Thursday, December 24, 2020

Keeping Busy With Projects

Dig If You Will The Picture   Of You And I Engaged In A Kiss   The Sweat Of Your Body Covers Me    Can You My Darling    Can You Picture This   Damn  If You Can  A Courtyard   In Ocean Of Violets In Bloom    Animals Strike Curious Poses   They Feel The Heat    The Heat Between You And Me    How Can You Leave Me Standing     Alone In A World So Cold    Maybe I'm Just Too Demanding    Maybe I'm Just Like My Father , Too Bold    Maybe I'm Just Like My Mother    She Was Never Satisfied   Why Do We Scream At Each Other    This Is What It Sounds Like   When The Doves Cry 

Prince 1984 


We are arid as all get out but still so damn gorgeous. I am always so amazed with the amount of beauty everywhere when one seeks out the best possible outcome. Sure, we have our rough days but then Mother Nature provides one with a natural soothing sound track at the right time. For the right occasion. During the moment in need. Phuc Yeah Colorado  

And then, what blows my mind, so many transplants never take the opportunity to explore the Great Junction of Grand Junction Colorado. Most have no clue as to how Grand Junction became Grand Junction. Never showing any investment of standing at the Great Grand Junction itself. Just met a fellow human that moved here THREE years ago and has NEVER been to the Grand Mesa, let alone the Great Grand Junction. So badly I wanted to ask," Then Way The Phuc Did You Move Here??" And how dare they project their assessment of "whats wrong" with this town. You have no right because you haven't earned that privilege. Now Piss Off 


A happy untrained and totally lacking exercised dog began digging holes throughout their backyard. And right off the patio, for an easy ankle roller, they did their best digging. The photo above is of their lengthy sleeping pad, so well dug out for basking in the morning sunshine. "Give It A Try!!" says the dog "Sniff Away Under The Warmth Of Mr Suns Mighty Rays!"

I explained that I have a couple of slaps of concrete from a landscaping job that might help. Here is what I purpose and a few days later, once the ground was frozen of course, they said yes. So a digging I began. This here my friends is what $20 an hour gets ya. 

The first slap of sidewalk was 3 1/2 inches thick. Yes, I measured out the area, marked with my shovel, and dug out an extra inch in all directions. Driving the pick axe through frozen clay is soooooo much fun. Thankfully, pure luck really, I didn't pierce their irrigation pipes. Later on, found out that its the old sprinkler lines. Yah0000ooooooo

And how ya like that??? First slab down with a few left over marble chunks from this past summers collection as an accent. Fingers crossed that they appreciate the efforts of the littler things in life. The next slab was a triangular bastard that weighed more than I remembered. 30 inches by 37 inches by 26 inches and 5 1/2 inches thick. Oh Joy says the low back. 

Kind of funny as there were a few times that I really got myself all screwed up in the head. But manual labor removed all those old engrams and onward we go. 

Another project that I came across was this old gate. Very weathered but plenty of integrity left. After a little TLC, the gate was ready to swing open once again. 

I screwed in two new hinges for maximum swinging action. I passed on going over board by chiseling out the post so that the hing would sink in just below the surface. Mainly, the two older 4x4 posted appeared rough and a little chisel work might not be the best at this point. Ideally, would prefer to replace both post this Spring/Summer and counter sink the hinges properly. If They Want 

Oh, and the PVC disaster. What a job that turned out to be. The connectors between two fittings began to drip and the valve there turned out to be problematic for sure.

I was lobbing that we replace the entire system because you know how those projects go. As soon as you touch one elbow, start chasing your tail, another trip over to True Value Hardware Store. Its just part of the deal but I was over ruled. "Let's Just Replace The Valve. Wont Take But A Minute." I was told. Sure

Replaced the old valve, primer before glue, and all seemed just fine. I felt a weeeeeeeee bit nervous as the whole thing became rushed. Not my preferred SOP but again, not my call. 

As soon as the jet pump switched was flipped, a tiny little bubble of water presented itself. I was told that I shouldn't worry and the fitting will be just fine. "Takes A Second For It To Settle In Its New Place." but within seconds, I could see we were in trouble. I yelled repeatedly ," Flip The Switch!! Flip The Switch!!" Imagine the Disney character Goofy processing this command. The sound wave vibration entering the ear hole, along the brain stem, up to the brain, slowly engages, and before the hand lifts to flip the switch, POW!! The glue never stood a chance. In a matter of mere seconds, looking away with my hands straight out towards the general direction of separation, we were coated by gallons of hot tub water before the switch was finally flipped to the OFF position.  


Best line of the day fell from my lips,"Wish We Filmed That Because That Was A $10,000 Americas Funniest Video Winner." Unfortunately, it wasn't a well received comment. Someone was pissed, soaking wet, and would never admit to their embarrassment. Me, oh well, its just water after all. And back to measuring, marking, cutting, and gluing new PVC pipes I went. Solo I Was 

And then, there comes a time for painting, pouring, and creating with acrylic pants. I started these last weekend after finishing all the planter boxes and Christmas Tree cut outs from old discarded wooden pallets. A couple of folks I neglected. They will now receive my latest creations. Truly made with love.

This was my first crack at using a blow dryer to spread out the liquified paint. Everything always appears to be so simple until you take your own stab at it.

The paint didn't exactly ripple out like I had envisioned but just the same, looks pretty damn cool. And I happily went back in and touched up lines, giving the pieces a little more depth, and just felt groovy adding more flare to them. BoB Ross Would Be Proud  

With the left over acrylic paints in their cups, I poured this little gem. And I really liked how it turned out. You know, considering that its the placenta of the art projects. 

My first thought was that its good enough for a Duran Duran Album cover. Then, with the great conjunction happing, very space like atmosphere. The Holiday Spirits Helped With That Vision 

Will post some photos from the next day additions. These pieces actually were still rather wet the next morning. I really anticipated that the hair dryer would have helped draw out a majority of the moisture. But Not To Be

Anyway, it is time to light up the bike with festive decorations, fill the flask with a warm tasty beverage, and ride towards Christmas Lights Extravaganza action. The normal ritual would have been to roll over to Dyer and Janet's for fresh homemade Pozole Verda. Every year, Janet is a retired midwife, families would stop by, socialize, catch up after a years worth of events, and move on. Then, after years/decades of this, those same kids were grown up and walking in with their families. True cycle of life in the mix. Such a wonderful revolving door of entertainment. But Not This Year

However, I want to express my Hearty Holiday Wishes To Each And Every One Of You!! I thank you so much for following along, for taking the time to comment with your insights and delightful perspectives, and for sharing your own adventures and glamorously creative photos. May you have a delicious Christmas Day or Hanukkah or Ramada or Chinese New Year. However you celebrate, full throttle ahead my friends. Close out 2020 while asking yourself," What Else Is Possible?"   Love & Light 

( HERE ) is a quick one minute video from my day on the bike December 12th 2020. This one is for all of you bird lovers out there. The first clip, when I have mentioned "1,000's" of birds over me, I present to you my evidence. The trees are full of birds and the sky became alive as they took flight. Hydrate Often, Stay Safe, And Think Of Others First


Saturday, December 12, 2020

2020/12/12 And What A Flipping Week It Was

I wonder how you're feeling? There's ringing in my ears and no one to relate to except the sea. Who can you believe in? I'm kneeling on the floor. There has to be a force. Who do I phone? The stars are out and shining but all I really want to know

Peter Frampton  june 1975 


Killer session the other night. A person that I haven't spoke with in years referred me to their friend. A text BING comes in from a person that I haven't met, then goes on to explain who referred them to me, an appointment was set up. 

They were suffering from a hip an knee issue and that was the last place that I started. We started with their head/neck and then went on to move around a few ribs. The session rounded off with a simple ankle piece, full range of motion knee release, and then a number of reflexology points in their feet and hands. Total Score 
Its suddenly dawned on me that I havent seriously traveled since February 2020 and its taking its toll on my mental status. I know that I am not alone as I type this but damn it my skin is tight. I am cagey as Phuc and aching to escape. Not Run From. Simple travel on and become visually stimulated again. Foreshadowing , its a literary term. 

Maybe a need a night filled with Reservoir Dogs with a double bill of Snatch. Maybe I need a night of Fight Club followed by Fatal Attraction. Maybe I need Pink Floyd rumbling the floor boards with The Wizard Of Oz on Mute. Maybe I need a night morphing into a cuddle puddle where nobody needs to speak. Phuc You Alex. Maybe I need Since I've Been Loving You at a high level of volume output. Thank You Led Zeppelin. I do know I need water and hydration is a good thing. 

The S Stands For Snow Day. But 198mi / 318km over a Monday through Friday work weeks kicks A$$. The past three weeks I have consistently topped 200 miles per week but Mother Nature might not allow that this week. No Biggie, Dig Watching Flakes 
I was deep in rhythm with my quads on fire . I glanced up every so often but more focused on the pain cave that freed my mind from the bed being to big without you. Another quick glance up and the largest buck with a full rack stood motionless to my left. His head was down while he ate scraps of grass and quickly he was as freaked as I. All I could muster from my dearest dry lips was ' PLEASE DON'T RUN ONTO THE FREEWAY'  as my weakened mind could live with the reoccurring imagine of an 18 wheeler blowing you apart. 

The photo above is from my personal record. I am confident that I am adding speed, strength, and raw power but hadn't put myself out there for a proper test. This was the day that I rode out to Loma in under 1 hour and 25 minutes. But here is the kicker, wasn't full gas at all. Under perfect conditions, minus human track, not stopping for cars, and focusing on my position, output, and gear selections, I could possible ride to Loma in under an hour. Could I Possibly Hold 22mph For The 21 Miles???? 
As we are closing in on the New Year, I just can't wrap my head around the fact that there will be NO live music this New Years. No Friends, No Story Telling, No Schinanages. Some of you might be fine with spending New Years alone in your own house hold but not me. I am social and I love my friends. I wanna dance with somebody. I need the pregame festivities. I want the after show antics. I wanna have fun.  
I scored a righteous house sitting gig for next week where all I have to do is check the mail and water the plants. Like LOADS of plants. They have a solarium packed full of starter plants, common house plants, and other various beauties. 

And here is an attempt at a gluten free and vegan based pie. So funny as I proudly sent this photos to some friends and it was about 60-40 in favor of disappointment of adding pineapple. Thankfully they knew nothing of how I acquired the fresh pineapple. I score two of them during my church food pick up donations from Sprouts. The bottoms were sort of rotten but the mid and tops smelled so good. And by the looks of those toppings, nobody knew my spoiled little secret. Oh Baby 

I landed the gig while I was rebuilding a ramp for an older gent that uses a walker now. Their neighbor invited me to house sit their place until the end of the year. SCORE. The original ramp was installed by their son and what a Sh*T Show. Not only was the ramp unstable but way to steep for the old walker to go up and down safely. 

When I explained my idea and proposed they head to Home Depot with me. They were beyond invested and happily forked over the cash. We purchased 6 concrete footers, 6 2x8's, 10 2x4's, 2 4x4's, all the bolts and washers, and 3 tubes of heavy duty liquid nails. And away I went, happy as can be, I have something to do. Was a simple two day project and came out tits.   

The final touch to their ramp, I lined the top inside of the cut 2x6's / bottom of the 2x4's were they attach to the 2x6's with AAA solar powered rope lights. The entire under side of the ramp glows!! And they are elderly so they won't be using the ramp at night. Its totally for me and for setting the ambiance. HA

Also, we received a very light dusting of snow but nothing to shovel. i.e. No $$$ in my warm little pocket. And the snow offered me a rest day from the bike. So Thats Cool 

I have recently noticed or have become aware of the phase " 2020 Go Away " or " This Year Sucked " or "Will This Year Ever End" or similarly lower vibrational quality of words. So I have been making it my mission to add a little spice to others days. The little things to make a difference. Simply trying to make the world a better place without coming off as cynical or arrogant. And you know what?? Its rather difficult to sound sincere or deliver a positive message these days. I am striving to be genuine and I only hope that its well received in that matter or form. Hope 
  1. Understand And Processing Of This Blogging Updated Site
  2. Develop Creative Short Films
  3. Work While Wearing A Smile
  4. Play Well With Others
  5. Not Allow This Blog Site To Upset Me  

And I Leave You ( HERE ) With My Latest Video. Its Two Minutes Long And Feature Time Lapse Shots While Working In Marble Colorado 



P.S. Here is a photo of from today when I opened this post to add the snow photos and update. Why does this new blogging site mess with my mind so frequently?? Why does the text change colors on me?? Then, after adding white to the text, all the words are in a white block text mode. What The Flock Of Seagulls I Tell Ya 


Friday, December 4, 2020

Turkey Day, End of the Month, And Cycling Along

It's one for the money two for the show three to get ready NOW go cat go. But don't you step on my blue suede shoes. You can do anything but stay off of my blue suede shoes. Well, you can knock me down step in my face slander my name all over the place do anything that you want to do but uh uh honey lay off of them shoes. You can burn my house steel my car drink my liquor from that old fruit jar. Do anything you want to do but uh uh honey lay off of my shoes and don't you step on my blue suede shoes. Well, you can do anything but stay off my blue suede shoes
Elvis Presley 1956
By Carl Perkins May 1955


Hours - 53

Activities - 24

Miles - 701 / 1,128km 

PR's - 14

Days Off The Bike - 6 and only rode 3 times between the 23rd and 29th of November

Story time here with me reflecting on how rude I have been while cycling. I have a bright head light and red flashing tail light that are USB chargeable. I also have a bell that I hang from my top tube or handlebars, depending on which bike I roll out. And lastly, I use my iPhone on speaker mode for broadcasting the suitable playlist. Couples walking are completely oblivious to these distractions. Most give hardly any effort to move out of the way while on the River Trail or casually acknowledge my approach with a wave. Or they frantically jump to one side as if I was a charging herd of buffalo. 

So last weekend, walking with the oldies, The Dude's dogs were running a muck, heard a bell but I could have sworn it was coming from a dog or even a kitty cat off trail. What A Dumb A$$!! It was a cyclist behind us ringing his bell and I stood there like a Jack A$$ starring at the bushes. Felt like such a knucklehead. HELLL0000ooooooo 

So I now have a new found appreciation for walkers, talking on the phone yahoos, and weekend warriors. Life continues on and we all shall grow together just fine. Plenty of room on the trail, Strava Segments aren't really that big of a deal, and the goals is after all to be outdoors. Or simply sticking to the lushes single track might be rather attractive. Oh Baby 


Couldn't tell you how many times I heard the phrase," I Saw On Facebook..."

Thanksgiving was just bizarre to say the least. This was one of the most superficial Turkey Days for the history books. So many elephants in the room and not at all my ideal meaning of family gatherings. 

The entire morning was spent by myself with The Dude's dogs supervising my every move. This would be the third year in a row that my aJENNda played out in this undesirable manor. The charcoal sparked to life, removed and risen off the bird, dressed up the bird with more fresh herbs, garlic cloves and butter were tucked under the pale tight skin, added the water bath to the weber, placed the bird on the center grate, some kind of a dead animal on the top rack, and then I checked the time. What The Flock Of Poultry

And I wait. Wait some more I do. Add a few more soaked wood chips. Oh, and lets wait a little bit longer. The Dude has worked the last SEVEN Turkey Days and his clock out time fluctuates between 11am and 2pm. All depends on volunteer counts. I truly admire his ambitions but I selfishly piss and mown about it every damn year. But just who in the H E double Hockey Sticks am I to compete with the needs of the church. Damn Resident Heathen 

My self control was impeccable as I reframed form whipping up an adult beverage before 2pm. I can easily be talked into a little splash of baileys in my coffee, a mimosa as a starter, or a beautiful bloody mary but I knew the oldies would arrive soon and I certainly needed my patients in tack this day. Just knowing that it will take so much of my mental energy to navigate the day, better off passing on the hard stuff. Breathe 

So at about 2:30ish, The Dude & I toasted to the afternoon with a gorgeously crafted Celebration Ale from Sierra Nevada Brewing. Wasn't until a few hours later that family members would begin to trickle in for dinner. And Yes, I managed to stay on point. Phuc Yeah 

Arguably, I smoked the second best turkey of all time. The brine from the night before maintains the white breast meat to remain moist and savory. The fresh rosemary added a hint of goodness but not drowning out the roasted garlic by any means. The soaked in water hard apple wood chips added a delightful flavor but wasn't overly smoked and obnoxious. The orange slices on top was just an elusion as the citrus was actually extracted in the brine but a few comments were dropped about those overtones. So Thats Cool 

On the top shelf of the weber laid two heavily coated thyme, rosemary, and a dash of fresh ground cayenne pepper racks of lamb. I was a little weary of over cooking them but the thermometer reflects how on my game I was. Top Shelf Meal

Then, my veteran move was NOT piling my plate with my hungry eyeballs. I went with more of a "sample" portions theory for the evening. And boy I am thankful for that!! The Dude used the egg beaters to whip together a fluffy whipping cream for the two pies he prepared the night before. The added bonus to his concoction was adding in a little granulated brown cane sugar nearing the end of his beating. Hell Yes 


Let me just inform you of how much I miss working in the office. I seriously miss the conversations with the old folks, assessing the pathologies of clients, working with the meridians of the body, and stimulating the nervous system for overall good health. 

There was a session in which I performed a neuromuscular massage throughout a clients back. Basically, we find ecopressure together. I begin at the origin of the muscle, my elbow holds the position of that point while the client SLOWLY moves through their range of motion, I then make a micro movement towards the insertion of that same muscle, they work the ROM again, and I micro move throughout the belly of that muscle until we have worked the entire muscle together. Its A Brilliant Release 

Another session was built upon a stubborn Piriformis Muscle that just would let go. I was able to step back and advise the client that the issue must be else where in their body. Is it a Hammie, is it a knee cap, or is it metaphorically in their mind. Come to find out, while working with their neck, the release happened. I wasn't even aware of it happening. My soft vision was around the shoulders, breathing, and their crown and they "shouted out" that their hip just rolled off the table. They literally felt their tailbone rotate like a door knob and their hip FINALLY let go. So Damn Cool 

Nothing was ominous about these clouds but the sunset was a heart stopper. I stood outside by myself as the radiant colors morphed into that lovely deep purple before darkness rules the landscape. Don't you just totally dig that moment before daylight disappears from another calendar day?? I Sure Do 


Here are the leftover thoughts and whats the haps during December. 

First on the list would be the fact that there is so much going on this month in the night sky. The nights are becoming long and dark. We are currently entertained with the Puppid Meteor Shower and will peak over these next two nights. The Monocerotid Meteor Shower peaks on December 8th. Then, under perfect New Moon conditions, the most impressive Geminid Meteor Shower of the year peaks on the 14th of December. AND THEN, hold your little unmentionables, the astronomical moment of our time, The Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in the western horizon. I Cant Wait!!!! Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere will be treated to a Total Solar Eclipse on the 14th of December. You're So Lucky

Can you say, " Turkey Enchilada on Day #3?" This was a delightful way of adding a traditional Mexican Dish to Thanksgiving. I spaced on photos but a beautiful red curry with turkey and veggies were engulfed on Day#4 of Thanksgiving. 

Oh, check out this full moon from the 30th. Keep in mind, it was only about 27F / - 2.8C during this ride. What tripped me out was that I never saw the photo in real time. It was later on that evening when I saw this "glow" of light radiating from Mr Moon. Heading back at 17F / -8.33C that night, riding by myself in the peacefulness of darkness, only the unseen animals scurry along the under brush kept me company. Pure Stillness 

Have you ever prepared a tuna noodle dish??? How about a Turkey noodle dish?? This was the bomb on Day#5 of Thanksgiving leftovers and THE LAST DAY OF TUKEY DINNERS!! My intake of poultry has exceeded its limits and I am very satisfied with that achievement. Hot Damn 

And the bonus of the year, a new ( used ) oven for the OM House. Somehow the ceramic/glass top of the old ( came with the house ) oven cracked from the back right burner to the middle of the left back and left front burner. The burners still worked just fine but it is becoming a hazard in my third eye. My luck, a boiling pot of water would be the final straw for breaking completely through the counter top. Of course, as my luck would have it, that pot would empty onto my legs. Cant have this preventable situation. Thank You Craigslist!! A women had just purchased all new alliances for her home and I scored an oven out of the deal. As I passed through their garage, a dusty dishwasher was sitting there, upon acquiring, I was told, " You have the truck, if you would do me the flavor of hauling it out my garage, its yours." Two For One?!?!? So Stoked 


Speaking of free, here would be my X-mas gifts for 2020. Placing them out as an offering during the FULL MOON on the 30th of November topped with mason jars of spring water brought me good Mo Jo. I have been collecting wooden pallets for fabricating planter boxes, vertical herb holders, table stands, and mini Christmas Tree cut outs for the Holidays. 

They are all for give-a-ways and allows me something to occupy my mind with while I am not riding around this desert oasis. Basically, gives me the reason to enjoy a few cans of Oats, Wheat, and Barley Refreshments. Quite Satisfying  

Some of the wood is pretty beat to Sh*T but there is always a "find" that stokes me out. Like that little board in the photo below. Two tone colors and a perfect base board. These flower planter boxes are rather simple. Six boards at 16 inches and six boards at 15 inches. Once they are tacked together, they remain square at 23 1/2 inches, added trim to all the corners and top. Easy Peasy 

These project are completely free, minus my time, and a few holiday 5 packs. Finally using up all of those GOTTA save jars of miscellaneous finishing nails, left over screws from other jobs, and emptying all those difficult last to get out drops of wood glue. I am far from a pack rat but I have accumulated a few usable items over the decades. And now, they found their purpose.  

And guess what??? Still rockin all ten digits!! With my baby soft lotion hands, I'm fundamentally present and safe when working with wood, saws, and machinery in general in order to save my hands. In years past, a splinter under the finger nail bothered me some but whatever as it is part of the deal. Now, I am a big ol' sissy pants and must wear gloves because my hands have zero built up calluses.

So what do you think?? Would this please your heart as an X-Mas Gift?? Anyway, as I wrap up this post, here is my short film from a ride the other day. Thanx in advance for watching and its only 2min and 40 seconds long. I shot all of these clips on an old iPhone while topping off a 200 mile week. This video captures a casual 50 mile ride out to Highline Lake And State Park. Hope You Dig It!! Turn It Up!! 

Be Kind, Stay Grateful, And Think Snow,