Friday, November 29, 2013


Shadow Boy Is Smiling 4 Ya

Crossing The Rail Yard

Over The Colorado River

Just Pulling Along

The River Went Greenish Blue

Totally Awesome 

Me & My Shadow Boy


Shadow Boys Shadow

We Picked Up The Pace

Clearing Out The Russian Olives

I Dig This Area

Ready 4 This??? I was navigating around my blog and found " MY " audience. Check this out. I have had viewers from the U.S., Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, South Korea, Serbia, Albanya, & Brazil. Unreal Or What????

So I say Hellllllll00000000ooooooooooo & Thanx 4 stopping by!!!!

Yesterday started off w/a brew of some awesome coffee. The coffee came from my friend Abbie from when she was in Moab,UT. She believes in this guy that has a little off the beaten path coffee hut & I scored a 1 lb bag. I was then cutting up fruit 4 my yogurt & granola breakfast before I headed outside 2 rework my little make shift green house. The sun was out & GJ was looking at a high of around 45F & I wanted 2 wet down the carrots, beets, & lettuce. Everything was a deep green & the beets have the most awesome red veins running through their green little leaves.

I started my stretching route & Shadow Boy went 2 heighten alert status. He would watch me, then out the doggie door, then back 2 see what I was doing, then back out the doggie door,etc. He told me that his agenda was WIDE OPEN 2day. He started 2 lose his marbles when he saw me packing up my backpack. HE DID NOT WANT 2 BE LEFT!!! I then made the mistake of telling him that," He Gets 2 Go!" Let the tornado began.

Our walk started off rather cool as a very light wind hit us in the face as we headed west. The 1st mile was odd 4 me as my fibularis tertius & extensor digitorum longus tightened up & just wouldnt relax. In another words, the front of my shin was on fire & I couldnt point my toes.  I was having trouble w/my rhythm because the side streets were packed w/cars coming and going. I had it in my mind that I was going 2 stretch out my legs at the big Cluster Phuc Intersection of GJ where 1st st, Grand, Broadway, Pitken, & 6 & 50 all meet. BUT NO!!! Not a car in sight. It was so odd. The side streets were busy as can be but the main roads remain empty???? Our 1st bridge over the rail yard when I noticed my feet & hips were finally relaxed & a weeeeeee bit more fluid. Thats Good!!!

We then began our trip over the Mighty Colorado River. Still, minimal traffic on Broadway. I took a quick photo of the Boy Dog 2 show that cars are missing & how low the Colorado River is. You can clearly see the bottom of the river & it scares the crap out of me when you see how far away the river rock is from the river. River Rock, Tall Grass, Sand, & THEN THE RIVER. Not Ideal At All.

Shadow Boy & I were keeping up a solid pace until we hit the Connected Lakes River Trail System. Remember, the main streets were empty??? Thats because everyone was taking advantage of the sunny conditions while they cooked their birds. Road bikes, mt bikes, runners, walkers, the classic father watching over his daughter while she wobbled along on her bike w/training wheels, people walking their dogs, and photographers capturing whatever their view finder sees. This is when Shadow & I lost time. I always pull him off 2 the side & completely stop. It doesnt made if its a car, people, or cyclist. Shadow Boy knows that we pull 2 the side & wait 4 them 2 pass. Its safe, we wait, & its what we do.

The rest of the walk was just as awesome as I wished. My legs felt stronger as we went. My posture was upright, yet relaxed. Our cool down walk 2wards my brothers was rewarding & I could feel my enter self smiling. I can see it now, but was unaware at that time because I was sucking down h2o, watching 4 neighborhood dogs, wild rabbits, & dodging cars again as we were in the hood. Not really a hood at all but that sounded good.

Shadow Boy headed 4 the backyard 2 let the neighbor dogs know that Sgt Shadow was on duty bitches!!! He puffed up, walked the property line, shaped Max & Blue back in line, & then dropped some serious mud like a big dog. Total Classic Boy Dog. He enjoyed the backyard while we all ate, socialized, & watched the Cowgirls game. We then walked the dogs through the HOOD as a big group & the dogs knew that this was their time & this walk was JUST 4 them. I so love that.

Turkey Day was a success!!! Life Is Gr8!!! And Shadow Boy Is The Best Dog Ever!!! Thanx 2 everyone 4 stopping by my blog. I should be able 2 post more photos from the events coming up this weekend. Keep stretching, pound the water, & believe in yourself.

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