Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Madness .... FINALLY

About to embark on our 8th annual migration towards Las Vegas Nevada. An absolute must for any sports minded person! Opening weekend host a frenzy of actives and this year St Patties Day lands on Friday Night.

What do non-sports minded folk do?? They become sucked up in the electrified atmosphere. Huge groups of people cheering at different time without any of us knowing if it was a wager, home team, or a side prop bet. Its an experience. The Dude & I have meet a verity of our friends down there and they always "get it".

The Pools, best way to check out and remind yourself your on vacation. Food, we take our crockpot and pre made meals. Basically, we take an entire ice chest of food. We learned the value of nutrition long ago.

St. Patties, UNREAL. We have always stayed at the Golden Nugget on Freemont but we are giving the old Lady Luck a chance. Its been renovated and renamed. Freemont Street is over the top during St. Patties. All traffic is blocked off and replaced with stages for live acts to entertain us. Celtic Bands, Nutty Girl Cover Bands, Mini KISS cover band, and last years U2 Tribute band was most excellent.

Hope my new found video skills will capture what it is that I am trying to convey here. Almost done packing so I scramble on.


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  1. Love Fremont Street! The Atomic Lounge is walking distance from the Nugget, FYI. And go take a stroll through Container Park.