Monday, July 13, 2015

Few Upcoming Radio Shows

Radio Shows: Big news here!! Hosting a radio show at 9pm tonight. Thats Monday Night the 13th of July. Most of tonights show will feature "Sock Hop" era of the musical taste. TC in SD,CA has some of my older shows, like way back when elementary shows, that he and his family listen to. His family is having a gathering out in Lake Havasu so I told TC that I would mail him some of my newer shows. So tonight I am targeting the older generation. HINTS, the Sock Hop style. Sounds from Buddy Holly, Marvin Gaye, Righteous Brothers, Dee Clark, The Byrds, Ventures, and others from the mid 1950's.  Then, on my Birthday, Thursday at 6:30pm will be another OUTSTANDING show!! Thats another show you won't wanna miss!!! And the app on the iPhone totally rocks, free, and easy to download. www dot kafmradio dot org
Clients: I am always amazed by the referrals that walk in the office. When I was only a massage therapist I had to bust my buns to "sell" the benefits of massages on a regular basis. In the Ortho world, one client comes in and two new faces follow. Its Awesome!! The most likely question starts out like, can Ortho help with…….
Lifting: July opened up a whole new can of worms at the gym. Not only did I add 2 1/2 or 5lbs, or 10lbs on some of the machines but I have have added 3 days a week of cardio in-between sets. Example:  Chest Day- Incline Bench, bar with 20 reps, then plank for 30 seconds, add 10's for 15 reps, plank 45 seconds, add 25's for 12 reps, plank 30 seconds, bar only 20 reps, and last set of planks for a whole 60 seconds. Throughout the "chest day" I work on controlled leg lifts or box step ups or bridging for 30 seconds or whatever. So the rest of this month should be pretty damn cool and I must frequently remind myself to focus up as I am lifting heavier dumbbells that could hurt me if I act like a bozo!!!
Training: My legs are a little weaker than I had hoped for at this point of my schedule. This doesn't really bother me as much I as thought it would because it means that I haven't pulled anything. Could be a little loser talk but its true. I mean that I felt better about the Lead King 25 this year than last because I have been more well rounded workouts this year. I have been swimming more, didn't lift at all last year, and been playing with faster miles on the bike. Did some hill repeats and by the second one I almost talked myself out of it. My butt was burning, my lungs were screaming, and the Boy Dog thought I was crazy. But I did another climb, and another, and reached my 10 repeats for the workout. My morning walks with the Boy Dog have been radicle as he pulls me along and he can go as long as he wants w/o showing signs of fatigue. I will need to start setting the alarm for a weeeeeeee bit earlier as the desert is heating up again.
I set up just a base schedule for this week, next week will have speed workouts at the track, and then the following week will be more endurance training. That means this week will be centered around hip rotations and higher knees and exhaling on my non-dominat leg strikes. Overall, life is good 

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