Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Family Time

Thursday: My Aunt arrived from Sac-Toe and found the OM House on the first try. Her rental car was an FJ Cruiser that we renamed FAST JANET or we referred to her as JF. She relaxed a bit until The Dude got home and off to the Farmers Market. I had my radio show so they swung by the station after they checked out the market. I walked the Boy Dog to the station and The Blue Z offered a ride to the OM House afterwards. We all hung out and updated our stories and filled in gaps on other stories. It was a warm night, fun catching up, and the evening flew on by.

Friday: The Dude took FJ to school with him to show her around the gardens, what he does, and where he makes it all happen. I shot down to the gym, did more yard work, and played with the Boy Dog during the Kitchen Sink. By 1pm that afternoon we were driving up towards the Grand Mesa. I happily pointed out points of interest which mainly my our memories really. FJ took photos when I pulled over or winded my way through a camp ground or two.
I was completely blown away by all the wild flowers still holding their colors. Loads of raspberry bushes lined the trail of Craigs Crest. We didn't work FJ over too much and we really slowed the pace down for her. We took little breaks and shared more stories. She was happy taking photos but was ready to turn back. So we did, good thing, started a lightly spit some rain and then started just dumping rain. More photos were taken.
The whole trip for the day was build around the fact that FJ wanted to catch a sunset from the Mesa. But the rain continued to fall. I took some side roads, got sideways in the mud, found some new KILLER campsites, ate few munches, and landed on the very western rim of the Grand Mesa for the setting of the sun. It was beautiful and ever so freeing to be there.
The rest of the drive home was spent laughing, reminiscing, and enjoying what each of us had to offer. We arrived back at the OM House were a crockpot was perfectly well timed. The Dude threw together some cornstarch and BAM we had a flavorful stew. Sweet way to end the day!!!

Saturday: Saturday morning started off a little early for me as I wanted to get the Boy Dog out before the GJ Style of Body Building competition started. The Dude swung by and picked me up, we waited in a line, and then we heard the other line was for tickets. The Dude went that way while I held our place in line. He comes back after a few short minutes and hands me my wrist band. As we are walking in he tells me that its $15 to get in. I sh^t and he laughed because he knew I wouldn't have paid and just walked home. AND IT WASNT WORTH THE MONEY BY ANY MEANS.
We went because we have two friends competing. One was in the Open Figure Model and the other was in the Novice Light Weight. They started with the men and the MEN WORE BOARD SHORTS. Not speedos but long board short. I said later it was because they ALL had skinny little legs. But we didn't get way they would wear long shorts and not show off the goods. Then, categories like 5"1' to 5"5' now, then 5"3' and up now, and over and over we saw the same group with maybe one new person. It was wired. Then, they did it all over again by age?!?!?! I ask The Dude if he would be pissed at me if I left. He made me stay and I am glad I did. We gave Sara and Lori hugs afterwards and they were both way stoked that we showed up. I told The Dude as we left that if I land one Ortho client out of it then it was worth $15 bucks. It really was lame, very weird, and well, just lame.
That night, an FJ want, hit the GJ Rockies Baseball Game. Its a Rookies League and its always fun to see familiar faces in the crowd. FJ was stoked and post tons of photos to her CrackBook Page. We continued to laugh about the BB Comp and the girls were all up in arms about the boys wearing board shorts. The Rockies won the game and we saw some smooth infield play and a couple of really off the mark pitches that drilled the backstop. All In All, Gr8 Day

Sunday: Sunday was awesome all the way around!!! We shot out of town and headed on down to Ouray to soak in the Hot Springs. Again, I pointed out various sights and land marks, made the trip in an easy 2 hours. Parked right away and paid our $12 for the day pass. We soaked, ate snacks, walked the main streets, and headed back for a soak. Total Colorado weather. Sun, then clouds, then rain, then clouds, then rain, then sun, then clouds, and thats a recipe for one incredibly gorgeous sunset!!! I felt so good afterwards. My shoulders didn't pop. My skin felt sexy smooth. Driving back was a breeze.

Monday: I could have slept in until noon but no. Shadow Boy woke me up with hunger pains, I had to wiz like a madman, and FJ was meeting us at Main Street Bagels before she hit the road. We all talked and thanked each other for the wonderful group effort. The rain started again, I rode the commuter bike, FJ drove off down the road, and another pretty damn sweet Labor Day Weekend was a wrap.
If any of this sounds like you might wanna see it……..

GOALS: I am going to be rather busy this week. Clients in the office, hitting the gym, setting up for the first cycle cross race of the season, trail workouts with the Boy Dog, and tackling OM House projects. So my goals are to be safe, think things through, ride strong, and enjoy waking up w/Shadow Boy on the bed while he was keeping me safe.
Been doing some serious lifting and really burning the legs with heavier weights. Bumped up weights during my shoulders routine as well. Thats cool. Felt strong in the chest and really controlled the dumbbells. Slowed down each rep and concentrated on contacting and holding for that one long second before starting another rep. I mixed in an arms and leg day to really challenge the cardiovascular system. I had hoped that the time would pick up by doing this but damn did I ever want to cut the workout short. I stayed, I preserved, and I enjoyed mixing it up.


  1. Dang, those are some goals! I like that the first is to be safe ... and thinking things through (something I need to work on haha).
    So do your radio shows air daily? Weekly? I commented on your last post, but realized it would probably be better here. :) I might be able to tune in from my phone on my commute home!

    1. Saw both response and yes!!! I am a volunteer sub for our local community radio station with a mighty 300 Watts. Most of the corporate stations around here operate at about 12,000 Watts. The web site offers a very simple down loadable app that I have o my phones as well. My next show will air from 6am - 9 am my time on Friday the 18th of September. We are an hour ahead of you and that would be so rocking if you were able to stream during your morning commute at www dot kafmradio dot org and Thanx for checking in!! http://www.kafmradio.org

  2. Board shorts are uniform with surfers here in Oz 😀 Loved the video, now have 'take the long way home' running over and over in my head, merci beaucoup Padre :)

    1. Your right, board shorts do have there place. Fast Janet played her Supetramp CD and told us how the Long Way Home is here favorite song. Thanx for checking in and have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Board shorts are uniform with surfers here in Oz 😀 Loved the video, now have 'take the long way home' running over and over in my head, merci beaucoup Padre :)

  4. The Dude brought FJ to school with him to show her around the grounds, what he does, and how it all works. During the Kitchen Sink, I went to the gym, did some more yard work, and played with the Boy Dog. We were driving up to the Grand Mesa by 1 p.m. that afternoon. I cheerfully pointed out places of interest, which were mostly based on our memories.
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