Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Well Fed Dog Is A Happy Dog

Yesterday was my BIG B-Day. And it was awesome!!! Started w/a walk w/the Boy Dog. We started out as the sun was coming up. The temp was a cool 68F but the humidity was 87% here in the desert of Colorado. By the time we finished up, my shorts were soaking wet. My hips are feeling much better these last few walks. Call that " progress of stretching " and my feet have been in much better shape w/the new Gel Asics and the overall up in milage as well.

Then it was time to head to the station for a radio show. AWESOME!! I played some older tracks of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson, and more. Plus I added my usual wacky stuff like the old Bud Light commercials, Sheik, and Leave It To Beaver clips. Jeff and Kelly at different times stopped by to say hello. The staff came in and sang Happy Happy and they didnt think I would put them on air while they sang. I Did. Pulled down the music and turned on the mics. Super Fun.

A friend of mine took me to the Nepal restaurant for lunch, Hugh & Kelly gave me 2 tix for the Bruce  Hornsby show, and the All Star Game was in full swing. The downer aspect was that Hugh & Kelly gave Jeff & I THEIR tix. I thought that we were going as a group. The show was really good but I miss   Hugh & Kelly as I enjoy there company. They are amazingly generous folks and I cheerish there friendship.

Then the night finally started. About 11:30pm the lightning flashed from the south but no thunder. Little bit of rain started falling but not much. I stood outside as the wind picked up but the rain started to cool its jets. Just before 1am I was calling it a FULL day. 5:30am-1am on my Birthday, thats a full day. At about 2am the thunder shook the whole house. My room flashed and again CRACK, BANG, BOOM, and then the thunder rumbled away from the strike. I so dig that!!! Shadow Boy was on my bed in seconds flat. The lightning was so bright and the thunder was totally wicked. I am talking simultaneously!!! The rain was pouring and the thunder lasted until 2:45am and then the storm slowly moved NE and away it went. Shadow never left the bed and we slept great.

Ready for this???? The preschool 6 blocks away was struck by lightning!!! The power of mother nature blew out the windows and burned most of the roof off. 6 blocks away!!! I am telling ya, it was an awesome display of discharge. Nobody was hurt, everything will work out, BUT I WAS 1 HAPPY CAMPER. My B-Day and bolts spittin' from the sky.........

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