Friday, August 23, 2019

How Is It The 23rd Already

I Just Noticed Last Night That It Was Dark Before The 9pm Hour.

There are so many fascinating and exceptional clients in the Ortho world. One particular client is a stud runner and is currently working on a PR in Berlin. They "causally" ran a sub 2:45 at Boston and is looking at a possible sub 2:30 in Berlin. Flipping Crazy

Photo For The Mountain Liama
But more than that, They Are Just Good People. Another wonderful client suffered from low back issues and after a couple of Psoas releases, we fine tune about every other month now.

I started promoting Lymphatic work with relations to air travel many moons ago. Meaning, benefits of a healthy and stronger immune system. This past winter is when FINALLY saw a shift and all the advertising has begun to pay off. Plus, I Enjoy The Style Of This Work

This is what I have labeled the Clean Out sushi rolls. I literally pull out ALL the leftovers and roll them all up in rice/seaweed noir sheets. Been purchasing Wasabi powder from Carol's Market for almost 20 years now. And Talk About Polite Folks

This Grand Valley is really growing with talented transplants. Granted, there are some real knuckleheads as well but I tend to cross pollinate with like minded groups. A new client from SLC was experiencing migraine headaches for years and heard about my abilities. Lucky for the both of us, headache free for the entire Summer. So Far

Then , there is this sweet little girl. Her tired little eye is actually jammed up against that slab of wood. She took a shine on me and kept me in her sights during any of my movements. When she wasn't dreaming that is. The other dogs from the pack were just ok with my presence but nothing like this one. What A Smile On This Cutie

Subbed in on a late night (Aug 21st) show under short notice and totally enjoyed myself. This LINK HERE is good for two weeks. I opened the show with a classic Caddyshack ( 1980 ) clip mixed with a well timed Grateful Dead's I Need A Miracle ( 1977 ). Other quotes from An American in Werewolf from London ( 1981 ). The one and only Cool Hand Luke ( 1967 ) clip for sure. Sprinkled in a taster from The Shining ( 1980 ) and Bluto's Speech from Animal House ( 1978 ).

June 2019

Music throughout the show includes Paul Simon's Me And Julio Down by the School Yard, Sturgill Simpson's Sing Along, A Live Acoustic Nirvana, Little Feat, and a couple other hidden delights. I AM Interested In Your Feedback

August 2019 

Riding flat fast river trails and Palisade Farm Lands lately. Very little MTB due to the fact that from now until the end of the month will be single track mornings and road rides in the evenings. Beyond Stoked To Share With YOU

GJ Rockies Rookie League Last Tuesday Night 
My week day morning rides are littered with tempo sections and high cadence intervals. Weekends are just for spinning out the legs without much effort while averaging the 40mi/64.3km out & back rides. Been this way during August because of the higher weekend usage of the River Trail ( MAP HERE ). No need to pick up the pace right before a stroller baby causes a slow down. However, I Do NOT Mind Sharing These Trails 

After a casual ride on Monday, attended a special non thanksgiving THANX-Giving dinner. It was another August Birthday Party but with quite the extra flare. I did NOT cook this bird but was asked to perform the carving duties. This was my presentation. I placed all the thigh/leg meat under the bacon there. Surrounded the fresh thai basil with all the white/breast meat. I was told ( in a joking tone ) after placing the platter here on the counter that I was severely missing color. So thats why I smashed in the tomato and took a photo.

Here is an amazing moment in time for me - Its A Collage of The Boy Dog & Ol Grandpa Smokey
And One Perfect Picture Of A Very Depressed Shadow Boy Because Gramps Is Hogging The Couch

And NoW I Leave YOU With This! Yes, there are thousands of MTB videos and freestyle videos and adventure clips BUT THIS ONE IS THE BEST THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN. This is a ten minute video from ALL around the world. No running dialog, just pure beauty. The opening scene / location is breath taking!!! And wait for the ride on Mars. Its Mind Bending


Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don't Stop And Look Around Once In Awhile, You Could Miss It.
 ~ Farris Bueller


Friday, August 2, 2019

July's Numbers & Manifesting My 2020 Race Schedule

Shadow Boy - aka The Boy Dog

Bike   - 536mi
Run    - Nope ( Have Hiked, Swam, And Coarse Marked But No Garmin/Technology Action )
Hours - 39
Activities - 37
PR's    -  10
Traveling Days - 12
Towns - 5 - Meeker , Marble , Frisco , Aspen , Paonia , & Ridgeway
Year To Date Towards The 10,000km Club in the UK 3,839.1mi / 6,165km


Pretty stoked about the upcoming Tropical Air Show tonight at 6:30pm MT Time Zone. There is a gal that gave up the time slot and I am subbing in. I made it perfectly clear that this would be just a one time program and I am not interested in jumping in that systematically scheduled rotation. Simply Happy To Sub

You will be able to stream live HERE and Web Cam HERE. The "Angelcam" may take a few minutes to connect but its an HD Cam. I bring this up because the monitor at the station is very pixilated but The Twins showed me their HD iPhone connection. Like WoW!! I Had No Idea

I have compiled groovy tunes from the Caribbean , Hawaiian Islands , Fiji , South American Salsa Steps, and A Sprinkle or Two of Steel Drum Fueled Reggae. Its only a two and half hour slot so will focus on my game before I arrive. Yes, That Fired Up

UPDATE HERE ON AUG 3RD - LINK TO MY FRIDAY'S SHOW - - this link will NOT  open a new window like the other links in this post - Just so you know - and yes, I corrected a few mistakes this morning per proof reading - oops
Starts off with a Reverend Freakchild Promo Regarding His Upcoming Concert


Outstanding session with a little person that suffers from migraine headaches. I allowed mom to lay on the table and adjusted her ankles and toes. This is my go to for settling a little ones nervous system. Working with their vagus nerve, a complete calming filled the space. Even mom was able to "sense" what has going on but I felt there to be more.

A regret reflex entered my mind so I went with it. Earlier that morning I was looking for my damn water bottle. I recalled the anxiousness of searching and played it my mind there times. As I felt my own system build, Oh YES, There It Is!! Found It. On the third play, their whole right side melted into the table with a relaxing roll out. That tiny big toe went from pointing straight up to a lateral flop meeting the tables surface. Followed by a huge breath

Their little eyes rolled up at me and asked," Am I done?"
"Absolutely." I said with a smile
Mom sends a text that evening their child has been "Firing On All Cylinders."
Somewhere in that conversation, I made note to offer them a glass of water with an Emergen-C in the morning. Minerals Are A Good Thing

Runner's Knee - WoW - Been seeing a lot of it this summer. Lucky for me, its my favorite part of the muscle train these days.


Enjoying the Lunch Loop Trail System Again. Been tackling single track that I never took the Boy Dog on. Some of the trails are designed with hikers in mind but some trails are MTB only. Thats totally my opinion

The trails are super fast these days and I am climbing much better. There is enough technical stuff that my focus stays constant. Maneuvering pretty fluid around some of the janky stuff and happily Hike-A-Bike when needed. But here is were I suffered sadly enough. I have a bit of a weight problem at the moment - 186.2lbs / 84.3 kg / 13.2 stones. Maybe I Should Camp Out On Red Wine For Awhile

Rode through the farm lands and those workers are killing themselves this year battling weeds, bugs, and broken branches from the shear volume. Healthy Spring rains and very cool temperatures before the late July Summer heat can be a real witch with a capital B. Those Famous Palisade Peaches are slated to be chalk full of sweet sugar. The GOOD Sugar

July's Thirst Quencher & Happy Little Taste Buds  

2020 Ideal Race Itinerary:

Bryce Canyon Ultra - 30K
Carson City - 35
Leadville - Silver Rush 50
Telluride - 100
** Now For The Heavy Stuff ** No Need To Read ** Just Cataloging An Entry On My Timeline ** Move Along Now ** Nothing Here To See **

August 1st was always the first day of The Boy Dog's Birthday Month. I also believe that Jerry would have turned 77??? Maybe. Mother Nature rolled in around 4:30am and the rumble of thunder woke me up. Went for a wiz and my mind was in scattered brain mode.

So what does one do, easy, they watch the 1974 Mel Brooks YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. What A Flick!! I giggled while I held my cup of joe with two hands. Breakfast consisted of my homemade yogurt, almonds, granola, sunflower seeds, a cut up banana, and raisins. The Boy Dog would have been 14 years old and every year I made a big deal about his Birthday Month. So 14 x 7 = 98 and on the bike I jumped.

Somewhere around the 20 mile mark, Mother Nature unleashed once again and soaked me to the bone. By no means was it a cold rain. Just as the rain began to lighten up, a Bald Eagle flew along the Mighty Colorado River towards me. I gobbled down a few Organic Energy Chews that Honey Stinger produced. The water and the stinger aided me back to change out my soggy kit and refuel with two fish tacos. Whipped up some tilapia the night before. Beans, rice, avocado, cabbage, and home made salsa on a fresh homemade tortilla hit the spot. 42 miles in

Not very far along, an Ophspar wrestled with a snake in mid flight. I haven't seen an Ophspar around here in years. With all the rain this past fall, heavy wet snow this winter, and a mild spring has led to a plethora of critters and wild life in general. Like cute little bunnies everywhere along the River Trail. My spirits were high and my hydration was spot on. Those next 40 miles were ALMOST effortless. I consumed a mango orange Organic Energy Gel while I meandered on down the trail. That might have been the time I sang Whiskey River while riding along the Mighty Muddy Colorado River.

I think that something that really helped was opening a jar of pickled cucumbers from last years harvest. My X-Mas gifts last winter, I pickled cucumbers, each jar had a bulb of organic garlic, and fresh dill plants out of my OM garden. I scarfed down three pickles, a turkey sandwich with fresh sprouts, jack cheese, and another avocado. On the way out, same kit this time, I pounded a V8 Pineapple Coconut Energy. They sponsored the GJ Off-Road Endurance Race.

The last marathon distance went pretty well. My left elbow was bothering me but that could have stemmed from my motorcycle accident way back when. My butt was tired of sitting but my mind was in fairly good shape. Maybe I finally found the right playlist. My hydration was excellent and no cramps were in my future. My only complaint was the headwind on the return trip. It Sucked but I continued to tell myself that it was only The Boy Dog pushing me through. I always liked that saying about when you feel the wind, its someone thinking of ya. In Fact, I Love That

SO after 8 hours of moving time, I honored The Boy Dog with a 98 mile ride to start the first day of his birthday month. I did have a couple of emotional moments but no tears were shed. I recalled our Summer trips, vet trips with for a paw or lacerated eye lid, and belly rubs under a blanket of stars. But no real sadness. As I write this, tears. Phuc Me I Miss Him

Think of others first and allow memories from your friends to console your cheeks from the breeze of blowing winds.