Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Damn Good Day….

New Inspiration….. Woke Up Feeling Gr8…..
Jumped On The Midnight Racer….. Heading up 2wards the Monument, the quads started 2 burn. Looking down, only 2 see, I was at the 2.3 mile mark. WHAT?!?!?!

That was the flash that woke me up. Are u confused? I mean, THIS is a road bike & its only my 2nd ride of 2014. Total Rookie Status. My body mechanics changed 4 the better w/n about 20yrds. Pulling up w/them hammies, Loosening the upper body, & Looking ahead. Becoming Aware Jedi He Is…...

So Monday, my friend Hugh, he invited me 2 head out 2 Moab, UT ( VIDEO IS COMING SOON ) w/him & 4 wheel around 4 the day. Pinto Bean, Shadow Boy, Hugh, & Myself on I-70 West!!! Hugh is what I needed & I didn't even know it. He brought up insights that I hadn't seen. We talked about community, volunteers, relationships, etc but it wasn't just bashing & bitching. We discussed ideas & possible improvements. Thats what I love about true conversation.
Lunch Loop Stories Coming Soon. Almost Out Of The Mud Season.

My ride was going well as I headed back 2wards town. I really felt relaxed & focus. Even though I was processing thoughts from Monday. My elbows felt much better & the Racer really felt under me. I was able 2 enjoy the moment & I began 2 absorb some windy vibrations coming FROM the Racer. Midnight Racer was wondering as if I was on a thin sheet of soft mud covered by water. Totally felt it coming on & controlled it w/o panicking. Looked at the rear 1st & then saw the low front tire failing even faster. Totally dailed in my surrounds, completely knew were I was, & slowly but quickly pulled over. I then walked the Racer just past my friend the rail guard. The very 1st thing I did was shot down some water & I remember being quite relaxed & happy. I even said 2 myself, " GOT THAT FLAT OF THE SEASON OUT OF THE WAY. " Easy 2 quick release the front, disengage the brake cable, my little blue tire leaver worked beautifully, & the "new" tube was installed in no time "flat". Feeling pleased about this. Very Pleased. Of course this is when the trouble shooting came into play. Is it this pump??? Is it the valve??? Its this dam pump??? Just as the ugly monster of frustration reared its ……… I told myself w/a smile," This is so much better than my best day driving trucks."
As you can see from the above photo, Houston WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!! My spare tires were all cracked up from my jokes. Still pleased w/my tire change, still enjoying the day, safe location 4 me, the day is still bluebird gorgeous, & time is on my side. Pulled out the patch kit, found the original puncture, rubbed on some glue, cleaned up around me while it drys, took a photo of the obvious, placed the patch after the glue was beyond dry, reinstalled the tire carefully, & inflated like a champion. ALL W/O LOSING MY SH%T!!!

Back On The Ol' Midnight Racer & Away We Rode. Checked 4 air a few times while waiting at intersections. All Is Well. I even headed 2wards Hugh's 2 place a note in his door. Wanted 2 thank him again. Pretty damn happy w/the whole deal. Glad I rode 2day. Looking 2wards the adventure among the original.

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