Thursday, October 17, 2013

Photos Only.... Video Wasnt Have Any

 Here is saturday morning at about 7:15am....... Dennis, Rob, The Dude, & Myself arrived in Ouray Friday just before 9pm. Our room 4 the night was the Box Canyon & we had a good hour of soaking ahead of us. I clicked on the St, Looieeee game 4 sure while we suited up & had tasty shots of Dickle Tenn Whiskey. REALLY SMOOTH. Off 2 the pools. These pools are quite cool in deed. 4 pools at 4 temps. The top pools had folks already claiming their ground which totally works 4 me as they are the warmest. On the lower landing, 2 gals where getting out & offered that pool up 2 the 4 of us. Totally scored because over the next hour there where couples coming & going & no space. I just happened 2 be seat facing south & pointed out a meteor streaking across the sky. A way clear & cold Colorado sky. The kind you think about from your childhood while laying on the grass w/your favorite cousin. Rob & I saw that sucker skip across the sky from the east!!! I love it when I see a falling star, I really Do.

 The pool next 2 us opened up somewhere around 9:45pm & Rob & The Dude jumped on over. By then, I was pretty shot. I was on my 2end sweat & looking 4 h2o. By 10pm, the stars were stunning, the moon was 2wars the south, & we laughed until our feet hurt. As you can see, Saturday was beautiful. We soaked until check out & headed 4 T-Ride. Yes, that magical town called Telluride.
 How about this...... The Horror Film Fest ....... Cant tell how much fun this weekend was. T-Ride had a special place in my heart. The 1st few time I made my way up 2 Telluride, I treated the place like lent. 1st time I gave up soda 4 the year & was felt compelled 2 give up something 4 a year. The next time was sugar. Same as soda, I know. 3rd time was beef jerky. 4 a whole year. Once I started working in T-ride, I gave up the giving in. Still cool w/that.
 Rob, Den( totally board), & The Dude
Short horror films..... Not the slash w/blood but scary damn plots..... Bugs & what nots.... Halloween Style...... AND YET.... During most of this weekend, fun as it was, I couldnt stop thinking about Shadow at home. Him & I should be running these trails before the snow falls. He could have pulled me up the mt while everyone rides the gondola. My legs wanted 2 go. I am feeling stronger each & every day. This weekend off, taking a break was a good thing. I didnt pull anything, didnt roll anything, & 2nites hike went so well.
The Dude & I

This is a shot on the 141 headed north. I know quite a few little stop offs which worked in Rob & Den's favor. My brothers famious last words where," Its a 2 can trip." More like a 4 can trip as we checked out all kinds of nooks and crannies along the way. The lighting was gorgeous & the colors were perfect. Greens, Golds, & Bright A$$ Reds. You have gotten drive the 141 sometime. Hell, I will drive if you just show up!!!!

Shadow & I went up the lunch loops as the sun touched the Monument 2nite. I felt fresh & Shadow Boy was so ready. We saw our friend Erin & had a pair of dogs show up & phuc things up. On we went. Shadow is a damn good dog. Hell, he got me out 4 the sunset 2nite. He has also helped me 2 cruise our little loop like nothing flat. Life is good!!!

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