Friday, July 3, 2015

Perfect…. Really… I Mean It

Pump Tires NOT Gas

Well, when the dogs aren't much fans of fireworks, life resumes at 8,000ft. A beautiful woman, like Rosie the Riveter, offers up her camper. The plan is now in motion. Game Plan A, due north until all 55 gallons of gas are consumed. Plan B it is, dropping of the camper, riding back, driving up, bring on the moon.
Headed on up towards Glade Park and the air began cooling with every 1,000ft gained. Reached the General Store, hung a left, 14 miles later, time to ride. Body feels Gr8, mind is totally fresh, and its pretty much all downhill.  
Quads felt powerful and responsive. Held the bars but let the nature centrifugal force control the bike. Most of the dirt road I noticed I was met with a wave from passing by get-out-of-dodge but once on the road I was just a blur will call it. Many thoughts about friends from previous 4th of July weekends swirled around in my head. So many monarch butterflies danced within my vision and little chipmunks raced along the roadside painted in mustard weed. At one point, red-head vultures circled above. But then Bambi would stretch her neck out and the downhill continued.
 In fact, 32 miles of mostly downhill on a July Summers Day. How Cool Is That??????? Now, the Boy Dog and I crash out, we leave at the crack of dawn, next stop, TREELINE

Happy 4th, Thanx 4 Stopping By, Cheers
in the photo above….GoPro doesn't capture it… Still Love The Time Lapse Feature… L-R is about 7,000ft and huge flat sandstone slabs….. RIDEABLE…. Brown morphs into the valley…. Dark area starts the vegetation transformation and the Colorado River…. That far distant brownish area are the Bookcliffs….. You just have to see it for yourself….. Pittbrownie smells what I am stepping in


  1. Are those all GoPro shots? Are the GoProo shots all fisheye?

    1. GZ, all on GoPro, I only shot these with fisheye mode. I have the Silver 3 and there is a function to change the pixels, wide angle, normal, etc. I have tons of feed back regarding my GoPro so feel free to ask away. And I always appreciate your photos brother!!!