Monday, October 28, 2013

A Few Weeks Of Vaca

After leaving T-Ride w/Rob, Den, & The Dude, I made a left and headed up the 141 through Unaweep Canyon. The colors are always kick a$$ and this trip was no different. Autumn is simply amazing and the display of colors w/the backdrop of Red Flagstone, Green Cacti, & Green Cooper blanketing the hillsides, AWESOME! I drove this road for years and very familiar w/cool little pulls offs.
Along the 141
 This is one of the many stops along the way.
Black Canyon
 We spend the weekend of the 20's in Paonia. We saw many more colors, awesome friends, & a quick trip to the Black Canyon North Rim area. WoW!!! A few views "rocked" my world. You can stand right on the cliff where the Gunnison River flows some 1,00ft+ below. I have some video but this blog site wont upload most of my GoPro videos. We stopped at most of the pull offs, we stood at most of the viewing areas, and thanx to the Flying Fork, we ate beautiful bagels and cream cheese. Super relaxing and I felt like I was visiting another planet 4 sure.
Self Portrait 
So the Tuesday morning when the twins left 4 Vietnam, my poor old body just shut down. Its not that I ate bad, its that I ate out of the normal. Like wheels of brie, salami, and way too much beer!!! 2 weeks of sleepless nights, hotel beds, hot springs, & booze caught up w/me in a big way. Last Tuesday I didnt move much but felt so rotten that I couldnt even nap. But it was a damn good 2 weeks!!! Holy Smokes did we have fun!!! And saw so much!!! Thank You Colorado!!!!

Updates on back 2 training soon........

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