Sunday, November 10, 2013

Awesome Weekend

Radio Show
Pulled off another radio show on short notice. Which is a OK. I played mostly New Music and some downloads from HALLOWEEN shows. Playing music on the community radio station is still one of my favorite hobbies of mine AND I AM A HOBBY KINDA GUY!!!
Shadow Boy never goes far from...... His Food Bowl...... My Running Shoes...... My Feet...... Best Boy Dog Ever!!!!

Out On Horsethief 

Riding w/my friend Pam. Thankfully Pam rode w/me because her husband is flippin strong. I first, I felt really good but soon it came to me that he was coasting along waiting on Pam. The views of the Colorado River were stunning, river runners mooning away, nobody else on the trail, & red flagstone w/cacti rocked. This is why I enjoy mt biking. Its the pull outs, views, friends, & that ringing in my eyes because its so quite.
2 Of The Best!!!
An OG Cobra w/just under 6,000 miles and an F40 full turbo. I couldnt imagine seeing these two machines in the garage every morning. Or how about idling them together to start your day??

Wet & Wild
A Blanket of clouds rolling over the fall colors of Telluride. Need I Say More????

A Vain Of Crystals
Get Outside, Breathe In The Air, Feel The Warmth Of The Sun, Enjoy Someones Company, &

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