Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Skipping Along

Dancing, Running, & Full Filling 
What a sunrise!!! Our Grand Mesa Flattop stands over 10,000ft and the sun peaking over the top  ascents the cirrus clouds w/pinks, purples, & yellows. It is something you just have 2 witness 4 yourself someday. Shadow and I started out and he was fired up 4sure. I was doing my normal posture and hips and where are my feet landing and then NUMB NUTZZZZZZ I finally tuned into the moment and realized that Shadow was ready 2 take me on a journey. And we took off!!! My strides were long and I could feel my hamstrings contract as they helped 2 pull my upper body along behind the Boy Dog. We covered our 1st normal mile in seconds flat and Shadow held a course rather then our usual turn north. Around that time is when I noticed my body was relaxed and we cruised on pain free. Time began 2 fly by w/o thinking about a damn thing while still buzzing around in my our head at full speed.

Next thing I knew, we were at the mighty Colorado River!!!! Darkness w/so much beauty!!! That unreal time B4 the sun cooks ya and at the same time the sky is coming 2 life and going 2 sleep all while I am wide eyed checking sh*t out. Stars, Planets, thats a given. Its all that along w/the fall colors painting themselves in the trees. Sounds totally what stood out. The river rock catching the current, wild animals ( probably just a bunny but sounded like a heard of giraffes bust on through), city noise, airplanes, and massive coal train from P-Town. ITS ALIVE!!!! Shadow Boy was stoked and away we went. The sun gave me that feeling like a need a shower and head 4 the office. More cars made their presences known and The Boy Dog and I made it back safe and sound. Both of us where feeling dehydrated and full of life. He drank and I started my stretching route. Cleaned up and threw some granola, berries, and yogurt down my throat as I jumped on the commuter bike.........

Again, feeling Gr8 and digging it

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