Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Eve Gaming & The Final Sunset of 2016

Scored on the Black Eddy IPA out of Buena Vista Colorado. I gave this a shot for two reasons. The can reads Limited Release and they were only $8.99 for a 6er AND they are full PINTS.

Yet another reason to visit Buena Vista. This brew was chewy and poured like a stout. Definitely smelled better than it tasted. The roasted malt flavor balanced the citrus aspect. I would have preferred a more "hop" flavor but I can't complain about the price.

Anyway, the night was filled with Yahtzee, Jenga, terrible New York coverage, I muted the TV and aired KAFM, packed up 4 "budget" sushi rolls, toasted a little champagne at midnight, & then took the Boy Dog out for a night on the town. Thats right, 23F and towards town we walked.

Unlike X-Mas night, nobody on the roads then, New Years was crazy busy. The Boy was pretty damn stoked with all the attention on Main St. The sloppy sandwich gals were happy to rub on him & tell me how he is the most handsome dog around. Classic! And He SOOOOOO Ate It Up.

Last Note Here...... My Garmin 500 & I are now Strava knuckleheads. So I will be learning my way around that and hopefully sharing some info.

Stoked with 2016 & already stoked about my plans for 2017!!
Keep On Keeping On


  1. It's the same here Padre I think Christmas is more family time whereas New Year everyone likes to get out and party 😊 Sounds like you are super positive for 2017, good to hear! Wishing you much health and happiness from sunny Perth!