Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pollock Bench Run .... Sort of

Doc and Toe-Moss swung on by and picked me up for a Tuesday hike. We headed towards the Monument and arrived before I finished sending off text/e-mails. The weather front cleansed the air last night with wind and about .25 of an inch of rain. Ideal Trail Conditions


We walked and proceeded to solve all the 1st world problems in just a few short hours time. We would find a little shade or stare at the blooming cacti. AND NOT ONE DAMN PHOTO. Paint Brush, Fuchsia Blooming Barrel Cacti, and Tapertip Onions were all reaching for the sky. Photographers Dream

Rut Row

Fun little hike around the Pollock Bench area under sunny but cumulus clouds nearing by. Those pressure gradients pushed together and wonderful winds picked up. Something was building to the south but I wasn't all that concerned. Maybe an hour or so, we turned off Pollock and funneled our way down Flume Canyon Trail as Mother Nature was about to make an appearance. Thunder Rumbled

Rainbow Anyone??

In the bigger picture here, wasn't bad at all. Just walking around these canyon walls takes all the worries out. This would be my second Tuesday outing with Doc and what a kick in the A$$ he is. We all enjoyed each other company while finding common interest. My Kind Of Hiking


  1. There's nothing like a good hike to clear the head Padre. There are parts of your terrain there that look very similar to ours here in Oz but others that couldn't be more different 😀 it's all good though, being out there is the main thing!

    1. Ah Yes, clearing the busy mind. I encourage you to do some hiking and show us some of your territory. Big Hugs Perth