Thursday, July 11, 2013

Check It Out, in the Crystal River

What A Way 2 Wake Up
My Mac is BACK!!!! My Mac desided 2 take a little nap which left me computerLESS 4 about 5 long days. On the up side, my fantasy baseball team picked up 9pts w/o me. CLASSIC!!!

Marble Colorado was unreal. Was it green? Totally. Were there wildflowers? You Bet. Did it rain in the afternoon? Everyday. Did the Boy Dog and I sneeeeeeeek up 2 any wildlife? Yes we did unknowingly. 

My B-Day gift 2 myself was cashing in on my dividends from REI and a gift card 2 buy a GoPro 3 Silver!!!! I walked out of REI w/the whole shaaaaaa-BANG for 279 and some change. Many thanx 2 youtube 4 reviews and out of the box updates. As soon as I learn how 2 upload some videos, I WILL. The time lapse rocks!!! The still photos in HD rocks!! A highlight, filming underwater as the Boy Dog walked by the cam. So cool 2 see how his paws "hold" river rock as he walked along. Another awesome shot came from the time lapse of a thunderhead building over Red Stone Colorado which took about 3hrs of filming. SUPER COOL FEATURE that I will continue 2 use. The two photos from above were from the GoPro.

My training has been going really well and injury free. I have swam twice this week, road bike, and loads of miles w/Shadow Boy. Him and I had a very relaxing run around Beaver Lake just east of Marble. I concentrated on my posture and foot striking. I felt relaxed and I had 2 remind myself 2 take it easy as I really wanted 2 take a second lap. Plenty of water and stretching b4 jumping back in the car. We had a solid hike from 7900ft to 9100ft and back. I never left Shadow of his leash because of the wildlife near by. #1 I didnt want 2 upset the deer, elk, ducks,etc #2 Would he come back if he took off,maybe. When it was dinner time. #3 Shadow pulled me up the trail!! He worked his tail off pulling me along and we cover more working together then him running a 3/1. Every mile for me is 3 for him. 

This weekend I hope 2 make it up 2 Crested Butte 4 more high altitude hiking!!! AND GoPro-ing

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