Saturday, October 19, 2013

Here comes a weekend of trail running

Sort of took a smack in the face 2day. Just found out that former Oilers coach Bum Phillips passed at 90 yrs of age. Those who know me from my childhood remember that during our street tag football days, I was always Earl Campbell as a RB, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson WR, & Dan Fouts as QB. I was so into the Oilers as a kid, then the Chargers until the TRADE, & now a life long fan of the Saints. RIP Coach.

This week blew on by........ Trail running w/the Boy Dog, night hikes under a full moon, & a trip 2 the desert..... The only event I missed was the pool...... Oh Well....... More swimming 2 come during the winter.

And 4 those of you that have never seen a colorado during the autumn flow, GET YOUR A$$ OUT HERE!!! Its simply unreal!!!

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