Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hump Day

12.88 On The Miles
Yes, broke out the Ol' Midnight Racer 2day. Earliest rode ride of the year in many years. I can't recall the last time I was on the rode bike in Feb. I am a winter guy. I focused on my posture, pulling up w/the hamstrings, full ROM in the ankles, staying loose w/the the elbows & shoulders, & remembering 2 look around as much as possible. Absolutely NO SPRINTS what so ever!!! No single leg workouts. Nothing stupid on my 1st ride. Does this make me old?????

Day 3 Plank Challenge: 20 done, 20 sec done, & 30 second 2nite after our walk. Last night I notice a little belly wobbling during the plank. I am feeling stronger overall & my little glut hasn't started shaking yet while planking it up. The foam roller has been kicking my A$$ & it feels Gr8!!! Rolling out the legs everyday this week. Thanx Shadow Boy!!

I am spending the day w/Amber from the foothills!!! She is coming 2 town & asked me what I was up 2. She Is The Best!!!!

Also, the Olympics have been awesome!!! The Primetime crap at night totally blows A$$ but the daytime coverage ROCKS!!! My biggest concern is this…….. Its 51F….. Hard 2 host the Winter Games when it hasn't snowed yet. Please ride your bike & leave the car where it sits.

I will update my training log on Friday from this past week. Its been a solid week 4 sure.

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