Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Old Legs & Happy 1-11

After a week off from riding, walking, swimming, or anything that brings a heart beat up, I finally found my commuter bike. Friday started out w/a nice crisp 11F. Mr Sun came up from behind the gr8 Grand Mesa and danced around the spotted sky of pink, purple, red, & blue clouds of a 30% chance of snow. I was bundled up like a child & I hoped that I could hold back a coffee pee now that I am multi layered up. As I started riding on down the road I wanted 2 believe that there was fierce head wind but no. I looked down at my front wheel because it must be low on air but no. I even stopped on 12th street 2 wait 4 cars( in the past I could have just pedaled on through ) I took a 2nd look at BOTH tires because I must have a flat. But No.

Then reality hit & just slapped the SH*T out of me. My quads are powerless!!! My core is old!!! I am slow!!! In just 1 weeks time I have lost my drive. Hell, I should take up smoking.

Riding south 2wards the river is when it hit me. I do enjoy riding. I have always loved that childhood feeling of freedom I get from my bike. 2 wheels & away I go. No $$$$ 4 Gas. No Insurance Needed. Just a simple ride. And thats were I am 2day. Starting simple again. Yes, I can remember long days in the saddle but that only reminds me of where I was & goals I have reached. 2day I just ride because I can. I am riding because I enjoy this. Before I knew it, I had been riding along the Mighty Colorado River 4 miles & miles. Just as I became aware of my surroundings a Bald Eagle took flight right before my very eyes. THIS IS WAY I RIDE!!!! The unexpected & unknowns!!!

So Yes, I did let myself go a little this winter. Yes, all of my times have fallen off. The good news is, I CAN start off slow. I dont need 2 time myself this month of January. I can simply ride my bike. Shadow Boy doesnt complain if I am slow. He only reminds me that we are in motion & everyday is the best day ever.

Him & I are headed 4 the desert 2day. Its only 17F right now so we can dodge the mud & chase the rabbits. Its our time 2 shake out the cob webs & enjoy each others company. Its my distraction as my Saints play their redemption game at 2:30pm. Just the Boy Dog & Me. No Time. No Training. No Repeat Hills. Ah Yes, Just Shadow Boy, Me & The High Desert Of Colorado. Best Day Ever!!!!

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