Saturday, November 23, 2013

 Tiger Eye Peas...... 100% Germination...... These were the #2 beans that had some mold on the husk of their pod..... They look pretty damn happy 2 me
 These are Cuke seeds..... When my brother unrolled them the smell of cucumber was powerful..... Again, 100% germination and my brother was stoked as SH*T
 Just another angle of the same
 Tomato Seeds...... They just started 2 sprout and wake up...... They are looking 4 a green house
 A perspective on size...... 1 Tiger Eye next 2 Heirloom Tomato Seeds
 Not a good night 4 a high end beer..... I went out on a limb and picked up an I.P.A. out of Alaska..... OOOOPS
 Check out the head on these..... NO, it wasnt that I dont know how 2 pour...... And the taste was straight Rocky Mt Goat Piss ie Coorse Light...... And why is there so much sh*t on the side of the refrig???
 My brother w/Max in his armpit..... His legs were on the floor and he was so jealous that Arwen was sitting next 2 my bro...... All she wanted 2 do was sleep her puppy years away
So last night was unreal!!!! Some of my friends on CrackBook recorded 4 1/2 inches of snow here on the western slope of Colorado. The Blue Z showed up w/a 6 pack of Ranger and his 9 month old Girl Dog, my brother walks in w/seeds and his 1 year old pup, & Sgt Shadow Boy was on point w/his I.P.A. and homemade treats. We had a few beers while we played cribbage and watched the snow fall like rain. We had the music on, the young Private Pups ran wild, and winter wonderland was provided by Mother Nature.
Somewhere near 10pm we headed 4 the golf coarse 2 let the dogs run wild. Down the middle of the street we walked and everyone should have seen the streets. A wet snow pulled the tree limbs down and flakes of snow hammered down in front of the street lamps. Awesome sight in deed!!! A fresh blanket of snow covered everything insight while we tromped along. Very few cars between here and the golf coarse. Lincoln Park is totally fenced in and Sgt Shadow Boy was happy 2 lead the pack 2 the nearest big pine tree. THEN, the fun began!!! 3 dogs flat out sprinting while scooping up mouthfuls of fresh white stuff. The 3 of us walked the back 5 holes and the 3 of them ran and re-ran the back 8 holes, driving range, & each treeline 4 a wizzzzzzzz.
We spend about 2hrs walking the neighborhood and soaking up the downtown experience of a winter wonderland. I cant describe the feeling I get when I walk in the snow. This is why I live in Colorado. This is why I have the Boy Dog. This is what its like 2 spend time w/my brother. This is why I hang out w/the Blue Z. Nights of snow fall allow me 2 find my youth........ And Feel Alive
And Shadow Boy 2Day While I Write. "Leave A Message." He Says

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