Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hope The Airline Gods Are On My Side Today

Last few hours here in Portland and the meteorologist is claiming that freezing rain is on its way. This worries me but I am going to remain positive.

Plus, I can't be too pity on me because Portland is in bad shape right now. The snow from 7 days ago is still here. The packed streets have turned into approximately 2 inches of solid ice because nothing is plowed or shoveled. All of the gutters along the curbs are buried in ice.

Rip City is now forecasted to receive rain for the next 5 days from the full on Pineapple Express. This means that there will be nowhere for the water to flow. Local newscaster are "predicting" that they will see flood like devastation from back in 1996. Back then they saw snow, frozen temps, & heavy rains followed. The old 90's footage has been pretty rad.

AGAIN, Hope to be leaving today!!

Truth Be Told: I miss the Boy Dog like crazy. All this walking around town has been fun but wish the Boy Dog was with me. He loves snow as much as I & I can't wait to spoon with him tonight!


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