Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I was going to take a "rest day" because I am about to add some serious miles, starting Wed. But time wasn't on my side and the Boy Dog & I had some free time before the Tour starts. So I jumped on the commuter bike & rode towards the gym. Don't ask me why but I played this odd game of just how hard can I ride without opening my mouth. WHY????

Anyway, the whole reason for this post was the odd interaction I experienced at the pool. There is a very old guy, must be in his 90's, swims all the time. We sees me a lot so we have reached more than just a head bob. Sometime I am past my warm up, he slips in, slips out, and I begin my cool down. Sometimes he only pulls off a few laps, BUT HE IS STILL GOING STRONG.

So this morning, after a relaxing warm up, I was using the pool deck to stretch out my pecks as yesterday was a Chest/Leg day, I see him sort of shuffling towards the water. It took him forever to climb his way down the 4 steps into Lane #1. Something just seemed off & it might just be me because of my awareness to the whole gut brain thing. He put his face in the water & off he went. His shoulders don't rotate at all & he just kinda dog paddles at best. I continued to stretch & formulate a game plan & I noticed that he stopped at the other end but was just looking at the wall of the pool deck. Something is really off here. So I causally rest myself on a kick board & frog kicked my way down the lane. He hadn't moved. When I got to the end, he still hadn't moved. I dipped under the lane lines & made my way over to Lane #2.

ME: Good Morning

Him: Sure

Me: The rain has been wonderful

Him: ******* nothing ******

Me: I forgot, what day of the week is this???

Him: Tuesday

Me: How are you doing???

Him: Well ***** LONG PAUSE**** What am I doing?? How come I am still here and consuming resources???

Me: Your here to cross paths with me today

Him: You should get back to your swim while you still can

Me: I feel better every time I exit the pool

Him: You know***** LONG PAUSE **** My wife passed 20 years ago, I will never own a dog because the damn thing will out live me, & I haven't heard from my kids in a long time ***** SHORT PAUSE*** But you bucks don't have any idea what life is really like

Me: Wanna share stories???

Him: No **** SHORT PAUSE ***** Maybe some other time

And away he went. I waited for him to leave the pool area & I immediately jumped out & found his caretaker reading the news paper as she always does. Checked in with her & she explained that he has "Just BEEN Frustrated Lately" & " Says Little More & More Everyday". She didn't seem surprised by anything I had to say or offer.

This Broke My Heart
I going to reflect on this moment for awhile
I can still see his face

Shadow Boy…… Stay Young Boy…. Eat With Enthusiasm…. Thanx For Picking Me
Marble Colorado, Here We Come

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