Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I Feel Gr8!!!

My Legs Are changing. They just became loose. All the h2o, all the "Just Relax" reminders while I walk, the stretching has become enjoyable, and I just feel awesome.

Last night, Shadow & I started out and for some reason he wasnt pull the sh*t out of me. About the second block into it I noticed my hips were stiff and my ankles were way relaxed and mobile. Our warmup was really key & Shadow Boy knew it. He is unreal. After the first mile I finally felt relaxed and open and I know this had so much to do with our big sunday walk/run. The second mile we were flying along and I could feel my posture was in a line and swift. Me??? Feeling light on my feet??? Classic

Our warm down, Shadow in front of the fan, me stretching the hams and pounding water. Its awesome feeling that rush of life and coming to term with the idea of being powerful, stable, present, and wanting so much more. Well I guess I am growing up

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