool temps and Shadow Boy pulling me along. WISH US LUCK!!!

Last Note: Yes, I will have the GoPro 4 2days trip. Yes, Stretching Has Been Limbering Up My Hammies. Yes, I deeply miss having Sadie Girl under feet while cooking. Yes, Ortho-Bionomey Totally Works!!!! And Thank You 4 Stopping By 2 Read Away. Big Hugs

Saturday, November 23, 2013

 Tiger Eye Peas...... 100% Germination...... These were the #2 beans that had some mold on the husk of their pod..... They look pretty damn happy 2 me
 These are Cuke seeds..... When my brother unrolled them the smell of cucumber was powerful..... Again, 100% germination and my brother was stoked as SH*T
 Just another angle of the same
 Tomato Seeds...... They just started 2 sprout and wake up...... They are looking 4 a green house
 A perspective on size...... 1 Tiger Eye next 2 Heirloom Tomato Seeds
 Not a good night 4 a high end beer..... I went out on a limb and picked up an I.P.A. out of Alaska..... OOOOPS
 Check out the head on these..... NO, it wasnt that I dont know how 2 pour...... And the taste was straight Rocky Mt Goat Piss ie Coorse Light...... And why is there so much sh*t on the side of the refrig???
 My brother w/Max in his armpit..... His legs were on the floor and he was so jealous that Arwen was sitting next 2 my bro...... All she wanted 2 do was sleep her puppy years away
So last night was unreal!!!! Some of my friends on CrackBook recorded 4 1/2 inches of snow here on the western slope of Colorado. The Blue Z showed up w/a 6 pack of Ranger and his 9 month old Girl Dog, my brother walks in w/seeds and his 1 year old pup, & Sgt Shadow Boy was on point w/his I.P.A. and homemade treats. We had a few beers while we played cribbage and watched the snow fall like rain. We had the music on, the young Private Pups ran wild, and winter wonderland was provided by Mother Nature.
Somewhere near 10pm we headed 4 the golf coarse 2 let the dogs run wild. Down the middle of the street we walked and everyone should have seen the streets. A wet snow pulled the tree limbs down and flakes of snow hammered down in front of the street lamps. Awesome sight in deed!!! A fresh blanket of snow covered everything insight while we tromped along. Very few cars between here and the golf coarse. Lincoln Park is totally fenced in and Sgt Shadow Boy was happy 2 lead the pack 2 the nearest big pine tree. THEN, the fun began!!! 3 dogs flat out sprinting while scooping up mouthfuls of fresh white stuff. The 3 of us walked the back 5 holes and the 3 of them ran and re-ran the back 8 holes, driving range, & each treeline 4 a wizzzzzzzz.
We spend about 2hrs walking the neighborhood and soaking up the downtown experience of a winter wonderland. I cant describe the feeling I get when I walk in the snow. This is why I live in Colorado. This is why I have the Boy Dog. This is what its like 2 spend time w/my brother. This is why I hang out w/the Blue Z. Nights of snow fall allow me 2 find my youth........ And Feel Alive
And Shadow Boy 2Day While I Write. "Leave A Message." He Says

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Good Life

Training has been going pretty well, radio show finally was enjoyable, & The Saints are 9-2!!!

Training: Evening walks w/the Boy Dog have picked up the pace. Most of the walks have been under the full moon. You should see the trees all lit up and the tunnel they create over the road. Wed night was all about dodging cars. Something that has struck me odd is that all the stray cats have gone else where. Shadow Boy used 2 see all the cats under cars, sneaking under trees as we head 2wards them, or that dumb cat that would just lay there as if it couldnt be seen. Other than this, legs feel GR8!! Pain-Free in the hips!!! Stretching after we get back from walking has increased flexibility and my hands lay flat on the floor when stretching those hammies. My biking has been just OK. Havent added any more miles this week and I havent had the time 2 hit the pool. Havent made time 4 the pool.

Radio: Our little community radio station has been a phuc-n disaster!!! No leadership and a new station manager that has been simply turning folks away left and right. We have a new system in place that has removed all personal contact w/the public. We used 2 read underwriter cards and tell the listener about whatever. Now, its a pre-record non community program. The other day ( TUESDAY ) was an old show ( 11-05-13 ) replayed as a replacement. So now, if a DJ calls in sick or what not, the new manager just plays an older show. Its sooooooo lame!!! Why is this guy even paid as a Program Director??? Last night I hosted the Yellow Dog Radio as Uncle Karl had asked me 2 cover his show weeks ago. I finally found a groove and went w/it. FINALLY feeling better about even walking into the station. Last week at the board meeting I found out that the station LOST $22,000.00!! Well, they are under budget 22G's. Last fund drive made $32,000.oo of the $40,000.oo goal and the Spring fund drive only collected $28,000.oo of the $40,000.oo goal. So there is the 20G's and why havent there been any consequences???? Again, NO LEADERSHIP!!!!! It just sucks when ya have so much passion from something and everyone around ya is like," get over it dude"

                     N.O. Saints: Hell YES!!! Another Win!!! Next Week, @ The Seahawks!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Nov 18th

 4 Boxes Of Tomatoes
 His & Her
 A Tasty Treat From Sierra Nevada.
Last of the summer crop and a holiday 3 pack.

Training was brutal this morning as Mother Nature blew her hardest. Ya gotta love it when you have a head wind on the way out and then an even stronger head wind on your way back. How does that happen??? Easy Answer, wouldnt be windy if I was driving the car, right????

2mar ( Tuesday ) I have a radio show which I am so looking 4ward 2. Been pulling all kinds of lounge, reggae, and dub beats 4 the show.

Stretching has been going quite well. Should be hitting the pool after the show. The Boy Dog & I have been really enjoying our walks under the light of a full moon.

Weather out here in GJ is looking Gr8. Bluebird days ahead. Might see some snow by this Sunday but 2 far out 2 tell just yet.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Just motoring along. Well, walking about anyway. Shadow Boy & I powered are way through a fast walk last night. We are coming up on a full moon that washes out the stars. Few clouds are showing up as well. We might have a dusting of snow this weekend which would be so damn cool.

My feet feel so much better w/the new Gel Asics Shoes. My knees ( or left ) has been pain free and I am now able to focus on my cardeeeeeee-oooooooooo boy.

2day I have a board meeting at 5:30pm and then the Boy Dog & I will walk our 3 mile loop. Relaxing, Easy Stride, & 1 Happy Dog.......


Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday started w/an early hike w/the Boy Dog and what a morning it was. Over the years, I have begun to enjoy the sunrise and the colors that showcase the sky. In my younger years, the sun coming up meant I was pulling the covers over my head and snoooooooozing for a few more hours. Now, these days, up before the sun says hello and thats that.

The body felt Gr8 2day!!! My ankles softened the blow, knees lined up, hips were fluid, low back was relaxed, shoulders open, and my head was placed on top and alert. It took me awhile to control my stride ( NOT BLAMING THE BOY DOG ) and kept reminding myself 2 shorten my stride and relax. Overall, Sunday ended the week on a damn good note and the week was awesome 4 sure.

This week coming up.......... Stretching, few more miles on the bike, & spending even more time w/the Boy Dog!!!!
You Are Still Missed Little Girl

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Awesome Weekend

Radio Show
Pulled off another radio show on short notice. Which is a OK. I played mostly New Music and some downloads from HALLOWEEN shows. Playing music on the community radio station is still one of my favorite hobbies of mine AND I AM A HOBBY KINDA GUY!!!
Shadow Boy never goes far from...... His Food Bowl...... My Running Shoes...... My Feet...... Best Boy Dog Ever!!!!

Out On Horsethief 

Riding w/my friend Pam. Thankfully Pam rode w/me because her husband is flippin strong. I first, I felt really good but soon it came to me that he was coasting along waiting on Pam. The views of the Colorado River were stunning, river runners mooning away, nobody else on the trail, & red flagstone w/cacti rocked. This is why I enjoy mt biking. Its the pull outs, views, friends, & that ringing in my eyes because its so quite.
2 Of The Best!!!
An OG Cobra w/just under 6,000 miles and an F40 full turbo. I couldnt imagine seeing these two machines in the garage every morning. Or how about idling them together to start your day??

Wet & Wild
A Blanket of clouds rolling over the fall colors of Telluride. Need I Say More????

A Vain Of Crystals
Get Outside, Breathe In The Air, Feel The Warmth Of The Sun, Enjoy Someones Company, &

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How Did It Become Thursday????

My Shadow Boy

I sat down to write some e-mails and the Boy Dog jumped on in behind me. What a dog!!! Life is good and way busy. 22F on my commute to work this AM. Funny, I was the only one on the bike today and a SH*T ton of cars. During the month of Oct, felt like a record amount of cycling commuters. I even had the chance to ride into town w/my mail lady. Maybe I will see other rides April of 2014????

Colorado folks have been enjoying the Moon and Venus at sunset these past few days.

Tonight will be the 1st time this season that I have interest in Thursday Night Football.

Shadow Boy and I have a 3 mile walk/run on the list as well.

I have a new project w/honey this weekend.

I will be hosting the Mt Bound Radio Show this Saturday.

November, You Are A OK

Monday, November 4, 2013


Shadow Boy & I cruised 2day!!! The fall colors were on our side, the miles few by, & him & I could have gone on longer. This past weekend blew on by as well. Winterizing was in full swing, worked both days, & that thing we call TIME CHANGE.

Also, got my Umpherys McGee Halloween show ordered!!! Just wait for the next radio show, JUST WAIT!!!!!

Might see some snow 2day...... Come On Mother Nature...... Dump The White Stuff

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Talk About HALLOWEEN.......

Keep On Keeping On
  1. Training Has Been Awesome
  2. Posture Is Correct
  3. Stretching Has Never Been Better
  4. Swimming Is Stronger
  5. Miles Are Adding Up
  6. Water Intake Can Get Better
  7. Quads Are Engaging 
  8. Shadow Boy Digs The Trail Running
  9. New Shoes On The Horizon
  10. Go Saints BABY!!!!! They play the Jets 2day, HOME OF THIS YEARS SUPER BOWL!!!!