Monday, September 9, 2013


Weekend Home Front
What a life..... Life is good..... Living life is awesome.... Feeling great at 10,000ft 

Lush & Green everywhere you look. Friday began w/a kick A$$ 4 mile run w/Shadow Boy by my side. I had no idea that it was 4 miles until I clocked it on the way out of town Sunday. I felt Gr8. My feet were light & quite. My posture slumped a bit & then I felt the correction & my lungs would open up. My hips were fluid & felt like my ROM was awesome. While running along I see this plane just above the tree tops. I did kind of SH*T myself because I was thinking that this plane was going down. My 1st aid kit is way too small but I will help anyway that I can. Didnt want to see death on my 1st day but maybe this is way I am here in Marble Colorado.

Turns out, this was not the case. Private plane owners come to Marble the 1st week of Sept, land on a grass landing strip, & camp at there at their planes. Talk about sweet set ups. Land at 8,000ft, set up a tent next to your plane, & hang out w/a group of avatars talking smack all day long. Then, see ya next month in where ever Canada.
Me & Shadow
 Saturday started w/a relaxing walk w/the Boy Dog around Marble. Then stretching out. Then packing up and waiting on Sid, Danella, & Child. Totally spaced her name. OOOOOPS!!! Sid took us up a 4x4 road for about a 45min drive. We parked at the base of the White River National Forest & headed up the backside of the Maroon Bells.

We climbed just under 2,000ft and topped of at 10,987ft. Amazing!! The next few photos are of Geneva Lake and Hagerman Peak 13,841ft.

And along the way.....

And Waterfalls You Ask......

Again, I feel alive..... I feel Strong..... Colorado Rocks
Good Morning

Shade 4 Shadow

Swing a left and you will be at Snowmass Mountain (14,092ft) and head towards the right and your at Maroon Peak (14,156ft)

Just Cant Say Enough......

                       ........... Fall Is In The Air

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