Thursday, October 3, 2013

Head Wind

2day was one of those days were Mother Phuc-N Nature showed her cards face up. She never fooled me when I hit 41mph, didnt fool me thinking "around this corner and I will be fine" & Mother Nature has been covering us in fresh & clean & clear rain. That Smell!!! That wet smell!!! That sound of rain tapping!!! Mother Nature painted a rainbow west of Palisade Colorado that set hundreds out in search of their pot of gold. Gutters running again, flowers smiling the way they do, & Californians have not a clue. BURN

Here is the part of the story that I hope you can smile along w/me...... Skinny Tires, Mid Night Racer, & Piercing Droplets of rain in my eyes while dodging the ever so famous texting cell phone talker.....

Let just say that I was very happy 2 see Shadow Boy. Even more than how happy he was seeing me!!!!

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