Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Still Riding The High

June was simply an epic month for me and the Boy Dog!! Achieving goals all month long and totally feeling wanted AND needed. Thats Awesome

Ortho: From the title, graduation gave me an incredible high. I feel as if I am firing on all cyclers for the first time in a long time. June gifted me 5 new clients and almost all of my returning clients came through the office at some point. Plus, my assessments are stronger and clearer and the sessions are producing much happier results. Thats Awesome

Running: Never in a million years would I think that 100 miles could be attainable by any means. But it happened!! 101.3 miles for the month and Shadow Boy pulled off another 3 to 1. He easily runs 3 miles to my 1 as he constantly comes back to check on me or sprints by me after sniffing out the night before wild game crossings. He is good like that. The miles I added up were from single track, 4x4 roads, track workouts at Stoker Stadium, and halftime World Cup matches around the hood.
I am going to back off the miles during the month of July, concentrate on hill repeats, and way more leg work in the gym. Ramp it back up for August and race the Lead King 25K in Sept. Thats Awesome

Cycling: Put my boney butt on the saddle for 209 miles for the month of June. Yes, thats only about half of what I normally ride but they were quality miles for sure. Also, I took a full 9 days off the bike AND commuter bike as I worked Country Jam and Loudwire Fest.
Most were road rides, few mt bike, I concentrated on my quads firing and my upper body position. Meaning, I was playing w/my diaphragm. Just noticing what I notice.
I also swam for a total of 8 hours in June and rode my commuter bike to and from. So after a swim I had the time and relaxed a weeeeeee bit on the ride and that allowed me to be more aware of my body position. The swims have been normal but the water temp has been way too warm. But the older folks like it that way and the dry sauna is always a plus. Thats Awesome

Lifting: I added weight to all of my exercises beginning that 1st week of June. This has really focused up my attention now that I am lifting "real" weight that could possibly hurt me if I am not paying attention or rushing through the set. I also backed off the 15 reps and have leaned more towards the 10-12 reps with the same 3 sets. Again, w/Country & Loudwire, I missed those 9 days in the gym so last Monday I was hesitant to work w/the heavier weights. Started w/a chest and legs and I felt Gr8!! Its as if I needed the time off. I was minimally sore the next morning so I took it a bit easier on Shoulder Triceps day. Example, only 30lbs dumbbells during the press instead of 35lbs. And I feel Gr8 again!! Today will be the Back and Bicep routine which I will focus on form and really contracting each muscle group.
Something that I am slowing down w/is my warm ups. That should be a given, I do warm up fairly well, but I am focused on remaining injury free after how damn good I feel after this short time off. Thats Awesome

Working: So a couple off weeks ago, my damn good foothill friend calls, gave me a tip about a sweet job and I followed through. There is the amazing company Town Square that puts on all kinds of events and they were looking for really good people to work in the VIP Area during Country Jam. After a short game of phone tag, I was in!!! The first day I met with all department heads, they made it very clear that my role was to make it the best experience for the guest. Funny I said guest. I worked in hotels in SD,CA all through the 1990's so my costumer service has always been on par. The department heads got a woody when I referred to them as guests and not VIP ticket holders.
Country Jam was radicle!! I am not as hip to the music but I really enjoyed almost every band. And Colt Ford is a rapping country singer. CLASSIC. All the alcohol was free!!! All the food was FREE!! And this town ate that sh*t up!!! And 99% of them were happy drunks and we all had a Gr8 Time.
I did my thing and told folks what they wanted to hear, took photos, and handed out gals of H2o. Anytime ANYONE, staff or crew, asked me for something, I just did it. No BS, Go Team Human. I helped security, helped production, walked the guest down to their seats, and stayed busy all 5 days. My "boss" caught wind from guest ( which apparently never happens ) other employees and from the production crew that I was on my game so he asked me if I was available for the next weekends Loudwire Festival. Super Score!!
Super score mainly because its always nice to feel wanted. Recognition Rocks!!! Little did I know what I was up for. Loudwire was the new Rock Jam that had been going on for about 20 years. Headliners this year were Weezer on Friday and they were just OK. Linkin Park on Saturday and I didn't realize how rap style singing they were, but pretty good and very well attended.  Sunday night was the crazy A$$ Rob Zombie and my favorite performer by far. He ripped out 8 cover tunes!!! Score in my book. The down fall, Country Jam fans wanted to consume tons of free booze and indulge in as much free food as they could possibly pack in and then more beer until bedtime. Loudwire produced dehydrated, unnutritioned, drug addicts, that can't possibly think for themselves. Like a text message, no thought or follow through, just send. I took an immediate lead role and informed the VIP Staff that water will be the number one priority here. "Do NOT argue with any of these people and you will NOT deal with anyone by your self." is how I stated my demands. I paired up teams of two and they all just thought I was being that downer guy of the group. Within half a days time, they realized what I was talking about. Free booze, no food that was free, and crazy powder turned these people into zombies. Glazed over eyes, crazy weird vibes, and stumbling around became the normal. And damn near all of them were wearing all black, like little walking solar panels.
To their credit, I did meet some really cool guest from around the US, unbelievable Smell-A style women wearing string bikinis, a number of nipples popped out unaided and forced, and some of the most amazingly well done tattoos I have ever seen. We have all seen koi fish tats before but I saw this life like 3D koi on this guys forearm that was impressive. I would love to have added up all the money that went into ALL of the tattoos that I saw. Easily in the millions of dollars, full sleeves, massive thigh tats, and full back scenes that were incredible. Plus, all the strange homemade jail tats.
We made it through the Fest, only one OD, a number of IV's in the Med Tent, NO FIST FIGHTS but a lot of crying women, and I was paid very well for my 8 days of services. Thats Awesome

JULY: Goals for the month of July…….
1) One goal will be to time a mile at the track
2) Another 5 new clients
3) One Max Rep on the bench and squat
4) 400 miles on the road bike
5) Only crack a beer on the 16th
6) Devote more time to the OM house
7) Enjoy the hell out of myself at Red Rocks as String Cheese has a 3 night run
8) Core work
9) More Boy Dog Belly Rubs

Thanx 4 Stopping By, Thanx 4 Watching The Time Lapse Video, And Thanx 4 Commenting

Thats Awesome

P.S. To my buddy TC down in SD,CA stop surfing the net and go lift some weight!!! Miss You Brother T

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