Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gobble Gobble

Sadie Girl Around 7yrs Old & Shadow Boy Not Quite A Full Year Old

And Another Turkey Day........
                                .......... Where Is Mother Nature's Snow Storm

All of those things that we say we are thankful as we go around the dinner table. We say Health, We say Family, We say this and that, and on and on.

New Movies hit the big screen from now until X-Mas. Reminds that my last movie I went 2 was The Hobbit.  New ones are Saving Mr Banks??? The Hobbit??? Anchorman 2???? Why not Jaws 6 or Rocky 13??? So I dont believe I will be seeing a movie for the rest of this year.

Anyway, back 2 training, the old Quads were way weak on Wednesdays ride. I could feel a full range of motion in my hips, ankles, and knees. I just felt slow and lethargic. I looked towards the downtown area hoping that the flags were blowing away and I was riding into a head wind. I must be riding into a head wind. The Wind Must Be Strong. But NOOOOOOOOOO! I Had Nothing. Ah Sh*T. Nothing. Maybe its time to reevaluate my fuel preparations????

However, the hikes, walks, & trail runs are going well. Our temps here in GJ float around 28F for a low and 48F for a high. The Colorado sunsets have been right on point. Reds, Purples, & The I.S.S. has been flying overhead in the early AM hours. AWESOME!!! Shadow Boy has been pulling me along at about an 8 min mile pace during the evening hour walks. Mr Sun sets so early that our walking time frame rolls in around 6-6:30pm which brings the public into play. Cars w/their high beams on is fun walking towards. Folks walking their dogs while talking and what nots on The iPhones. Oh, and the ever so classic Pizza delivery person rippin' around the streets. Thats always loads of fun. Shadow Boy totally digs the turn towards the golf coarse because thats off leash time. Its his time. Tree 2 Tree he runs. Full of life as he goes. A Dogs Life

So 2day is our big timed walk 2 my brother 4 Turkey Dinner And Football Extravaganza!! Shadow Boy & I broke the 1 hour and 1/2 time barrier. I see no reason why him and I cant break the 1 hour 15min window of time and would be so stoked if we pulled the walk off in under an hours time. I can see this happening w/the nice cool temps and Shadow Boy pulling me along. WISH US LUCK!!!

Last Note: Yes, I will have the GoPro 4 2days trip. Yes, Stretching Has Been Limbering Up My Hammies. Yes, I deeply miss having Sadie Girl under feet while cooking. Yes, Ortho-Bionomey Totally Works!!!! And Thank You 4 Stopping By 2 Read Away. Big Hugs

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