Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Can It Really Be September? August Was Awesome!!

NEXT RADIO SHOW: Pretty excited about my upcoming show because my Aunt from SAC-UH-Tomatoes will be in town and in the studio. I pretty sure I leaning towards a 70's classic rock show with some Jeff Foxworthy stand up mixed in. So tune in if you would like on Thursday the 3rd from 5:30-9PM at www dot kafmradio dot org or HERE is their home page.
Shadow Boy After A 3:1 Trail Run, his 3 miles to my 1

Shadow Boy On The Left & Grandpa Smokey On The Right

Pro Tour Challenge Colorado: The tour was a blast live and horribly covered via TV. I thankfully watched a few stages from the tour tracker site but still lame coverage. I shot out of here as the sun peaked out from the Debque Canyon. Heading east towards Aspen was creating a buzz in my mind and how I wanted and where should I and will I make it before the closures take place. Upon arrival, after creeping through Aspen, I was greeted by a less popular crowd than I had anticipated. Independence Pass is incredibly beautiful & last years crowd was in full force by this time. But this year the numbers were down & a Forest Service employee thought it had to due with them NOT allowing camping this year.
On to some highlights, many for sure, the road was closed off from the Leadville side and "club" riders tackled the pass all day. Tandem bikes, old folks, young kids on bikes that looked to big, and here comes one crazy awkward looking guy riding towards me. ITS FLIPPING BILL WALTON!! I hope you know who this legend is by now. I have had the pleasure of interacting w/Bill a number of times during my bellman days in SD,CA. Feel Free To Watch The Youtube Clip HERE.
The experience was epic to say the least. The fans were fantastic as always. And that first night I was lucky enough to stay at the Mayor of Red Cliff's house.
My slight downfall was that August was a huge month for me. I had been planing my Ortho work shop in Crested Butte and following the Pro Tour and keeping everything in perspective as NOT to add too much expectations towards the unknown and become disappointed because of my expectations of what I wanted to see come to full fruition. SO after the Pro Tour, the whole month blew my mind, I kinda went into a funk. Some sh*t went down with AT&T, my renter gave notice, my legs felt heavy, and I haven't shot a time lapse in awhile. In the big picture of things its really no big deal but its difficult riding those emotional waves sometimes.
Walking Around Outside Of Independence Pass, absolutely gorgeous 

Clients New: I have been setting goals and scored two more clients than I had set out to accomplish. Total Satisfaction. And they happily rescheduled for September sessions. Gotta Like That.

Spirals: Been experimenting with spirals during sessions and during my rides on the commuter bike towards the office or the gym. Funny, its always amazing how many " ah-ha " moments you can have while biking, swimming, walking, or rubbing down the Boy Dog. They are pretty fascinating when they happen. Example, you might want to see a spiral in 2D before reading this, during some point along my ride in the AM I send out a spiral with an intent of bringing in. Try it before you judge me. Another example was last Thursday while riding towards the famers market and after The Dude finished updating me on his world, I ran a spiral while we dodged car at various intersections, I was imagining sending out information and simple gratitude as a back up agenda.
So our local famers market is placed in the middle of Main Street covering 4 block which allows for a lot of space for bands, 20x20 e-zasy ups, horses, etc and I see a guy with a #BadAssWilson shirt on. I blurted out," How did you get that shirt already??" This guy we will call PB, first name and lives in Boulder,CO, replies that Justin was his business partner. Knowing what I know about Justin and Indy Car Racing I quizzed him a few more times. After explaining myself and shared stories and dropping important names, mainly from the Chevrolet world, he totally opened up and shared his turbulent world from the past few months. Turns out that he just rented a place here in GJ and is a mountain biker as well. I quickly slipped him a business card and pointed out my office there on Main St. So thats what I mean by running spirals. I ran a spiral, he wore a shirt, we crossed paths, another new client in the office. Thanx PB!!
49mph and a guy PASSED me!! He Was Crazy Fast!!But Not Steve Tilford Fast

Shadow Boy: Hard to believe that the Boy Dog is 10 years old. He still eats like a pup, jumps in the truck for a ride as if he was embarking on his last trip, and still sleeps with me after about the 3am hour. Love Ya Shadow Boy!!! Time is flying by and I swear I wasn't old enough to be saying phases like that. I am back in the gym 4 times a week, on the midnight racer twice a week, and working the skin off my fingers at the OM house. Before and after photos coming soon.
I encourage you to run your spirals, get out and about often, & seek your best possible outcome. As this blog is titled, WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE!?!?!?!

Now Go Find Your Excellence,


  1. I can't believe that Shadow Boy is 10! He looks and acts so much younger. And I've been out of the blogging world for a hot second, but what are these spirals that you're talking about? Sounds interesting, but I'm not sure what they are :)

    1. As you already know, I have been studying/working with Ortho-Bionomy now for about 3 years. I had the pleasure of meeting the incredibly talented Ursula Hofer, registered advanced in structure with the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, during a Phase 7 workshop in Crested Butte Colorado.
      I was first introduced to spirals about a year ago during a spine subluxation class while studying in the Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy two-year practitioners training program. We then applied that knowledge during our workshop. We learned to sense veins, arteries, & lymph vessels ducts and how they have different recognizable "character".
      Learning to notice even more subtle shifts as we teach ourselves to neutrality, recognizing, & watching shifts of consciousness within our selves & then eventually within others.
      Working with spirals, geometrically representing the energy, brings us to an acceptable normality of workable tension patterns.
      Spirals are amazing to work with, has deepened my practice, and I will always remember Ursula's quote during a demo; IF YOU ARE DOWNING IN OUR OWN FLIUDS, HOW CAN YOU BE AWKE??

    2. How awesome! It really sounds like you take your practice to heart. More people in your field need to do that :)

  2. Okay. Got the details. Love Jeff Foxworthy by the way! :) Hoping I can tune in ... have a cross country thing with my kiddo ... and wow, shadow boy is amazing for 10?! I have never been a dog owner but I would want one that runs and is as excited as shadow boy! :)

    1. Trailmomma, FANTASTIC!!!! And Jeff is funny as all get out and I sure enjoy MANY other standup comedians. My show will be live 4:30pm-8pm your time zone and I understand you have other commitments. The way that you show up present with your family, your eating habits, and the love that you breed, YOU WOULD BE THE BEST PET PARENT EVER!!! Thats a fact!!! Its was extremely difficult at first to think of Shadow Boy as double digits but like the photos show, he hasn't missed a meal, wakes up out of a sound sleep when the car keys jingle, & he NEVER judges me. Well, maybe he did one time, after a drinking bender with friends, Shadow ALWAYS jumps on my bed in the AM letting me know that he could eat, he smelled my breathe and I will never forget how his ears went back, his eyes kinds squinted, & he sorta pulled back as if to say," Dude, you flipping stink!!"

    2. ha!!!! That's funny. Is your show weekly? I wonder if I could listen via my phone on my drive home as I typically leave the office by 4;30 pm PT to do my round of kid pick up duty. :)