Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sure, I'll Go

Phone call comes in asking if I wanted to head downtown and see Stray Grass. Sure, I'll Go!!! Checked the weather before I headed towards the garage and its a clear 14F at 9pm. 
I grabbed my scarf for my face, changed my jackets, and gave the dogs a treat. A little thicker jacket was needed from my short time in the garage. Shadow Boy was happy to assist me w/pumping up the rear tire of my throw around bike. He is such a funny Boy Dog. He had his head down low because he knew I was riding and not walking but still gave me that look w/those killer brown eyes. I Love That Boy Dog!!!
 Yes, THAT LOOK!! So here comes The Blue Z. He was going out for movie night but stopped on by for a minute or two. He gave me that look like," Your really riding to Naggy's??" Told him that my brother wanted to go and getting him socialized was A OK w/me.

Our bike ride was a blast. I was so happy to be outside!! I talked like a little school girl!! I went on and on about who the phuc knows what. I was in my BoB Ross World were there were happy little trees and friendly friends right here. Rang my bike bell a few times. Downtown is still lit up from Christmas and totally beautiful. All the LED lights in the trees. Frozen A$$ snow in the shadows of the store fronts on Main St. I rang my bike bell a few more times. We pulled up to Naggy McGees and the place was packed full from the outside looking in. As my brother handed me his bike he says," Holy Sh*t, THAT TOOK FOREVER!! I didn't think we would ever make it." Maybe it was the cold, maybe he hasn't been on a bike sense the Farmers Market, or maybe I was riding way too fast and talking out my A$$. Still, cracked me up. I didn't mean to haul A$$ and I didn't feel like I was cruising along because I was talking the whole time. Then it dawned on me, I was so not present. My model of the world was Blahhhh Blahhhh Blahing away and The Dude was freezing his buns off the seat. OOOOOOps.

We were asked about ID at the door BUT NO COVER?!?!? I didn't ask, I just walked on in. I couldn't believe how many people I knew. The first gal I hugged said,"Your face is so cold. You rode here didn't you?? Are you really that crazy??" A number of folks were totally stoked that I brought my brother. Jamie, an old co-worker, gave The Dude a big old hug and they talked for awhile. Its Gr8 to see The Dude out and about and doing his thing. We camped out on the north end of the bar and chatted away w/a number of people while we watched Mr Wise school the competition in Aspen at the X-Games. Side Note Here: We grew up in a little unknown town and a few doors down from us were the Wise family. All boys and I think there were 6 brothers. Bob Wise was the principle of the school and the football, ski, and track coach. One of the boys had David Wise and he is the 3 time goal medal winner at the X-Games and is seated number 1 for the Olympics in about 12 days. He doesn't know we even exist but we know all of his uncles quite well. Ok, I got side tracked w/details of who's who.
Stray Grass

The band Stray Grass was really good!! They started off by playing about 4 or 5 Dead Covers. Nice and slow w/o a bango. A sing along opening set followed up w/some of their own material and then a set break. Kelly and Hugh walked up and filled us in on their get-a-way during the holiday season. They went south to Toas NM and sat in hot springs, ate well, and witnessed Indian New Years Ceremonies. They really seemed to have a blast and what impresses me the most is that they still really love each other!! The love you can feel, not just see. Speaking of seeing love. This gal in a red dress consumes a little too much to stay warm and climbs over the bar to hug the bartender and totally flashes the whole crowd. I mean everyone is looking at cheeks and a little blue patch of thong that covered her goodies. The whole bar area started clapping and cheering. What a small lonely town here in GJ,CO. Stray Grass started a Pink Floyd set which always makes me happy and then went back into their own stuff. Gr8 Job you three!!!

We stayed until midnight and thats when The Dude was ready to cash in. We gave out hugs and headed on out. It didn't feel as cold and I unlocked the bikes. We took off down Main and rode casually  under a moonless night. Well, almost moonless, hhhheeeeee hhhheeeeEEEEE. Constellations were glowing down on us, I reminisced the whole time about some of the people we just saw, and we arrived safely back home. What a night. I almost missed it. What a fun night. And we didn't drop a dime!!!

Life is so much fun, it can be so unexpected, and faces in the crowd are so beautiful. Live Life Kids

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