Monday, October 7, 2013

Running The Lunch Loop System

Shadow Boy & I have been having a solid few days of training!!! Swimming ( just me ), Biking ( just me ), & walk/running w/the Boy Dog!!! We have had a small blast of cooler weather move in over the weekend which I find 2 be awesome. We havent hit the 20's yet so that is why I claim it 2 be cooler weather.

On Sunday I was able 2 catch the F1 Korean GP & I have so many reasons why I totally dig the big boys racing. The camera angles, the sheer speed in short distances, & I am totally into the 3 second pit stops. So after the race I loaded up the Boy Dog & headed 4 the Lunch Loops at 63F. The parking lot wasnt even half full under these perfect biking type of conditions & Shadow & I felt like we had the whole place 2 ourselves. From the video above....... you will see that the Boy Dog pulled me up the trail in no time at all. He was so happy & wanted 2 hit full speed right out of the gate. We started up the famous Tabeguache Trail under those perfect Colorado Bluebird Sky kinda day. We headed 2wards the left on High Noon because thats were Shadow wanted 2 go. Up through Pucker Up and back around Lemon Squeezer. Thats were we encountered our 1st set of bikers & then we were all alone until we were near the parking lot.

I really enjoy trail running over walking the streets at night w/Shadow. Walking the streets has been Gr8 4 me 2 focus on my posture, foot strike, & pace. The trail walk/run has so many benefits from using the small stabilizing muscles 2 contracting hamstrings up hills. Balance is good. Once, while I was running relaxed, I went w/muscle memory & started walking. Maybe this will allow me 2 run injury-free??? My body also reminded me that I need 2 stretch after enjoying the local trail system. My concern was Shadow drinking h2o & not burning up in the car.

Other than that...... Life has been sweeeeeeeet........ This week brings on training, working, & school..... Thats right, I start my 2yr program this week...... & the twins will be here Tuesday

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